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Submitted by: Hondomon

There is another tab floating around out there, but this sounds much better

Seventh Day Slumber - Caroline

The intro is correct, but this is not in rhythm at all, 
so you're just going to have to listen to the song to get the right picking.



Bm D G D A

Bm A G 

D G Bm A

D Bm D ****not sure about this line there might be another chord at the end
       ****but i think you just hold the d
D Bm D A

Some electric riffs in the song

Riff 1 
You can hear this very softly in the background of the bridge and the chorus at the end


Riff 2
You can hear this one durring the last chorus
The song also ends on it


Comments about this tab

7thDayBassman - 2005-04-11

kool beans good job, could someone tab out chris's letter please. thatd be great!

guitargal7 - 2005-05-01

Could you please e-mail me the chords with the lyrics. My e-mail is Thanks a lot!!!!

collegerocker17 - 2005-05-09

Hey man, I'm working on Chris' Letter right now. I've figured out most of it, I'm just having a little trouble with part of the verse. I should submit within the week.

Does anyone know how long it usually takes for the guy to post the song once it's submitted? I've been waiting almost a month on some stuff. Anyway, I almost done. God bless!


musicmatt112590 - 2005-05-20

It's not supposed to take more than a week for it to be on the site.

ssgmaj - 2005-06-11

this is my baby girls favorite song, i really want to learn to play but can't figure out strum patterns. just learning to play so i am a little slow in a rut with my practice need a change of pace ya know. thanks for puttin up with the new guy

ssgmaj - 2005-07-01

hey could someone please email me the chords with lyrics also, i would love to learn this song, it is my baby girls favorite song. my email is thanks and god bless

Sky Throck - 2005-07-25

I could be wrong, but I believe the beginning chord in the Bridge is a G rather than a D... so it would look like:

G Bm D
G Bm D A

underground - 2005-07-29

Which is the best Seventh Day Slumber Album?

I have "Once upon a Shattered Life" and I was very dissapointed. The band is good but the songs were just lame. "Back in Time" is one of the worst songs I have heard on a perfessional album. The lyrics are lame all the way through. There are song good guitar riffs but overall it is not good.
Please answer the above question.

Fortress182 - 2005-07-29

hey ssgmag1.
i'll put together the chords and lyrics for this song.
email me at

FenderNl05 - 2005-08-06

ooooookay underground 7DS is the bomb we dont need simon cowell in here.
theyre awesome...2nd best...1st= Jeremy camp

dopeydude - 2005-08-16

can u plz emal me lyrics and chords to

Firesaint89 - 2005-08-17

dopeydude, hey man i got your lyrics/chords here. anyone else? e-mail me at:

underground - 2005-09-01

It is obvious that the only reason they are somewhat big is because of Joseph's good rock voice. There is so much better rock out there.

What5647 - 2005-09-11

dude, what tuneing is this?

element1 - 2005-09-18

what tuning?... I can tell ya that one... E

element1 - 2005-09-18

dude underground don't even start dissing Seventh Day Slumber dude, They're AWESOME!!!!!

yoderific - 2005-10-22

Underground. I don't understand how you get on a 7 DS page and start disrespecting what their trying to do. Plus get a lesson in spelling.

Jake#30 - 2005-11-06

The bridge is:
G Bm D
G Bm D A

swmrunseal - 2006-01-15

The D's should actually be a Dsus


brain_dead_1st - 2006-01-16

Ok the guy who said shattered life isnt gr8.. well to be frank i agree with u on some songs,
I love slumber dont get me wrong but they have some really sucky songs like I believe, the version with "i believe in jesus" sucks more than anything the old version is decent, Matthew 25 is pretty damned good, Freedom From Human Regulations is also good, Picking Up The Pieces is pretty good, some songs are the best songs BUT 7th day are so inconsistent kinda like the way i spell them.
I'd say get urself on an mp3 website, where u can try before u buy and give each track a chance in its own right cause christian bands generally suck unfortunately, and 7th day slumber have one of the best line ups out, just they dont seem to edite their albums of the rubbish that even my lil bro who is 12 can write,
If u want good christian stuff, try project 86 (rap thrash) 12 stones (good rock) and evenescence - origin (not the new commercial stuff)

Xavos - 2006-01-27

Just a thought, but I think the intro sounds better as:



Just my suggestion....

SDSJerms - 2006-02-27

Hey guys...this is Jeremy from SDS. After looking at some of the tabs on this page, I realize you guys could use the correct versions of these songs. I'm sorry that I haven't gotten on here and posted the correct tabs yet. I honestly didn't know this site existed until today. But I am going to try and get you guys the correct versions of these songs. I will start out by letting you guys know that Caroline is played in DADGAD...not E nor drop D. And the chorus does start in D. Thank you guys for taking time to learn our music.

Lendi22 - 2006-06-13

Hey Jer!! Where's the tabs man?

And Back in Time is an awesome song in my opinion. It's talking about a time and place where you were a stronger person. When you were closer to God. It's a song of hope and a song of realization that God can take you back no matter how far you have gone and no matter what you have done... So in my book, that rocks!

deep93 - 2014-02-06

Hey there can someone tell the guitar picking during the verse its kinda hard to catch it.

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