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Submitted by: cx ix0us

"You Are Mine" 

words by Mac Powell / music by Third Day

Note: Capo on the second fret for strings one through five; leave sixth
string "open." This I credit to paraloxy...thanks! I couldn't have done it
without you! :P All notes (even on sixth) are played relative capo except
open sixth string...*duh* :P

It looks nasty, and tryin' to sing along really is annoying for a while.
Listen to the song to get a feel for what the melody part for the 
guitar is; then just practice 'til your fingers fall off! Once it's 
in your head, it comes pretty naturally when you try to sing along 
with it. Also, the bass notes in all of this song are even, although 
I didn't tab it quite that way...don't let it phase you! Keep 'em even.

You'll play this riff a total of four times: once for the intro, twice 
for the first verse, and once for the last verse (which is really the
first half of the first verse). At the end of the intro, strike that
E chord with the back of your nails.

	<--==Intro/Verse 1 and 3==-->




______________________ _____________________________________ 
		    1 |			   	    2, 3, 4 |


	<--==First Chorus==-->

	(repeat once)


//end repeat




	<--==Outro Riff==-->

	(I snatch my pick up real quick here...)


The rest, besides the last "verse" is strumming or the outro; listen to 
the cd for syntax. The chords and progressions are as follows (I hope
these are right...I know a little about chords, but it's not been my
focus in my studies of theory):

E12	C2add15 (C2)    A9
   -5-         -5-        -5-
   -3-         -3-        -3-
   -2-         -0-        -0-
   -0-         -2-        -0-
   -0-         -3-        -2-
   -0-         -x-        -3-

B15	C2add15/b (C2/b)
   -5-           -5-
   -3-           -3-
   -2-           -0-
   -2-           -2-
   -0-           -2-
   -x-           -x-

E12	B15	C2	C2/b	E12 (repeat)

B15	A9	E12	B15	A9	E12

E12	B15	C2	C2/b	E12

	For the rockin' little bridge they do after the second chorus, I
just play the Outro twice, then I just keep repeating it with power 

G#	A	G#	E12
D	C#	A9

	After this it goes back to the first half of the first verse;
I am only one man, so I don't go back to picking like Third Day does. I
just strum the chords quietly, and I change the last E12 before the 
chorus to an A9 and strum it down 8 times down-up 8 times quickly with
a nice crescendo as a lead in to the final chorus.
	When they play the ending, they play the outro twice and end on
A9 (not the original key for the song). I'm all for that style; it's 
one of Jars of Clay's (one of my favorite bands) frequently used 
"techniques" if you will; in this song, however, I prefer to play the 
outro just once at the end and finish on the E12 instead of the A. 

.2004 Consuming Fire Music / ASCAP. All rights administered by EMI 
Christian Music Publishing. All rights reserved. Used by permission.

Comments about this tab

cx ix0us - 2005-03-14

Also! if you have any questions for me, (I won't be on here checking for questions too frequently...) you may email me at Thanks! I hope this helps! :)

cx ix0us - 2005-03-28

I went back to re-listen to the song and check my work after receiving an email from a fellow guitarist, and I realized that I tabbed the first chorus wrong :o !!! I am here to inform everyone of this fact, and I also wish to prevent you from getting worried about the fact that you've learned it wrong. Do not fear! you need only to replace the tab after the repeat in the chorus with the tab for the verse; this means that you play that a total of five times, not four: once with the "intro" ending, and four times with the "verse" ending. My apologies! I hope this is helpful! Thanks for looking :)

paraloxy - 2005-04-01

Hey. Looks good from what I can see... I need to break out the guitar and play it before I give a rating, but so far it looks about a 5. Congrats and good work!

suicide king - 2005-06-27

I played through this tab, and it looks almost perfect. really hard to play, though. (i am a beginner). anyway, great job!

Skifree0813 - 2005-08-15

wow this is amazing. i've looked all over the web for this song and couldn't find anything this good. great job!! this is also one of my favorite songs and it pretty much sparked my becoming a Christian.

Thirddayrocks21 - 2005-09-27


Highdensity17 - 2006-03-24

I have played this song for my church youth group and
I think this is the best and easiest for you guys to
play. It works for me, maybe for you to.
God bless all of you.

Third Day:
You are mine

Capo 2nd fret but leave the 6th string/bottom E open
that makes it like drop d without tunning down the guitar.

You will have to pick out the intro Im not good at writing tabs yet. Don't worry it is easy to pick out, just listen to the song.
Intro: D2 A2 C2 C/B D2 with the pinky hold the 5th fret 1 string
on the last D2 of intro.

Verse: D2 A2 C2 C/B D2
D2 A2 C2 C/B D2

Chorus: A2 G D2
A2 G D2
D2 A2 C2 C/B D2

Now after the chorus the lead plays this and then you go back to verse
E --------------------------------------------3--
B --------------------------------------------3--
G ------------------2-------------0-----0-----0--
D ------0-----0---0---0--0--0---2-----0-------0--
A ----0-----2---0-----0--0--0-3-----2---------2--
E --2-----3-----------0--0--0-------------3---3--

Verse: D2 A2 C2 C/B D2
D2 A2 C2 C/B D2

Chorus: A2 G D2
A2 G D2
D2 A2 C2 C/B D2
C2 C/B D2

listen to the song to find out the ending, it incorperates the chorus and verse at the end and the chords are the same as above. Enjoy and GOD bless all.
Any questions or comments E-mail me I am always learning new music for my church youth group and maybe I can help you or vice versa...

ramshorn - 2006-07-21

good tab & great ear. a few things...

> a correction on the second staff of tab on the intro/verse section:

> a correction on the chords naming:
E12 D2add13 A9
-5- -5- -5-
-3- -3- -3-
-2- -0- -0-
-0- -2- -0-
-0- -3- -2-
-0- -x- -3-

Bsus4 D2add13/B
-5- -5-
-3- -3-
-2- -0-
-2- -2-
-0- -2-
-x- -x-

E12 Bsus4 D2 D2/B E12 (repeat)

Bsus4 A9 E12 Bsus4 A9 E12

E12 Bsus4 D2 D2/B E12

ramshorn - 2006-07-22

Harmonics on A and D strings, (14 fret with capo 2) can be used as the last notes of the intro

Also, on the first half of the first chorus some C# notes shows up in some hammer ons; so listen to the song and find out where they are (I'm still working on it).

Brad's #1fan - 2007-02-13

Hey I agree Mark does play D and Brad plays single I have mastered this song so the capo goes though all six or twelve strings if you know what I mean But good work

Brad's #1fan - 2007-02-13

Hey I agree Mark does play D and Brad plays standard I have mastered this song so the capo goes though all six or twelve strings if you know what I mean But good work

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