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Submitted by: Adam K

Day Of Fire-Cornerstone
Copyright  2004 Essential Records
Standard Tuning E-A-D-G-B-E
Capo 1st Fret
Chords Relative To Capo


Verse 1
Am G* F* G* x2

F* G* D2

F* G* Am C
F* G* Am

Verse 2
(Same as Verse 1)



F* G* Am B/C* C D2
F* G* D2

Chorus 2
Lightly strum these
F* G* Am C
F* G* Am B/C* C D2
F* G* Am C
F* G* Am

I hope you noticed that I just did 
the Acoustic part of the song.

Tabbed by Adam K

Comments about this tab

Brian-Alexander - 2005-02-18

day of fire rocks. I love all of their songs

emeryemokid - 2005-02-20

amen to that

g3n3s|s - 2005-02-22

beautiful tab, good job bro

rock4christ08 - 2005-02-23

yo AK47! oops, you did it again!! great joerb- ray

Kutless Fan - 2005-03-03

this song ROCKS!!!

JF77 - 2005-03-07

i seen them in concert on the ichthus "let it rain" tour and they were awesome... best concert ive ever been too... i got a chance to talk to the lead singer Josh Brown, he was one of the coolest most humble guys ive ever met with an awesome testimony!

waytoodank - 2005-03-25

great accuracy. not quite sure about the versions of chords you listed, but the name of the chords is correct. thanks!!

SGuy - 2005-04-11

Hey brotha, ive tested the song with capo and played as ya put it, and it sounded great. very nice tab, and keep rockin for God.

gracebap30 - 2005-05-03

is there a simpler way to play this I have never heard of G* of F* and I have been playing the guitar for about 2 years now been taking lessons from STEVEN CURTIS CHAPMIN'S Dad Herb Chapman

Adam K - 2005-05-16

G* and F* are just variations of the chords G and F. I put them the
way that I think,sounds good.

The Best - 2005-06-10

This is for the idots like JF77 and Brian-Alexander. I have to say, this song is one of Day of Fire's best songs, but watch out. I do not recommend their music to anyone though. Even though this is a great song with powerful lyrics(not their music), I've heard is testimony to. If you think Josh Brown's testimony is awsome, watch out. I would not be suprised if he is not saved(Josh Brown). If any of you think he is saved, your lost to. I believe(JF77 and Brian-Alexander), you to are not saved. Don write back and say what a liar I am. You know I'm right. Beside, If you write back, that's telling me you got affended(Sorry I hurt your feelings, you big babys). Yea and don't tell me I'm not a Christian. The Bible says you shall judge them by there fruits. In this case, your fruits are what you say. So watch out. Day of Fire, does not rock. Oh, and by the way, emeryemokid, what are you amening. I guess, this letter is for you to, as well as all those other idots.

God bless you all,

P.S. JF77, Brian-Alexander, and emeryemokid. I'm not trying to embarrass you, but to show you your wrong ways as a brother in the Lord. Oh, by the way, for any of you that want this song with the lyrics and chords together, check back in a week or two. I have the words written out, and will be putting them with the chords and publishing them for you so you can see how the song is played if you are having difficulties or a beginner.

JTguitar1722 - 2005-06-12

(The best) ... Dude, I don't think that was necessary at all. We need to lift each other up and encourage each other. If some of these people reading are not saved, I don't think you gave them any reason to desire a relationship with God.

To Adam, great job on this tab man!!! I know it takes some effort and work to get this stuff figured out sometimes... Once again thanks!!! This is a great song and I love what these guys are doing. Oh and by the way I have the Holy Spirit in my heart and not ashamed.

The Best - 2005-06-13

This is for JTguitar1722. The Bible says for you to tell your brother in the Lord of his wrong ways. I was just trying to help them as a brother in the Lord. But if he should not take heed to another brothers advice(if that brother is right), then you should rebuke him. That's all I was doing. I did nothing wrong and that was totally necessary. As a Christian, I have seen so many people take a very ever so little step away from the Lord and right now they are living for the devil. I do not want any of you to go down that road. If I have offended or hurt any one, I'm sorry. Hope you all have a nice day.

