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Submitted by: dobrijdjen

Here Is Our King
David Crowder*Band
Submitted by Benjamin J. Slabaugh

Standard Tuning
Key: Ab

 Ab/D    Ab/Eb (or Ebsus2(α)-I like Ab/Eb)
 ----------------        “-“= one beat
 (4x)                    song has same beat as “Oh Praise Him”
 C7sus4 Fsus2
 ----   ----
 C7sus Fsus2 Ebsus2(β)
 --    --    ----

 Ab  Ab/D Ebsus2 (α)
 -------- --------

Chords (with Capo III)
  Ab Ab/D Ab/Eb C7sus4 Ebsus2(α) Ebsus2(β) Fsus2

Sorry I can’t be more specific, but since the song hasn’t been fully released
yet, this is the best I can do.  Please respond!  Any questions or comments
would be greatly appreciated.  Have fun with this song.  It rocks.
Dobrij djen!
Benjamin J. Slabaugh

Comments about this tab

dobrijdjen - 2005-05-02

Ok, here are some corrections:

-The Verse line is only repeated 3x I believe.

-Ignore the second line of the Prechorus.

-The Chorus is correct, but there are actually two Bridges. The first has only four beats for Ebsus2, and the second has eight.

This is a very strange (but still awesome) song. It has a lot of quirks and irregular beats and transfers. You simply have to listen to the song to get it right. I hope this helps!
Dobrij Djen and God Bless,
Benjamin J. Slabaugh.

dobrijdjen - 2005-05-07

Also in the prechorus you should play an Ebsus2 rather than an Fsus2.

rbedworth - 2005-06-06

First let me say I am not a "pro" tabber.

That said, I'm pretty sure Crowder does it in Open E tuning
Standard tuning:E-A-D-G-B-e
Open E Tuning: E-A-E-E-B-e

Capo 4
Key E relative to capo. (Actually Key Bb)

Capo 4
Chords relative to CAPO (I did not tab strum pattern)
E E/G# A2 F#m7 C#m
E - E/G# - A

I'll update further once I have the tabs in front of me.
The strum pattern is a little different... if you watch the Bonus DVD from Passion 05 CD. It's not too hard to grasp. I'm sure I don't have the exact pattern, but it's close enough to play along to the CD.

If any questions, I can be emailed at

adamrg - 2005-06-12

Actually ive seen crowder play this quite a few times live. The above version is correct, it is NOT PLAYED in Open E. Check out the DVD from passion 2005, its definately Standard Tuning Capo III - However, the prechourus sounds off, i cant pinpoint exactly how to do it....

connolln - 2005-06-29

ok.. the mystery of the guitars is this.. his yellowish one.. is in standard tuning sort of... he tunes it a half step down.. (i dont know why) so... when in standard tuning songs like O Praise him and Here is our king.. all really should be capo II assuming you are trying to play it like crowder.. and then of course his darker guitar is tuned in the wacky open E(a) tuning.. so that might help a little.. especially in the future for all the songs these guys write! they are awesome at what they do!


curt02k1 - 2005-07-02

nick, you stole the words right out of my mouth lol....there really is no explanation to why crowder tunes his guitar and tunes it a half step down and then puts a capo on it....but you are exactly right if you want to play it like crowder does play it with a capo on the second fret...that goes for O Praise Him as well

macray61 - 2005-07-13

You can see Crowder play this song (in studio, up close) AND explain it at You must register if not a member (it's free) and then go to "Newsong Cafe". They change the "webisodes" every 2 weeks so it may not be on there much longer. If it's not there by the time you read this, see if you can do a search for Webisode # 115.

dobrijdjen - 2005-08-02

So its been a while since I tabbed this song, and I must say there are quite a few problems with it. I'll try to post a much-updated version soon. God bless!

ponchee - 2005-08-21

The only explanation I can think of about the half step detuning is that the song "No One Like You" is actually played in F# using the open chords in the key of G.

Nigh - 2006-06-28

I believe he tunes 1/2 step down to releas some tention on the strings. 2 things happen...1st you tend to stay in tune longer, and 2nd, its hypotheticaly easier on your fingers. Let's face it, he may have a strong voice, but he looks like he'll blow away in a strong wind. lol

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