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Submitted by: hotrodjackson35

Kutless: Strong Tower
All Who Are Thirsty

                      Am7    G/B  C2
        Dsus         G
              Am7  G/B  C      Dsus

G     G2   Gsus  G2   C2
G     G2   Gsus  G2   C2
G     G2   Gsus  G2   C2
G     G2   Gsus  G2   C2

          G          Bm
Am7              G/B
C2        Dsus

Comments about this tab

The Best - 2005-05-13

man I'd wish you have the words with the chords. So here, put these words with the chords.


All who are thirsty, all who are weak
come to the fountain, dip your heart in the stream of life
let the pain and the sorrow, be washed away,
in the wave of his mercy, as deep cries out to deep, we sing


Come Lord Jesus, come
Come Lord Jesus, come
Come Lord Jesus, come
Come Lord Jesus, come


All who are thirsty, all who are weak
come to the fountain, dip your heart in the stream of life
let the pain and the sorrow, be washed away,
in the wave of his mercy, as deep cries out to deep, we sing
(To Chorus)-then


As deep cries out to deep
As deep cries out to deep
As deep cries out to deep
As deep cries out to deep
(Then chorus 2x)

Geez that was hard buddy. so do everybody a favor and put those words with the chords, so you don't here idiots say I need the lyrics with the chords to play the song. Everybody knows how to complain, but has to be someone besides themselves to fix it. I know how to play without the lyrics, it is hard, I'll say that. But I also know how to listen to the CD, write the words down,(a average 5 min. song takes about 2 hours to do I you so-so know the song)and put the chords with the words. So buddy. If you are having a difficult tome doing this, than submit a tab back on this song and I'll doit for you.

God be the Glory
Looking for the blessed coming of our Lord and Sviour Jesus Christ

JasonD - 2005-05-18

Mr. "The Best" ... or should we call you Mr. "I don't read any forums" ... they aren't allowed to put up lyrics for copyright reasons ... so calm down, and if you've got half a brain - add the chords to your own lyrics on your own computer and don't complain to the world about how lazy you are ... GOOD TAB BY THE WAY

JasonD - 2005-05-18

Oh yah, and also, I love how your telling this guy how long it takes to tab a song and how long it takes to write lyrics ... but you wrote a HUGE comment yourself ... and in that time - YOU COULD HAVE PUT THE CHORDS TO THE LYRICS YOURSELF AND SUBMITTED A NEW TAB YOU LAZY BUM.

jbhis8up - 2005-05-22

Perhaps rants and raves should be saved for the forums, but in the meantime, this is a Christ-centered tab site/community. Let's start acting like we're Christians and leave the flaming/bashing/all-around-negative-talking to the lost. Just because one person flies off the handle doesn't mean it's okay to do the same.

Kutless Fan - 2005-05-25

hey jason, what if he hasn't had a chance to read the forum yet?

DiscipleofJah - 2005-05-29

I must agree with jbhis8up -, yalls need to chill, Its all about Christ, not about the lyrics of a song being with the chords.

JasonD - 2005-05-30

Sorry for getting carried away myself, I really shoudln't have, but it gets very annoying when someone writes a good tab, and then some guy has to ruin it by yelling at him about adding lyrics ... If I hadn't typed what I did to that guy, someone else would have sooner or later.

The Best - 2005-06-10

You all con shut up. JasonD, you got a very big mouth. I have the chords with the lyrics, I was not yelling at any one. All I was saying was if you want the lyrics, (just like you said JasonD), do it on your own computer, and don't complain. Oh, by the way, I have read the forum, and I'm aware of the lyric copyright laws. That is why I did not put the chords with the words. And don't give me this junk about we need to act Christian like. That is all a bunch of shit.

P.S. Don't write me back about me language. It is fine.

krib15king - 2005-06-21


Falcon-fever777 - 2005-06-22

Well, despitte the argumaents on this page :( i was wondering what G2 and C2 were. Thanks. May God calm all the heart on this page. Falcon-fever777><>.

adonissbiaeh - 2005-06-22

falcon fever, G2 and C2 is like... hmm. you know how from C to higher C is made up of 8 notes? so CHORD2 is like adding #2 note to that chord. like C chord is made up of C, E, and G. so in C2, you would play C, D, G (or CDEG).
and in case of G- you play G, B, and D..
so in G2 it would be G,A,D (or GABD).. and so on and so forth.
i personally like the 2 thingie.. it kinda makes everything sound pretty. lol
in case of E2, it would be E F# B (or EF#G#B)
likewise, in C7 you would add.. a 7th note from C to the C chord.
hope i helped- God bless and have a nice day everyone =)

Falcon-fever777 - 2005-06-25

Thanks adonissbiaeh!
Daniel ><>

etsports3 - 2005-07-05

Hey that Am7 should be switched to just a normal Am, that is what is played.

d_777 - 2005-08-04

great chords dude God Bless


i have ONE thing to say about "The Best's first comment".. you said... "Geez that was hard buddy. so do everybody a favor and put those words with the chords, so you don't here idiots say I need the lyrics with the chords to play the song." well, i found it hilariously ironic how you were calling people who "complain about the lyrics with words" idiots.. when you said... HERE IDIOTS... it's HEAR buddy... haha... another thing... jason d apologized the first time, that was unneccessary to repost again and tell everyone to shut up and call jason d names... i didn't bother looking at the tabs.. so i don't know if i wanna say they're good or not... but who really cares?

