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Submitted by: supahxdan

Jeremy Camp-This Man

This song is so great and its fairly simple to play. This is my first tab and
it sounds correct, so if there are any corrections that are needed, 
please email me and tell me. I would greatly appreciate it. thanks. =)

Standard Tuning

Intro/Verse (It's kinda confusing but just play with the song and you'll get it)
G--------------------------------------------- (2x)

(on the third time around)


G------------------------------- (Then do the whole thing 2 times again until 
D----------10-------10------10--  the chorus comes along)

Chorus(listen for strum pattern and timings)
E------------------------                                        ---------
B------------------------                                        ---------     
G-------6---------------- (4x) After 4th time, listen for this...---------
D-3-----6-----6-----5----                                        ----11---
A-3-----4-----6-----6----                                        ----11---
E-1-----------4-----3----                                        ----9----

play the verse 2 times and chorus one more time


D-11--8--  (3x)

After playing it 3 times, play the verse with a few variaitions that are pretty
easy to figure out.

Then just keep playing the chorus until the song fades out.


Comments about this tab

resister576 - 2005-01-27

Everything sounds great except in the chorus.
E------------------------ B------------------------
A-3-----4-----6-----6---- E-1-----------4-----3----
I think that it should be
E------------------------ B------------------------

I love this song! keep on playing! good job, bro!!!

matt j t - 2005-03-20

Hey guys,

There's a song on this CD that I would love to play

It's called "Lay Down My Pride"

I would be great if someone could figure this song out,

because i've tried (and failed).

guitarguy2677 - 2005-04-12

To correctly play this song its capo at first and its built around the chords of c, d, and b. You can listen to figure out the rest of them. Awsome song.

Mar-T - 2005-04-13

How do you read this?

epilespaul2005 - 2005-04-19

hey i was wondering if someone could please do the chords for this song. i tried doing it myself and failed so if someone could do that for me i would greatly appreciate it.
thank you very much!

gladebranchfan - 2005-05-22

hey all i've found an easy way to play this song chord may not be correct but sounds good to me...i play Em C G D for chorus and verses EM C G D Em C D like that ....but like i said it may not be correct but it works for me.. and email me with comments at for whatever...thanx and may god rock on!!!!!!!!!

gladebranchfan - 2005-05-22

sorry about the earlier add a capo on fret one sorry

hpy-monkey1213 - 2005-09-23

Im with Mar-T i cant understand tabs EITHER!!! Can someone PLEASE put the chords on here?

stratman7901 - 2005-10-30

I love to listen to this song but please someone tell me how to play it.
i don't know how to play the tabs but. if someone can show it to me in chords i would love it.

bless who ever does.

bobbark - 2005-12-08

Thank you sooo much for writing this tab i dont play guitar but my friends d
ps Jeremy camp is awesome

Facefull06 - 2005-12-25

Lay Down My Pride

Jeremy Camp

Ok, so if you're lookin fot the real thing... plus or minus... it's in drop-"D". First, (Chorus) From "A" strait into your typical three note "B" (kind of like a pick up or double beat or hammer on - listen to the studio version, I'm sure its there - the whole rest of the riff is built around that rhythm.) Sorry, don't want to get complicated. From there into a hammer F# (4 on "D") to G (5 on "D") into open "D" hammer "E" (get the point) into a cool little hammer off and on ditty (twice - from "E" down to "D" in that order.)

joejoe1991 - 2006-01-03

Can u e-mail me the chords and words together

thanks Joseph

Lying Face Down - 2006-01-04

great tab man :]

Fenderstratgurl - 2006-01-18

I'm w/ the 2 ppl th@ hav NO idea how 2 read this tab? Would some1 plz put chords on here? Plz and thanks!

egudroe - 2006-01-25

Sorry Guys I just got the DVD and you can clearly see how he plays the intro!!!!
He uses his middle finger and and starts on the 2nd string from the top which is A and places it on the 3rd fret!!! He does not capo this song on the DVD i can see his capo on his guitar!!! i am still trying to figure out the rest!!!


sorry i put them so close together but i tried to fir it all on one line!!!!
i am still trying to figure out the rest!!!

LoverOfSound - 2006-02-04

Read the last post.....this is correct as you can see on the new Live Unplugged dvd
but also you can use these simple chords for the rest...(bridge) C Am D Am (Chorus) Am C G D

PICKINforJESUS - 2006-02-23

Hey, great tab man, it helped me alot!
God bless

rossc - 2006-03-31

egudroe is exactly right. here's the chords for the rest of the song.
Pre-Chorus Chorus Bridge
C2 X32033 Em? 022033 Am x02210
Em? 022033 C2 X32033 G/B x20033
D xx0232 G 320033 C2 x32033
- D/F# 2x0232

Any questions? e-mail

rossc - 2006-03-31

Let me fix my last posting. Use chord descriptions from last posting as well.
Pre-Chorus-- C2 Em D (x2)
Chorus-- Em C2 G D/F# (x4)
Bridge-- Am G/B C2

PayinWithReason - 2006-04-06

A-----6-------6--------------6------6--------- (X2)

A----6------6------6----6----------6----6--------6----6------- (end of intro)

Here is a different way I play the intro its a lot easier (to me at least)... Tell me what you think! ( I dont have a tabing program so this was hard to do its supposed to be all on one staff but i did it on word :P)

msb16 - 2006-04-19

What egudroe has above for the intro is extremely close. The picking pattern is just a little different. This is exactly what Jeremy plays on the live unplugged album. He goes through it twice for the intro.


Guitars4ever9 - 2006-04-28

great job!

travisholtzclaw - 2006-05-02

hey to every one that does not undertsand how to read tab's,go to google and type in learn to read guitar tabs and I forget the site that I went to but I can read tabs now so yeah anyway good job on the song dude.

E-rock - 2006-07-08

hey ummmm this isnt how jeremy plays it in concert, but just by lookin at it it looks like it would give the same sound. nice job =) (i thought maybe this would answer some peoples questions bout why i didnt saound exactly the same)

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