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Submitted by: PromiseKept_86

Letting Go
Jeremy Camp

I'm not entirely sure if this is correct but it plays well with the CD.
The bridge is what I'm not sure on. The verse and chorus should be right though.

C#m7:   046600
Bsus:   024400
Asus:   002200
E:      022100
E5:     077900
B?:     7x9800


C#m7, E, Asus (x4)


Bsus, C#m7, E, Asus (x4)

Repeat Verse
then right before chorus

E5, B?? (Whatever the chord name is look above)


Bridge: (unsure about it but this is how i play it)

Asus, C#m7, Bsus (x3)
Asus, Bsus

Chorus till end

As far as guitar 2 goes, i play it like this

e ---------------7-5-4
A --4-5-7-7s9-5--------2

I know that is confusing and if someone wants to clean it up for y'all that 
would be nice. My first tab so show me some love eh? I know it's not that 
messed up.

Comments about this tab

takamine cory - 2005-02-26

that sounds good, sounds pretty close. I figured you messed up on the intro with the A it should be a B

happyhotdogs - 2005-03-06

the Asus that you posted is actually an A2 so just letting you know thats different and the A2 is right

bigredcheeks - 2005-03-17

hey man, great try on this song. But you have a little mistake that i caught. On the verses and chorus, the E should be changed to an Ab. Try that and see what you think.

matt j t - 2005-03-20

Hey guys,

There's a song on this CD that I would love to play

It's called "Lay Down My Pride"

I would be great if someone could figure this song out,

because i've tried (and failed).

WhiteRice - 2005-08-16

This was a great start, but there are a few mistakes, so I'll just type it out as best as I can. (I don't know how to start a new tab, sorry)

All of these are played open, not as bar chords.

C#m7 G#m7 A2 (x2)

1st Verse:
C#m7 G#m7 A2 (x4)

1st Chorus:
B C#m7 G#m7 A2 (x3)
B C#m7 E B A2

(break) C#m7 G#m7 A2 (x2)

2nd Verse:
C#m7 G#m7 A2 (x4)

Pre Chorus Chord:
E---0 <> E---0
B---0 <> B---0 These are the two chords that you hear right before the
G---9 <> G---9 second chorus. (4 strums each)
D---9 <> D---9
A---7 <> A---6
E---0 <> E---0

Second Chorus:
B C#m7 G#m7 A2 (x3)
B C#m7 E B A2

F#m7 C#m7 B
F#m7 C#m7
F#m7 C#m7 B
A2 B

Reapeat Chorus Chords twice for Lead Solo,

End with normal Chorus.


guitarist11 - 2005-11-22

Actually ive played a number of times w/ the cd and the original chord listed are 110% correct. the guy that did that was perfect no mistakes

guitarist11 - 2005-11-22

I mean the original chords are right except: the Asus is a A2 but thats real minor but everything on the original chords are 110% right. Great Job!

B429R - 2005-12-13

Nicely Done. Good work!


nomar826 - 2006-11-23

hey great tab but the little thing inbetween the second verse and chorus sounds better to me if you play these chords.
I can never remember what the names of chords are but here they are:

Im pretty sure thats the way Jeremy Camp plays it but i think either way sounds great.

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