Drock76 - 2005-06-14

(The Best) You are making Christians look like whack jobs. The bible says to rebuke a brother when he is in sin. (Luke 17:3) It is my turn to do so. How were any of the people on this site sinning? If you have a problem with someone take it up with them. 1 Timothy Chapter 5 deals directly with confronting people in sin. You didn't really follow that route. Instead, you decided to spread a rumor of sin around openly without knowing first-hand if it were true or not. The only way that you can openly rebuke someone of their sin is to first approach them alone. I doubt you have much of a relationship with the front man of Day Of Fire.

If you do, and you were made aware of his sin by first hand knowledge instead of some other rumor, then you could proceed in love to gently guide him towards repentance. If that didn't work, then you could take a few close friends, and finally if neither of those previous ways worked, then and only then could you openly reveal his sin and demand repentance.

You didn't follow any of the steps prescribed by the bible. So, let it be your turn. You need to formally appologize to the front man of Day Of Fire and tell him what you've been doing. Tell him that you've been spreading around rumors of his sin and telling everyone that he follows Satan. Even though you have no first hand evidence of him doing so.

Also, this is the friggin' world wide web. WHAT IF someone who didn't know Jesus came on this site looking for the tab for this song? What kind of witness to them are you being? It would be fair to say that you are being a poor example of the grace and love that God showed by sending His son Jesus to die for your sins.

Rethink all that, and make the right decision. You are currently going down a path that does not imitate Christ, but imitates only an imitation of Christ. Repent and practice everything in love. Keep reading your bible. Read James, that will help you understand that you are a sinner too, and that you really have no right being the judge of the world. For by the measure that you judge others, you will be judged accordingly. Realizing that your judgement is strict and harsh, realize that yours may be the exact same way.

May God redirect your path,

Pastor Derrick

TruthShallStand - 2005-06-14

To: The Best

Proverbs 6:16-19 These six things doth the LORD hate: yea, seven are an abomination unto him: A proud look, a lying tongue, and hands that shed innocent blood, An heart that deviseth wicked imaginations, feet that be swift in running to mischief, A false witness that speaketh lies, and HE THAT SOWETH DISCORD AMONG THE BRETHREN.

A few of these things describe you, but you might as well have number seven tattooed across your forhead.

jay-bo - 2005-06-19

To: The Best. This is a way cool song! But some of the comments that everyone is making is getting out of hand. If you play it with God's annointing then it will go to His glory,right? Audio Adrenaline does "Free Ride" by Edgar Winter & Rick Derringer, does any one remember those guys from the '70s? I hear Derringer is trying to live for God now. Rich Mullins did a riff from Hendrix "Purple Haze" in Awesome God. Get The Idea. It is not what they are but who you are in your relationship with Jesus. One more comment,please, do you wish to be judged as harshly as you are to them? Can you cast that first stone?

nate_big12 - 2005-06-20

Excuse me people, but why yall have to be hatin on each other. I mean, The Best, dude, why have to be tellin these guys that they arent saved. Yeah, the Bible does say to judge others by their fruits, but do ya know them personally. Im offended by the comments that ya made and thats cause you are hatin on my Brothers in Christ. Who are you to say that Josh Brown is not a Christian. That is not your place, it is God. I believe that Josh is an awesome instrument for God and is being used. Yes, he may have had his drug addiction and o.d'd on Herion, but people change bro. I know this is not my place to jump in, but you are way off line judgin these guys. Let me give ya an example of how people change. There is this guy right, and he despises Christians, he kills them and persacutes them. So one day he goes blind while goin to this town. His sight is eventually restored and he goes on to write half of the New Testament. There is an example who did a complete 180, just like Josh Brown. So dude, dont go judgin these guys, aight. Man, I want ya to know even though i dont know ya, I love ya and all yall on here and i be prayin for all yall, cause who doesnt need a lil prayer, right. lol. God bless you guys

rock4christ08 - 2005-06-22

Umm wow. (thebest) If you can't get your grammatical errors fixed, you sir are lost. It means your spelling is all messed up fool. I'm not hear to judge, but it's just like Jtguitar said, we SHOULD lift each other up in Christ, even if some of us aren't saved. I am proud to say that I am a follow of Christ and i'm not ashamed to also say I love Day of Fire's music. They rock and there's APPARENTLY divine inspiration behind the music, so you must be trippin'. Use God's word wisely. Our job is to be fishers of men, not bounty hunters. No sir, we are not lost, you apparently are just confused. I am a strict listener of christian rock only, so I know my music well and DOF is on the top part of my list. By the way, Josh Brown has a GREAT testimony. If you would like to know Christ as a Lord and Savior and would like to know more or hear my testimony, email me at Peace out and easy, rAwk on, and God bless. -ray

rock4christ08 - 2005-06-22

p.s. same here, i don't know thebest or anyone here, but i got love for you all and i'll keep the christian rockers of the world in my prayers. Yeah a little prayer never hurts. really. -ray

njsk8rboy - 2005-06-22

it is kind of funny but why are u fighting like 5 YEAR OLDS!?!?!?!?!

