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Submitted by: jamforchrist123

O Praise Him
David Crowder Band
Tabbed By JFX123
(Capo 3. Everything Reletive To The Capo. )

This Probably Isn't The Right Way, But It Sounds Good To Me.
THe Reason I'm Putting This Up Is Some Of The Others Didn't 
Sound Right And The Riffs Were Wrong.


G     D/F#       C

Bridge Thingy: (Riff 1)

 D      C     D        C  

Chorus: (Riff 2)

 G        D/F#      Em7    C     Am7

Verse 2:

 G      D/F#      C

Chorus 2X-


 G          D/F#       Em      C


Bridge 2: (Just Riff 1 And Drums)

 D      C

Chorus 2: (Riff 2)

 G   D/F#   Em      C



Chorus 2 (Just Guitar)-

Interlude (Just Guitar)-


Riff 1                                               Reapeat Untill Chorus

Riff 2


Comments about this tab

jamforchrist123 - 2005-02-26

Oh Yeah. If You See Anything Thats Sounds Wrong, Please Place A Comment.

jamforchrist123 - 2005-03-11

Another oh yea. Please Rate This S I Can See How I Did. This Is My First Tab.

jamforchrist123 - 2005-05-30

I Know It Sounds Like I'm Nagging, But I Really Need Comments So I Can Do Better On Future Tabs/Chord Sheets.

surferdude9375 - 2005-06-07

next time don't space as much in between the differant verses. one space does the job.

blondegirl4God - 2005-06-08

dude it looks good. um a strumming pattern would be nice maybe

jamforchrist123 - 2005-07-24

The Reason There Is So Much Space Beetween THe Chords Is I Origanaly Made This Tab For Myself And It Is Esiear For Me To Read It That Way. Oh Yeah, How Do You Do A Strumming Pattern?

The_Stripes - 2005-08-17

A strumming pattern (as you probalby know) just shows up and down strokes. I guess that's kinda obvious... Whatever.

Downtrokes are shown like this: /
That is one downstroke.

Upstrokes are indicated this way: \
Again, one upstroke.

So, to get a pattern of down, down, up, down you would write: //\/

Then just write out the chords and put the symbols above the letters.
Like so:
//\/ //\/ //\/ //\/

Just do that with the chords in the song and Voila! you have a strumming pattern! I hope I didn't make that confusing...

The_Stripes - 2005-08-17

Sorry, the chords on the example didn't space out right, but just picture one letter at the bottom of each set. :)

The_Stripes - 2005-08-17

Btw, nice tab

jamforchrist123 - 2005-08-25


x_pal - 2005-09-12

Wow, nice tab, and I would highly suggest you change all the C's to Cadd9... o.o

jamforchrist123 - 2005-10-16

I play It Both Ways

Jaymze13 - 2005-11-22

This is pretty much dead on. Look around at the other version of this song and you'll see where somebody posted a video of Crowder himself teaching this song. I don't know about all the fills, leads and such, but this is a pretty simple song to play and pretty easy to change (translation: capo).

The original is in "Bb". In the video posted on here Crowder teaches it in "Ab". It's all where your range is and where you like to capo. I don't want to say this song is hard to mess up, but............

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