Andy Miller - 2005-08-21

To: "The Best"
seriously, what is up with you and being so negative! i've never heard one nice comment from you, and i'm getting sick of it. first, it was from a Day of Fire song, and now it's on Kutless. you seriously need to calm down. May God be with you anyway, i hope he can help you.
-Andy Miller

P.S. don't swear again, it's not cool

jamforchrist123 - 2005-08-23

COuld Anybody Tab Out The Intro?

mylzhug-rockz - 2005-09-02


mylzhug-rockz - 2005-09-02

BY THE WAY>>>>>>>>>>>>>
am a servant of CHRIST
but i play heavy thing

SingnintheREIGN - 2005-09-02, its great that We're all excited about these chords to this really great worship song, but honestly...Some of you MAY be mad at one individual because they "got all hyped up for unknown rules" or other individuals getting mad at him for "bad language" or "putting others down"...but HONESTLY PEOPLE!! Think about this: how many people in this world are sinners? Last time i recalled it was ALL OF US...YUP...sorry to tell you the truth...but that includes you and ME too!! so...before you start yelling at someone else...lets all check for our own beams in our eyes first eh? Instead of letting the flesh take a hold on about we think about grace? that goes for everyone, and not just a particular person too.

terrytheexpert - 2005-09-11

Wow i find these chords to this song...and start to print them....then i see all this stuff at the bottom of it....i use christianguitar moderately with ultimate-guitar...but geez after seeing all this...what's goin on with people these days? Believers make up "The body of Christ" how are we to function as that with all this bickering amongst us. I took this chord because i'm headed to southern La. to help with the hurricane effort...hopefully music will provide some ease.

DavidFrank - 2005-10-18


Great Job!!! (Typical CGR!!)

Thanks Much.


BreakComa7 - 2005-10-26

Ok you guys.. stop the fighting.. the truth is that if you're talented enough to tab a song by ear.. you should know when the chord changes come in by ear as well... besides.. if you cant do that.. then you should try listening to the song and going with it.. if you cant do that.. then clearly you're still learning.. and if you are.. good luck and God Bless..

Calmedtron - 2005-11-02

At the risk of rekindling old hostilities...if you guys need lyrics check out Don't swear on a christian website man that was uncool.

feyser - 2005-12-26 also has a good lyrics archive. Just make sure your popup blocker is on.

brain_dead_1st - 2006-05-02

Well despite the amazing bickering of the grumpy old man earlier, this is a gr8 tab, saved me tabbing it, thanks very much, Kutless are great, recording rocked versions of worship songs without losing the power of the words, its about time someone did it well :D
Keep The Faith

Kutless Fan - 2006-05-18

Hey, can we stop all this accusing and finger-pointing? Christ never got mad at anyone for saying a certain word. He got upset at the Pharisees for TELLING OTHER PEOPLE THEY WERE WRONG (I'm not shouting; I'm emphsizing). God loves people the way they are and I really wish you would stop expecting perfection from everyone. That's all, and great tab! God bless.

Kutless Fan - 2006-05-18

Just one more thing; Christ said to "go into all the world" and bring people to Him. People in the world cuss. It's a fact. I have some friends myself who cuss, but should I lecture them or stop hanging out with them just because of that? No! They. Need. God. It's as simple as that. Now, let's go out and love people the way Jesus would.

boper4900 - 2006-06-30

Peace to everyone in Jesus, I searched and found this link and it had the chords and lyrics together,

Sizzlebyfire - 2006-07-22

I found this so entertaining I read the whole thing through. Since I am standing waist high in oppinions already I think I will hold on to mine for when it matters.
Great Tab, thanks.


what_ever - 2006-08-19

"despite the amazing bickering of the grumpy old man earlier..."
You're just going to start another round of bickering. Another thing I might add is that if this is the way people act on a Christian site, and non-Christians come here looking for tabs and chords... not a very good witness, is it?

creepy20 - 2006-10-16

Just wondering if anybody really tabs christian songs? I'm happy for the chords and thank you to the original poster for putting up the chords, but is there a site that actually puts all the different parts to the guitar and not just the chords. So difficult to find real tabs. Anyways, if somebody could help me out I would appreciate it.

the_lithographe - 2007-01-10

Just go to the Kutless website for the lyrics. It seems like a no brainer to me.

the_lithographe - 2007-01-10

G2 and C2 are technically G add 9 and C add 9. is a great place to find how to play chords.

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