Jaymze13 - 2005-07-12

Can somebody substantiate these claims with something other than "I just know" or "so and so says so" and alike?

Or will I get blasted and told I'm lost for even asking this question?

mccaigs4jesus - 2005-07-14

First off, great tab, thanks for your time to contribute. Next, I know Josh Brown and several other of his good friends. I have spoken with him on more than one occasion since his conversion and there is not a doubt in my mind that he is saved. You can't speak to him without the conversation turning to what Jesus has done for him and what Jesus can and will do for you. He carrys his bible with him everywhere and he has read it and studied so much that it looks like a notebook from school that you have taken notes all year in. I used to listen to the band that he was in before conversion and knew the drummer and bassist from that band also. If you knew him then and seen him now you wouldn't have a doubt either. You can rip me, which will probably be false accusations much like the other things you have stated, but its not gonna bother me. The only way to see fruits in a person is to be around them and see how they live their life. I don't honestly believe you will be in that position any time soon, so you have no right to say whether he, or the other guys in the band, are saved or not. Just trying to give an opinion from someone that does know the person being criticized. If you don't like the music, that's cool, but don't rip the person and make accusations when you don't know them just because you don't like the music.

mccaigs4jesus - 2005-07-14

Oh and another thing, I remember Edgar Winter and Rick Dehringer, :-)

emeryguitar - 2005-07-25

try this instead of the original Am chord because the 5 on the high e gives a better Day of Fire sound


God Bless

Adam K - 2005-07-26

I think you mean
Am [-x-7-7-5-5-5-]
instead of
A [-x-7-7-6-5-5-].

Adam K - 2005-07-26

Thanks everyone for your comments, and to those who straightened
things out.
Adam K

emeryguitar - 2005-07-31

:-P corrected by the awesome Adam K, i do apologize

God Bless

Guitar&Vocals7 - 2005-08-16

(The Best) E-mail me @ I want your veiw on why these guys are'nt christians.
Satanists can change too.

g1rl_4_Christ - 2005-09-19

The Best:

I'm not completly sure why you would think anyone was sinning for what they have said on here. I actually find it quite interesting that you would still judge Josh Brown, for whatever it is you think he has done, even after it seems he has things quite straighten out. In 1 Corinthians chapter 5, it speaks about judging others, in Christ, if they are doing what the Word of God says is sin. Well for one, if people on this thread think that his testimony is awesome then that really isn't doing anything I have found in the Bible as sin, and two, as I said before why would you "correct" someone who seems to have already gotten whatever he was struggling with together - that just seems funny to me. I think it's awesome that he has a testimony, and is using it for the kingdom of God. I love their music! The music alone has been a major testimony to me and probably other Christians alike. Just like JTguitar1722 said, "we need to lift each other up and encourage each other". I also want to say that just because someone has sinned or fallen short in their past does not mean they are not Christians if they have truely decided to repent and follow the Lord. Even Christians still fall short, but the difference between Christians and non-believers is that most Christians will strive to do better and non-believers wont see the need to do better or to be a better person. I would have to agree that just because someone says they have a testimony doesn't make them a Christian in their heart, but it's not our place to judge the heart's of others. We are just to correct them if they keep sinning against God. God will judge if someone is a Christian or not on judgement day. I just pray that God will move through you in an incredible way and will open the eyes of ur heart to what's really right and wrong.

Sincerely in Christ!

P.S. Thanks Adam K and anyone else who posts the tabs and chords on here! I know it takes alot of effort, but it really helps alot! Appreciate it :)

YWAM Kid - 2005-09-27

Hey (The Best)...One scripture comes to mind. Matthew 7:3-5.....Read it!

