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Submitted by: DeFtOnEd

Untitled Track
by Hawk Nelson

The song is in drop D, has to be in drop D
because you simply can't get low enough without
it being in drop D
I Tabbed htis song because...noone else has. It's
my first attempt at tabbing so be kind.


A-22-222-222-2222-222-222-222-2-  Do This twice thru
d-------------------------------  For the Intro Listen
                                  To Cd For Rythme

Verse 1 (All Power Chords)



E F# G# F#
E F# D#


This was a little difficult because they are using tritones in the chorus
and not actual chords :\

B tritone thing          C# Tritone thing
G-4-                     G-6-
D-2-                     D-4-
A-2-                     A-4-

B B(tritone) B C#(tritone) X 2 then finish on a B
Finish on

Verse 2
Same Chords as the first but in a stupid Ska Rythme


As far as i can figure it is a mix of B, B(Tritone), and C#(tritone)

Chrous again but picking the strings.

Small Solo - 
When i figrue this littlew bit out i will post it

Bridge 2-
Chrous chords again and finish on B

Comments about this tab

black_guitarist - 2005-01-07

I have no clue what song your trying to tab out. Is it even from their "Letters to the President" album? Is it perhaps "Long and lonely road"? Cause I already tabbed that song.

JF77 - 2005-01-11

Yeah what song is this? theres not untitled tracks on the CD unless you refering to #7 which is called "Recess"

mtlmouth - 2005-01-11

Maybe it's a song off the EP they released in '03? It was titled Saturday Rock Action, I believe... I don't have it :(

mike17 - 2005-01-11

speaking of songs that havent been tabbed out, could someone tab Right Here from this album? i also have no idea what song this is

punkrawker0427 - 2005-02-13

i cant figure out what this is either. i dont think it is recess because the tabber says something about a couple verses and a chorus. The only songs that had been tabbed before this was submitted were California, every little thing, from underneath, letters to the president, take me and someone else before. It could be off a previous release, but i wouldnt know because all ive heard by Hawk Nelson was the letters to the president cd. I dont know, but i'd like to know what this is.

MMHMM RK - 2005-03-09

What the heck are you talking about i dont remember an untitled track on their cd.

MMHMM RK - 2005-03-10

are you talking about something on their other release, Saturday Rock Action? If not please explain yourself.

jprx - 2005-03-14

Dudes i think that its on theie EP

kelfen - 2005-03-15

When I put my "Letters to the President" CD into my computer and brought it up in Windows Media Player, it didn't have Recess on the list and everything was pushed up one. So yes this is "Long and Lonely Road."

vertical_one - 2005-03-16

So what you're sayin is the song tabbed here is "Long and Lonely Road???" I'll give it a try.

mtlmouth - 2005-03-20

On my computer, Windows Media Player recognized "Recess". I'll have to play around with this to see if it sounds like "Long And Lonely Road"... though I'm lousy at tabs. Thanks to whoever pointed that out- I can't see your username right now because the site is having problems and it says I submitted all the corrections... :o

DeFtOnEd - 2005-04-25

Sorry i wasn't clear on this song guys...
On the album i have it has, Long and Lonely Road and on the track listing i have it is an acoutic song.
But then i have a song after that :\

The one where it goes
"It's a long and lonely road, it's a long and loney road, if you dont' like it then youd ont' take it..."

Ummmm maybe i read tha track listing wrong, sorry about that, but i'm 90% sure the tab is right, i wrote it a while ago when i was gonna cover it...
Hope that helps hey, sorry for any confusion

Down_In_Flames - 2005-06-30

its not long and lonely road. in the song there is barely any guitar if not any

j3susfreak - 2005-06-30

what are you talking about?! listen to long and lonely road again and pay attention this time! tune out the rest of the stuff and listen for guitar! theres PLENTY!!!
j3sus is th3 way

simmonds - 2005-12-27

if tis isn't letters to the president could someone tab it plese!

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