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Submitted by: black_guitarist

Song: MmHmm
Band: Relient K
Album: MmHmm
Tabbed by: Edi K. (email me at

Tuning: Stantard (E-A-D-G-B-E)


F C F C G  C

Chords: F-133211

For those of you who were wondering what track this was,
it's the hidden track at the beginning of the cd before
The One I'm Waiting For, also known as track zero.

*This track is also the ending to My Girls Ex-Boyfriend.


"black guitarist"

Comments about this tab

guitarsticks22 - 2004-11-21

i didnt even find this track . . awsome. . . i liked the tab, sounds pretty accurate. . rock on man. . . J O!!

Hlvsmusic - 2004-11-26

Hey ~ i found this song listed on the back of the CD but can't actually find it on the cd... my player always starts out with track one! How do you get it to play track "0"?!?!? Thanks for any help you can give ~ Heather

krutchfan66 - 2004-11-28

Same thing as what heather says. I NEEDS IT!!!!!!!!

surge88 - 2004-11-28

yea, it wont work on my cd player. but it does work on my stereo. so try that.

surge88 - 2004-11-28

when it gets to track 1. rewind about 17 seconds before #1. but u have to wait until track 1 starts.
-hope that helps.

krutchfan66 - 2004-11-29

Ah.... dude that was so sweet! it twas hilarious! Thank u so much!

jprx - 2004-12-04

When i listen to that song i just go to track 1 and then rewind until you get into track 0, hope that helps, God Bless.

Void_zero - 2004-12-13

That was the most awsome thing i have EVER HEARD!
Bless you, sir.

GodsGirl7 - 2004-12-16

I still can't find the hidden track, even though I tried what everyone said... Help!

mmggppmgp - 2004-12-30

that is so cool!!!

David wood - 2005-01-04

on my CD player it plays mmhmm at the begaining of "the one i'm waiting for"

chad:) - 2005-01-14

hey, thx for the tip! my bro was looking for the hidden track for ages, but i dont see wats so great about the track (not dissing rk or anything) but its just a few guys singing mmmmmmmmmmmmhhhhmmmmm

emilywetmore - 2005-01-24

I was looking for the hidden track on this cd but i couldnt find it because they always put one on...anyways i love it haha its awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:D

g3n3s|s - 2005-01-25

i may be wrong, but this sounds alot like the ending of "my girls ex-boyfriend"

AcousticServant - 2005-02-03

does it only work on cd players?

jamforchrist123 - 2005-02-09

Yeah, I Think It Does

IamHis_guitar - 2005-02-14

hey guys, i love relient k and couldn't figure out why they didn't have a hidden track on mmhmm... i can't find it on my head phones... i need help!!!
email with suggestions

i am His guitar

ImOnFire - 2005-02-16

This is good, tho who would sing this 17 second song? Mmhmm. ;)

jamforchrist123 - 2005-02-20

If You Can't find It At All, Go To "My Girls Ex Boy-Friend" And At The End, Just Ignore The words. (If It Wasn't For Him...)

SeizetheDay304 - 2005-03-31

Hey guys this is my first time on here but i tried the track zero thing on a burnt cd, cause i copy all my cds so i dont mess up the originals, and burnt cds have the rewind thing there but theres no music. so if u have a burnt copy then there is no track zero, only for the original

newsgirl14 - 2005-05-11

AWESOME! Those have got to be the cleverest guys in the world! Merci!

relientk rocks - 2005-06-14

That's cool I thought that the begining of One I'm Waiting For was MMHMM. Thanks.

thebobert66 - 2005-06-27

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmhhhmmmmmmmmmmmm... well, thanks for the tip

sixstringes777 - 2005-07-02

does anyone know the hidden track on
the one on RELINT K is awsome

RKfan0 - 2005-07-04

That's really cool! For a while I didn't even think there was a hidden track on MMHMM... it's funky.

Anyway, the hidden track on Anatomy is around 5 minutes after Less is More. ^^

BlackAttack1287 - 2005-08-13

This is so great, I didn't think that there was a hidden track on this cd. I'm so happy to see otherwise, this track is funny. The hidden track on Two Lefts is the best though..."Pepperoni!" Hahaha

Radryan2004 - 2005-08-25

Five iron frenzy had this idea first...i don't know if anyone else knew that or not. Just check out their "all the hype that your money can buy" cd. My bet is that RK and FIF were touring together, and Matt picked up the idea from them.

TheSporkman - 2005-10-16

Actually, alot of bands have used this trick before, it's just a little trick rarely used in post production because most people won't find if unless you tell them it's there. That and a lot of cd players don't have the ability to do that as do 99% of computers (with the off shot chance one actuaslly does...) For example, Bela Fleck and the Flecktones also use that on the first disc of their "Little Worlds" album.

cannonball121ep - 2006-01-06

dude th@ rocks!i had never heard th@ b4!!!!but i tryd it on all the hype th@ $ can buy (by five iron frenzy )

RelientA-OK - 2006-03-17

I didn't even know this EXISTED! Must go find! Peace Out!

RelientA-OK - 2006-03-17

DUDE the hidden track onThe anatomy of toung and cheek is the best! Iam obsessed with skittles! Peace Out!

fender_7 - 2006-04-10

Dude that is so AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How did they even do that? Man!!!
That is so cool, but pretty pointless. I wonder if it works on my iPod...

relient_k304 - 2006-05-22

a hidden track on mmhmm? im so lost

LemonySnicket - 2006-07-21

Hehe, I found this thing by accident. I think I was trying to rewind to the end of "When I Go Down" without having to skip through the whole song then randomly I start hearing "Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm-" then yeah. And OMGosh I never noticed that "My Girl's Ex-Boyfriend" sounded just like it at the end. That's kewl.

Zboy4God - 2006-08-04

ya thats cool ;}
oK can oNe of you help me git this song

Relient K - The Vinyl Countdown

(Ps) TaBs and or ChOrDs thanks

--------------ZBoy out-----------

Zboy4God - 2006-08-04

ya thats cool ;}
oK can oNe of you help me git this song

Relient K - The Vinyl Countdown

(Ps) TaBs and or ChOrDs thanks

--------------ZBoy out-----------

spadehanger - 2006-11-20

cool!!!!!!is there one on relient k?

guitarnate - 2006-12-16

on anatomoy i have the burned one and hindden track works i found it it is after the last one and i think it is a little part song and some talking can anyone tell me hidden tracks on apathetic ep and the others THANX

Lou#1RelientKfn - 2007-04-19

I noticed the hidden track about the second or third time I listened to the cd. If you hum it while you play, it sounds pretty cool. Very accurate job Edi K.!!!

Lou#1RelientKfn - 2007-04-19

Hidden tracks are most commonly at the end of a cd. I have only found one(from mhmmm-RK) at the beginning of the cd. Has anyone noticed the hidden track on Third Day Offerings and on Kevin Max's Be? Both are at the end of the cd. Even on Relient K cds, the hidden tracks are more commonly at the end of the last song.

Zboy4God - 2007-04-20

can some one who has this song on their computer please PM me.

Lou#1RelientKfn - 2007-04-20

Zboy4God: Why are you leaving?

Lou#1RelientKfn - 2007-04-20

What is a PM?

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