Skilletfan424 - 2005-10-03

Well I guess that whole shpeal is all over and done with.. but one thing just really stuck out to me.. (The Best) you're right, your fruits are partly what you say. And what you said didn't sound at all like it would be pleasing to God. I don't wanna cause another problem, but you totally just dragged Jesus' name through the mud.

Anyways, I played this song on my guitar, and it sounded great. Thanks to who posted it. Good job! Day of Fire does rock.:)

cthompson2004 - 2005-10-20

What does F* mean?
I thought it meant sharp. Also it says the positions are relative to the capo.
??/ What does that mean. That it really isnt third fret but fourth.
Sorry I am dense.

CZECHKNIGHT93 - 2005-10-21

F* is an F chord, but it's a different voice of the chord. An example of different voicings is, let's take the B chord. Here are some voicings of B:
X-2-4-4-4-2 (barre)
7-9-9-X-X-X (B5)
X-X-1-1-0-2 (B6)
So, these chords above are all B. Now, if you can't find the actual voice name for the chord (such as Bmaj, B5, or B6), then you call it B*. In this case, it is F* because it is a voice of F that the tabber (is that an actual word? ;) ) has not identified. ANYONE CORRECT ME IF I AM WRONG.

Relative to the capo means that the capo takes the place of the nut and your chords adjust accordingly. Without the capo, Am is X-0-2-2-1-0, and with the capo on the first fret, it is X-1-3-3-2-1. However, since the capo is essentially "moving the nut," the chord is still written as X-0-2-2-1-0 because with the capo on the first fret, the second fret takes the place of the first fret. Let's say that the capo is on the third fret. Now, your fourth fret becomes the first fret.

I hope this clarifies things for you.

I also have a question about this tab. It is my understanding that the D2 in this tab is actually Dsus2. Am I correct? A D2 looks like this:
and a Dsus2 looks like this:
So, would that make the D2 in this tab a Dsus2? Not that it's a really big deal or anything, but people like me notice details like this and get confused. Sorry if I'm making things too hard.

God bless!!!

Volvo_junkie - 2005-10-28

Adam K, et al,

Thanx for your work on this tab and the many others I have used over the last serveral months. "Cornerstone" is a tremendous song.


Adam K - 2005-10-29

yeah it's a Dsus2, man. My bad.

fireproof101 - 2006-02-21

What's diff between D2 and Dsus2? I noticed the fingering is diff, but the notes are the same. I had always thought they were exactly the same. :^/

fenderbender123 - 2006-03-30


What was all that for? I think it was a big waist of time and space!!! (you sound more like the worst to me!) What do you even base all that on? If JOSH is a christian or not is between him and GOD, not you!

fenderbender123 - 2006-03-30

I think the best should check his OWN salvation and heart!!! :-(

jesuslivesinme - 2006-04-03

i Think we should just let the suject go and pray...nice tabs by the way...God
bless all of you in christ!!!

panhead77 - 2006-10-19

nice tab GO DAY OF FIRE!!!

Day of Fire fan - 2006-11-19

the best is a fool!! DAY OF FIRE ROCKS FOR JESUS 24/7, 365 DAYS A YEAR AND 366 ON LEAP YEAR!!! IN YOUR FACE!!!! oh and by the way "the best" your name is correct. you are the best.....hipocrite!!

Adam K - 2006-12-18

"the best" is actually not right for him, because we are all the same, and no one is better than another.

scrollboy - 2007-01-23

The Best, read the book of james....
"...Wherefore, my beloved brethren, let every man be swift to hear, slow to speak, slow to wrath: For the wrath of man worketh not the righteousness of God.....If any man among you seem to be religious, and bridleth not his tongue, but deceiveth his own heart, this man's religion is vain.....If ye fulfil the royal law according to the scripture, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself, ye do well:But if ye have respect to persons, ye commit sin, and are convinced of the law as transgressors.....And the tongue is a fire, a world of iniquity: so is the tongue among our members, that it defileth the whole body, and setteth on fire the course of nature; and it is set on fire of hell.....

...God resisteth the proud, but giveth grace unto the humble....

ieatdirt - 2007-02-03

You guys should stop arguing with The Best. He hasn't posted a comment on this tab since 2005. He's unlikely to ever see what you're saying to him.

xidis777 - 2007-04-18

yeah, i learned the song on my own and its almost exactly like what you have, just more detail... like the pre-choirs being an arpeggio and stuff. Good Job!

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