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Submitted by: JasonD

Artist: Kutless
Album: Strong Tower
Title: Word of God Speak
Tabbed By: Jason Dearing

Finally there new CD is out! This song is pretty amazing, listen to the CD to get
the guitar rythme and timing down. Any questions or corrections?

Chords Used:

C2	(x32030)
C*	(x3m031)  <--- I don't know what this chord is called cuz I made it up
F	(133211)              (the "m" indicates to mute that string)
G	(320033)
G/F	(1x0033)

Intro:  Switches between C2 & C* then play F

Verse:  C2, C*, C2, F

Chorus: C2, G, G/F, F

Intro Repeat

Verse2: C2, C*, C2, F

Chorus Repeat

Intro Repeat

Comments about this tab

s61craig - 2005-03-21

I think the G/F in the chorus should be an A#, I played it over and over and I think it fits a little better

JasonD - 2005-03-24

hay s61craig, thanks for that correction - that chord was killing me for days, and you totally got the right chord there :D thanks bud


c82cj - 2005-04-22

The C* is actually a C/F you can also use your thumb to hold down the the other F

wierdo - 2005-05-31


wierdo - 2005-06-04


tigerotool - 2005-06-17

I think you're making this song harder than it is.



C G A# F

JasonD - 2005-06-23

hay tigertool,

you probably play electric guitar? im assuming so, becuase what you have tabbed sounds fine on the electric ... i play acoustic, however, and if you listen to the song really hard, the chords i have tabbed are pretty darn close to the original ... like, in the intro - you can hear the high E string being played as an F when he switches from a C2 (x32030) to this chord arrangment - (x3m031)

thanks though for your comments ...

jrny_on52 - 2005-07-01

The chorus is as follows:
C Gsus Bflat F C Gsus Bflat F. You can use the G chord instead but there lacks the sound of a suspended chord over the melody of the chorus.

jrny_on52 - 2005-07-01

Update: the G in the verse should be Gsus as well.

bassplaya527 - 2005-08-16

hey jasond,
i think you need to CHILL OUT!!!
every time someone gives you a constructive comment, you freak out and get smart and sarcastic and that really isnt a christian attitude. seriously.
you keep this up, and it will not be good for you in the end. tigertool was just trying to help and your all, "hey, im better than you, you dont know what you're saying!" so please cool it. its annoying.

dv8_jsm - 2005-08-17

wow dude, he still thanked tigertool for the comment, i mean come on guys, beating other people down isn't right, and also beating others down and telling them they are annoying isn't right either, I don't recall Jesus doing that when he was beat down with words constantly.

Further your walk, for the more you walk, the quicker you will run to him.
God Bless,

JasonD - 2005-08-30

hey bassplaya527 ...

im sorry that you thought i was being arrogent with what i was saying ... i didnt mean it to come across that way at all ... i was just saying that i appreciate his comment, and im only a novice guitar player, so im sure it's got mistakes, but i do know that the song is more complicated then what he tabbed out.

sorry again that you think im crazy or something :S


Ramhugger - 2005-09-21

I am a EMT, so I know more guitar than all of you put together!
God Bless

the_lithographe - 2005-09-24

Technically, it is a Bb instead of an A#, since it is in C.
I know they are the same chord. I just wanted to see if I could ruffle some feathers over something so petty. It seems there are always people griping about the smallest things on here.

the_lithographe - 2005-09-24

If anyone has had any music classes at all in college, the first thing the student learns is if he or she is doing a cover he or she needs to put his or her own twist on the song. That is what Kutless did with this Mercy Me song and all the other praise songs on this CD. So as musicians I urge you to take this song -- or any other for that matter -- and expand on it. Give it your own arrangement, your own feel, your own personality. When you do this, then you will truly grow as a musician.

CZECHKNIGHT93 - 2005-09-26

I have been playing with this song for a while and to me it sounds like the chorus has an additional chord in it. I'm referring to the "electric guitar chords" in this comment. It sounds like:


C G A-A# F <-- Notice the added A

I could be wrong, but it sounds like there is a "step up" to the A# from the G and an A sounds like it fits the bill. However, I am playing the song in Drop-D power chords, so it may just sound different to me.

the_lithographe - 2005-10-01

There is an A played on the walk up. It's not a chord, just a note on the lead guitar and bass.

DavidFrank - 2005-10-18


Nice Job!!! (Deja Vu All Over Again)

Take More Care

Burzum - 2006-01-14

If you're talking about the Word of God Speak on "Strong Tower" I think they're using a capo.

Try playing it in A with Capo on the 3rd.
Intro Chords: A2 Asus A D2
Verse: A Asus A D2
Chorus: A Esus F#m-G D2

My alt Intro: A A2 Asus A A2 Asus D2 (I kind of like the sound of this one a little better)

av88 - 2006-06-09

wait i thought with a capo on 3 thats in the key of G. and i thought A2 and Asus were the same chords.

jcalebK - 2006-06-28

hey av88, i think i may be able to answer ur "A2-Asus" question. there is an Asus2 and an Asus4 (and prolly others). I'm pretty sure Asus2 is OO22OO while Asus4 is OO223O. maybe sometimes a 'tabber' will just put Asus. i've found that (at least in my circles) it usually is referring to the Asus4 (OO223O). great question. hope my response helped.

jcalebK - 2006-06-28

P.S.-- the A2 means Asus2. i meant to say that earlier but i think i forgot or something. so there u go. Praise God!!!

the_lithographe - 2006-08-16

An Asus chord is different from an A2. If you want to get technical the A2 chord is actually called an 'A add 9' chord. A2 is just less letters and numbers, easier to write down.

the_lithographe - 2006-08-16

Here's a link to proper chord terminology for wanna-be know-it-alls like me.

derekthered - 2006-08-22

I've been playing this song for awhile, now. here's how I do it:

C Csus C Fmaj7 (2x)

C Gsus A - Bb F (2x)

just my 2 cents....

smashbrosfreak1 - 2006-09-01

I just started figuring out this song but I really like how it sounds capo 3, and you play an A2 Asus A D for the verses, and then A E F# G D for the chorus. I think it sounds pretty good, hopefully that helps somebody out.

kutless_61 - 2006-09-05

Great Song!!!!

N8AF - 2007-03-02

derekthered, I think the A is actually an Am

God Bless!!

gregkar - 2008-07-15

Has anyone charted this composition on Power Tab?

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