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Submitted by: MicahG

You and Me

Hey guys, this is my first tab, sounds pretty accurate.

G     32xx33
C9?   x32x33
G/B   x2xx33
?     2xxx33
D/F#  2xx232
Em7   x22x33

G  C9  ?   G/B  Em7  D/F#  C (Jason hammers on the C sometimes)


G  G/B  C9(hold for a little longer) Em G Em D
G  G/B  C9(hold)                     Em G Em D C


I haven't figured this part out yet, I'm think it starts with either 
an Am or Am7 So if anyone wants to add it in or once I'm done, I'll 
add it in.  Hope you guys enjoy!

Comments about this tab

BlackMage - 2005-04-09

hey dude,
great job on the rest of the song. i noticed you got the same chord i did, the third chord in the verse,the one thats like 2xxx33. its weird, sorta like a G/B, but on the F# fret. but the bridge goes like this:

Bm C G D/F# Em (listen to the song for the pattern)
Am D Bm Cm (Cm is just like a Bm just UP ONE FRET.)

so there you go, enjoy!

Kal_EL28 - 2005-04-22

Hey guys. Actually, both of you are wrong, but that is alright. If you watched this last weeks episode of Smallville on Wednesday, LIFEHOUSE was actually playing this on the show. It shows him playing the chords. You were both very close though. I suggest watching the show. Actually, it just shows him playing the chorus.

Kal_EL28 - 2005-04-22

The chorus is G - D/F# - C9 - Em7 - D - Em7 - D
Sounds really good. C9 is stummed more times in the chorus.

flipflopper - 2005-06-22

It should be
G D/f C Em7 G Em7 D

flipflopper - 2005-06-22

It should be
G D/f# C Em7 G Em7 D

hello411 - 2005-07-29

flipflipper is right. G D/F# C Em7 G Em7 D Great song! Good job everyone

GOD's_musician4 - 2005-08-22

wow, u guys are good, thanks for the chords..all of u!

Rock on,

yrgirlsXboyFrnd - 2005-08-23

Good on your first tab but I dont no all this G/B junk iz about it just gos back to G.

mmggppmgp - 2005-09-09

hey man those r not junk at all they r quite critical to the song... those bass notes actually wut makes the song

littlefish38 - 2005-11-08

hey guys, you all did really good but i have both a video of them doing a live performence, and the music video. this is how it goes.

Verse: G C Dsus/F#add4 G/B Em7sus Dsus C2 ho C po C2
Chorus: G C/A C C Em7sus G Em7sus Dsus and when you exit end with a C
bridge: Bm C G Dsus/F# Em7sus Am D Bm Cm

just so you know:
your question mark is a D2SUS/F#add4 E A D G B e
2 0 0 0 3 3
the C in the brige is E A D G B e
x 3 2 0 1 o
Em7sus is E A D G B e
0 2 2 0 3 3
the C/A is E A D G B e
x 0 2 0 3 3
there, my friends, is perfection. :) (P.S. i'm a total perfectionist so if you ever see any of my tabs or chords, they will be perfect)
Troy aka little fish

Girlfrgod - 2005-11-10

I would like to say that you are definetly right on because I tabbed this out and came with the same EXACT thing. Good Job!!!

rkfan4 - 2006-05-20

i'mm horrible at this. whats the strumming?

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