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Submitted by: matt_pom

Artist: Planet Shakers
Title: Always and Forever
tabbed by matt_pom

hey im sure not all of this is right but i did my best for 15 mins

F      x2

Verse: u kind of half palm this part



A CD A CD A CD ED - im not quite sure about that part


C G F F - im not sure about that either


F G - im not sure about that either either

oh well thats about it, any help would be very welcome

Comments about this tab

charissa87 - 2005-02-02

I think this is how the song goes:
C G Am F X 2

Pre-Chorus (slower)
Am F C G X 4

C G Am F
C D2 Am F

(Not sure about the bridge)

Burning - 2005-02-02

A couple of things.
The intro starts on C.

Try using power chords for this:
Play the first bar C then play this riff type thing.

Nifty riff type thing.

After that it's G then the nifty riff type thing.
then it's A (Am7 for chords) then the riff then another fully rad bit: (It's an F for those who are playing chords)

Part A Part B

It's palm muted the first time and at the end you play Part A then B, which has a slide out towards the head of your guitar. (Then yell LET'S GO!):D
The second time it's just part A repeated.

Well that's the intro.
There's a 2 bar rest here.
The Prechorus is pretty much:
A G A z A | FFF GGG x 2 (Or 3 the second time round)
C |G/B

This is about how far in the song I've gotten so sorry i can't give more detail than this.

Then the chorus is the same chords as the intro. If you weren't paying attention these are:

The bridge and outro are:
|F | C/E G |

Burning - 2005-02-02

My bad on the chorus.

There's the start of the chorus:
C x2 G x2 A x2 F x2
but then it's
C x2 Bb/D x2 F x2

C/E | F G |

Sorry about that. I just noticed when I listened again :P

YogiBear - 2005-02-14

Y dont u get the song book so u no exatly the way it is playe.

Burning - 2005-02-21

I have the songbook. It's not tabbed. The chords are there but some bits are a bit tricky... the guitar bit is different to the keys also.

matt_pom - 2005-03-02

hey yeah, that version is pretty dodgey compared to wat it really is, the main corrections are, the intro riff finishes os a C (C GFEC not C GFED)
the pre chorus goes:-
Am F G Cx3
The chorus goes:-
C G Am F
C Bb F C F
and the Bridge goes:-

Basketball6 - 2005-06-01

Hey charissa87 ur tab was like totally right. Matt - not bad 4 fifteen mins.
lol. Go Planetshakers!

Ruined14 - 2005-11-10

Hey witht he intro, i play it just playing those notes so;

A ----333333 (etc) 10 10 8 8 6 6 5 5

then play da same thing but hit the G note to begin so;

E ---- 333333 n so n so forth

the verse is jsut palm mutued C - G - A - F

the prechourus has thins funky thing on the A where u kinda pull ur third finger off n the put it bak on (sorri if u dun understand) im sure it has a name but i ahve no idea, still a new guitarist then it goes to F then G

and for the LIiiifee! part it's just C - G

the chorus is same as verse but not palm muted except the secod time round

when they say "n when my world is falling down" it goes 2 a B Flat

Newhoz i can't b bothered saying nemore im prolly not even right so any comments about that would b much apprecitaed as im still learning aswell

thx n God bless!

Azzaintemple - 2005-12-02

Wen you said "Wen my world is falling down" goes to a b Flat..its actaully a Bb over D

Otherwise its right...oh and the intro's riff uses octaves and if you know hw to "scream" a note, do that on the A string. They do that a bit in the live version.

ikes - 2006-01-20

Hey there's an easier way of playing the riff without sliding all the way down to the 10th fret. This is how I play it:

and then repeat the GFEC for Am and then F.

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