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Submitted by: miltondrew

written by Laura Story and Jesse Reeves
Performed by Chris Tomlin
(c) 2004 Sparrow Records


Verse 1:
G#m     F#/A#     B2
C#m      B            A  
G#m     F#/A#     B2
C#m      B           A      (G#m - F#)

B2	F#
E	G#m
F#/D#     E        
B2	F#
E	G#m
F#/D#     E             

Verse 2:
G#m (let ring)   F#/A#   - B2
C#m     B                A
G#m    F#/A#	B2
C#m    B                A	(G#m - F#)

Chorus 2:
B2	F#
E	G#m
F#/D#     E        
B2	F#
E	G#m
F#/D#     E             
C#m   B    A


Chorus 3 & 4:
(same as Chorus 1)

Comments about this tab

GuitarOfGold - 2005-01-22

Very well done. The A# and D# kinda threw me off though. Traditionally, these should be Bb and Eb. And sometimes, a G# should be an Ab, but that doesn't seem to have as much tradition to it.

ShelleyJCHC - 2005-02-09

um.. those sharps are the same as the flats your complaining about! :P how long have you been playing an instrument:P!

stryperfan - 2005-02-15

there is no reason for you to be mean or rude to anyone
he is just saying that traditionally when looking at that progression you would see them listen as the flats instead. You should not be so mean to people no matter if they have been playing a day or 20 years.

new-at-this - 2005-03-06

I have not been playing guitar for all that long and I don't know some of those chords and could not find them on the chord sites I know of and I was wondering if it would be to much trouble for someone to e-mail me and show me what they are, thanks alot.
My E-mail is

betners - 2005-03-07

Wouldn't it be easier to just capo it 1 and play it in G? or does he really play those chords with out a capo?

kellysings - 2005-04-04

Just FYI: Whether you call a note/chord by its b or # name depends on the key you are in. For example, if you are in the key of E, you have 4 sharps: f,c,g, and d, so you would refer to each as such, so that every letter is accounted for. The scale would be E, F#, G#, A, etc. rather than E, F#, Ab, A. Also, chords are built in 3rds, or in other words you are skipping a letter in the musical alphabet to spell a typical chord. For example, any kind of F triad will have F, A, and C. F major is F, A, C; F minor is F, Ab, C (not G#); and so an F# major chord with the 3rd in the bass would be correctly called F#/A#.
I share all this to enlighten, not insult. Keep it fun.

bufered - 2005-05-20

this song is completely wrong.

twinice - 2005-06-17

PERFECT! you're the only one who got it right! well done...keep worshipping!

Bryon - 2005-07-16

That's right! Perfect. Well done.

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