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Submitted by: shaker05

The Killing Tree
Music And Lyrics by Paul Coleman Trio, (c) 1999
from the albums Serious Fun and Live Acoustic CD (this version is from the Live CD)

there is already a tab up for this song, but this version has all the accoustic solo
and electric solo, plus the bridge which were not in the last tab

the entire song, except solos, is done in open chords 
(like most paul colman/trio songs)

Capo on 4

  Am    Asus4    A2     Fadd9    C        G

E|-0-   ---0-   --0-    --0-    ----    --3-
B|-1-   ---3-   --0-    --1-    --1-    --3-
G|-2-   ---2-   --2-    --2-    --0-    --0-
D|-2-   ---2-   --2-    --3-    --2-    --0-
A|-0-   ---0-   --0-    --0-    --3-    --2-
E|---   ---0-   --0-    ----    --x-    --3-

Am    Asus4     A2     Am
Fadd9 Fadd9     C      G

when transferring from the A2 to the Am and from the C to the G, dont transfer
on the beat - leave it a bit late

Am C G C
Am C G C
Am G G

Am C Am C G X 4
G C G C G Am (the change from the last C to G to Am is really quick)

Ok, tho solo is split into two parts in the live version - the accoustic and
the electric, so accoustic is GTR1 and electric is GTR2

GTR1 -E |-0---------------------|-------7-7-7-----8-8-8-
      B |-1--1--0---------------|------5-5-5-5---5-5-5--
      G |-2--------2--0--2--2---|-----------------------
      D |-2---------------------|-----------------------
      A |-----------------------|-----------------------
      E |-----------------------|-----------------------

      E |----10-10-10-----8-8-8----7-7-7-------------------------
      B |5--5--5--5--5---5-5-5-5--5-5-5-5------1--0--------------
      G |--------------------------------------------2--0--0--2--
      D |--------------------------------------------------------
      A |--------------------------------------------------------
      E |--------------------------------------------------------

      E |---------- After this the aacoustic plays the main riff again
      B |---------- and the electric solo takes over after a few bars 
      G |--2------- of the riff
      D |----------
      A |----------
      E |----------

GTR2 -E |--0------------1------------3------------5--------------
      B |--------------------------------------------------------
      G |--------------------------------------------------------
      D |--------------------------------------------------------
      A |--------------------------------------------------------
      E |--------------------------------------------------------

      very slow wah effect over those long single notes

      E |--------------3-----------------7---8-7--5---------------
      B |--0--1--0--1--------0--1--0--1---------------------------
      G |--------------------------------------------------------
      D |--------------------------------------------------------
      A |--------------------------------------------------------
      E |--------------------------------------------------------
almost straight after this, it goes back into the last verse

Here is the actual song order

Verse 1
Part of the chorus (just the first line, not all 4. listen to the song
for the way it is played - it has a very fast strum flick)
Verse 2
Verse 3
GTR1 solo
GTR2 solo
Verse 4

i think thats right anyways. i got this version from listening to the song on Live Accoustic
i havent heard the studio version yet

Comments about this tab

Ruined14 - 2005-10-11

Hey the intro actually goes

Am Asus A2 fadd9 Am Gsus

Ruined14 - 2005-10-11

Just to add to my last comment the fadd9 is actually an fmaj7 but it's played that way that you tabbed it out

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