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Submitted by: jk1211

"My Desire"
By Jeremy Camp
From the album "Restored"
BEC Recordings (c) 2005

tabbed by jk1211

repeat this during the first verse, and once
after the chorus

the rest of the song is strummed, but I 
haven't figured out the chords yet.  
let me know if you get them!

Comments about this tab

Jetrunner - 2004-12-10

hey jk, i somewhat figured out the chorus at least...dont have the bridge, but the chorus is always good to have eh? :) lemme know at what ya think!

hold each 4 beats...listen and you'll get it :)

G--9----8----6----4----6----8---- x 2 (listen for patterns etc...)

sound good? kinda close i hope >.<

Jetrunner - 2004-12-10

k i think i have the bridge now too...hope its right!


listen for strumming etc...

abreathofgod - 2004-12-27

Hey JK, u did really good on this. It is exactly what Ive been playing.

But for the Chorus the last two chords were wrong. This isnt really a OMG, thats a horrible mistake, but 'J' plays it like this: Play all right until last two which are A2 and the: E|---0--------------: chord.

** When you play the E on the bridge, u can also play it like the E in the chorus. It sounds better than the regular E.

Ashleigh0713 - 2004-12-30

Hey. I was just wondering, you know how the song goes straight from picking to strumming? Well, do you do the verse with your pick or just use your fingers through the whole thing? If you could let me know, I'd really appreciate it. I'll check back here for your answer later...


sneakyweasel19 - 2005-01-01

I would probably guess that since his CD was mixed and stuff you would probably have to stop and grab your pick. But I'd probably use a pick to do the pattern

Good luck :)

sneakyweasel19 - 2005-01-01

But then I kinda realized that you'll have to use your fingers because you can't exactly do that with a pick... sorry I didn't realize :(

abreathofgod - 2005-01-04

Hey, when u do the 1st verse, chorus, and the first half of the second verse, you finger pick it. When finger picking, hold the pick in your first finger, held back onto your palm. Then just pull it out and start strummin

abreathofgod - 2005-01-04

soRRY, NEED to correct my first post.

E|---0--------------: chord.

Ashleigh0713 - 2005-01-10

abreathofgod and sneakyweasel19, thanks a lot. I figured out how to hold the pick and finger pick the song and the same time so I can go right into the chorus. Thanks for all your help.

Mandi9 - 2005-01-12

The Bridge is :

B5: 024400
A2: 002200 (2measures)

and then it goes back to E5: 079900 for the chorus (2x)
and ends on E5 again.

I also play the chorus like this:

E5: 079900
Badd11: 079800
C#m: 046600
B5: 024400
A2: 002200
B5: 024400

I've also found that it is easy to stick your pick in your equalizer if you have one on top. I just shove it in one of the cracks and its easy to grab for the chorus and put back for the verse

EarlyPearl - 2005-01-14

Hey, I just wanted to say that I just played this along with the cd, and I think it's extremely close, and that you did a good job. The only thing that I think is not accurate is on the bridge...I think it goes like this, but I could be wrong...


Just repeat that twice, and then hold the A2 until you hit the alternate E at the beginning of the chorus...just try it and let me know what you think...

JamesBob02 - 2005-03-03

You could hybrid pick the verse part; that's what I do. By the way, GREAT job on figuring out the chords! They sound great!

BoughtByMuch - 2005-03-17

hey I'm super new to the writing tabs thing but i can play them pretty good if at all possible could someone tab and maybe chord Lay Down my Pride thanx Godspeed

matt j t - 2005-03-20


I would be great if someone could figure out "Lay Down My Pride"

because i've tried (and failed).

spikebob - 2005-03-26

Can anybody tell me what to play on the second verse after the other instruments start

sleepytimesnow - 2005-04-25

I think that the chords on the 2nd chorus are


and on the first chorus, it just goes into the picking instead of the last E chord

jk1211 - 2005-05-22

Hey Asleigh! sorry it took awhile to respond. i actually use a pick only for the strummed parts, then i don't use one for the intro and verse. it's kind of tough to switch back and forth, but since you have to play two strings in the intro, it doesn't really really work with a pick.
Jetrunner - you did a great job with the chords! i just tried them out and they sound perfect!! thanks so much!!
God bless:)

Jesuschick4153 - 2005-06-02

I dunno how to read tabs... could someone please email me the chords to me at

Thanks so much I love this song!!!!!!!!

hpy-monkey1213 - 2005-09-23

If somebody could type up the chords that would be so helpful because i have no cule how 2 read tabs! Or could you possibly e-mail them to me at thanks a bunch!

rachel_joy - 2005-12-28

someone please, if you could, send me the chords to this song asap at PLEASE!! i'm going to do it at my youth group soon, and i'm too lazy to learn how to read tabs...soo...thanks!

rockthecross09 - 2007-01-06

i was wondering if someone could put up the lyrics for this awesomely and wonderful song

simplycomplex - 2007-03-07

excellent, this sounds perfect. nice job!

YeshuaKing - 2010-07-27

If somebody could type up the chords that would be so helpful because i have no clue how 2 read tabs! and if you could send it to Blessings!!!!!!!!

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