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Submitted by: Paul86

Artist: Hillsong United
Album: Look to you
Track: Look to You
Track Number: 03

This was tabbed by ear and all credit for the actual song goes 
to the brilliant hillsong united (obviously)

tabbed by Paul Martin (Hope church York). 
Please feel free to email me about this on

Hillsong united are an awesome band who have helped me tremendously
so i hope this tab can help others in their personal/church worship.

Ahh, the long awaited song to be tabbed. Well here it is
This was a tricky song to work out as the piano is heavilly 
relied on in this song. I'm almost a 100% sure on this though.
Tabbing- always a pleasure, never a chore!

Into: Bb  Ab - Gm - Eb
	            so i look to you....

Bb - F - Gm - Eb
Bb - Ab - Gm - Eb

Verse: Bb - F - C 
       <---------> one bar then one open bar with c continuing
Bb - F - C 
Bb - F - C 
Bb - F - C

Gm - Bb -(i know you care...)


Pre chorus (when i look into the sky above)
Eb - F 
Eb - Cm
Eb- Gm - F

Bb - F - Gm - Eb
Bb - Ab - Gm - Eb

Bb- Fm - Cm - Eb

Thats it, hope this blesses someone

Paul -

Hope Church York

Comments about this tab

josh10cool - 2005-04-13

Awesome tab, all chords are correct ( =

iceman23 - 2005-04-21

could you put in the tabs to the chords please. thanks

guitarguy1020 - 2005-04-22

y is everything flat on all of your other tabs they are sharps.
sry i am just used to eb being d# and bflat being a#

Music-man-dude - 2005-05-12

Hey guys, there's a little solo at the beginning which goes:


THIS IS A VERY IMPORTANT SOLO!lol. hope i saved somewone lots of time.
God bless.

Btw, the rest of the tabs are spot on! wel dun

Music-man-dude - 2005-05-12

i messed up. Ignore the thing above. this is wat u want!


got it rite this time. lol. sry 4 any inconvienience. Enjoy

ahiscoc - 2005-05-17

if you want to get technical i think it's


LOL....God bless!!

Iam am Jeremy - 2005-07-02

Great job. I have been trying to get this one for ages but haven't. you are 100% correct. I thought I found a mistake but then I looked and you got it right. Well done.

mmggppmgp - 2005-07-28

umm the second part of the intro thing wen it goes to like G#m and B

is like (it is either a synth or a piano either or its not guitar)

i jus like to play the G(8) i dunno if it is in the Cd it makes sound it more comple to me...


Foggy - 2005-10-19

just wondering if any Bass playerers could tab the bass line, not found any tabs for it, and not having my bass at home I can't tab it myself. Would be cool :P

Wildcats2008 - 2005-11-26

After listening to it, most of it is just straight 1/8 notes with those chords except for when they're on the verse/intro parts then he just sticks with the guitars

Foggy - 2005-12-16

Well I wish I could get some sort of Bass like thing because there are lots of querky aditions I can hear, that and the off timing done in places, good Bassist.

clewis - 2006-01-13


clewis - 2006-01-13


goel - 2006-02-12

From the official United Songbook:

The beginning verse chords are Bb F/C C x2 Gm Bb

jkim519 - 2006-06-10

Can't you just use a capo?
this song is confusing if u use chords like Cm or Bb

FireWithinJCS - 2008-05-30

Dude! Nice song! I really love it! Great job on the tabs!
God Bless

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