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SET THE TRUMPET TO YOUR MOUTH (Chuck Girard/Karen girard)

Narration:	In the distance, a multitude of people gathered into
groups. One group is singing and dancing, while demon forces terrorize
the people outside their circle. Another group is fighting among
themselves while demons watch and laugh. Groups throughout the throng
engage in varying activities.  Some are asleep. Some are nursing wounds.
And some are valiantly resisting forces of darkness as they forge ahead.
C					  Am
I see the sun arisin' and it's light comes into view
C                               Am
I see the day beginning and it looks like the day is new
F                                   Am
I see a people in the distance just talkin'
F                                   Am
I see a shadow in the distance just watchin'

C        						     Am
There's a man sitting down over there and as I watch, He begins to rise
C           					     Am
I'm impressed as he stands to his feet by his grace, and by his size
F              						         Am
He lifts his hands and he beckons to the people who are talkin'
F									   Am
He starts to move and all at once all the people start a walkin'

There's a crack in the back of the black and a 
light shines upon theplain
C  							     Am
All the voices of the people are ascending and soon it begins to rain
F                       G
Thunder strikes as the Lord cries out
F/A                    G/B
All the people give a mighty shout
F/A            G                         C
Lord, set the trumpet to your mouth and blow

F7   G7       C           F7   G7         C    D/C    F/C   C
Woh, woh oh  oh  ........Woh,  woh  oh  oh

F                       E7
Sleepers awake from the depths of slumber
Am                  C7/G
Wake up from the American dream
F                         G                 C
You know the rest of the world is cryin' in pain
F            E7        Am                 C7/G
Open up your windows, reach a hand to the man....outside
F                    G7                   C
There's a world out there that's dyin' in vain
F7   G7    C           F7     E7        Am   C7/G    F   G7     C
Woh, woh  oh  oh.......Woh,   woh,  oh  oh   (instr)

     C						     Am
The rod comes down with a mighty sound as the earth begins to shake
C							Am
People callin' to the living God but for some it will be too late
F                           G
The clock is movin' to the final hour
F/A                  G/B
Jesus coming back in all of his power
F/C            G/C                       C         D/C     F/C     C
Lord, set the trumpet to your mouth and blow

F7             G7                       C          (fade)
Lord, set the trumpet to your mouth and blow

1990 Sea of Glass Music/ASCAP

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