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Submitted by: reborn sinner

Jeremy Camp
Take You Back

Jeremy plays acoustic in the intro so he's strumming: A E F#m D 2x's

            3x's then

Verse 1
A E F#m D
A E F#m D
A E F#m D
A E F#m D
F#m G# D
F#m G# D

A E F#m D
A E F#m D


Verse 2:
A E F#m D
A E F#m D
A E F#m D
A E F#m D
F#m G# D
F#m G# D

A E F#m D
A E F#m D D

Bm C#m F#m E D
Bm C#m D

A E F#m D 4x's
End on A

Comments about this tab

ak47 - 2004-11-20

uhh i don't know about the verses but if you watch the video he is clearly doing G,D,Am,C or something, anyway sounds good this way too, ak47

Fade2Black86 - 2004-12-04

Good job man, it spot on. I haven't seen the video for this song but if you seen Jeremy using G D Em C, he was probably using a capo on the second fret.

abreathofgod - 2004-12-27

In the video he uses a capo on the second fret.The chorus is played as G D Am C
The verse is played G C E C

abreathofgod - 2005-01-04

Thats the one thing about Jeremy, you think you got it until u see a video or you see him live. That capo will make such a difference in the sound though. Learning to play capos will help you out.

SDG9 - 2005-01-09

I watched the video quite a few times trying to figure out exactly what chords are played. The second capo sounds close but the Am of the chorus and E of the verse sound way off compared to the song. I watched the video and there was no capo on Jeremy's guitar. He also would play down by the 8th fret but I'm not sure what chords.

mkmabus - 2005-02-14

if you've seen Jeremy live, you know he does use a capo for Take You Back. Think about it. When you're making a video, you don't have to sing, just lip sync; you don't have to play, just look like it, since the track is dubbed over anyway. So which looks better - a guitar with or without a capo?

happyhotdogs - 2005-03-06

ok im just putting in my 2 cents worth. I think that if you dont play it with the capo the F#m should be a Bm so yeah i havent really played it all the way through but i just spotted it because if you play the power chords then the Bm sounds better then the F#m

Vortex - 2005-03-07

Alright. This is pretty close. Try this out though:

Capo 2
G D Em C X4
Em Bm C X2

G D Am C X2

Am Bm Em D C
Am Bm C

Vortex - 2005-03-07

Change that second Em in the Verse to an Am. Sorry about that.

matt j t - 2005-03-11

I think Vortex is right,

however, the only difference

from the original tab posted is

the "Am" in the chorus and verses. (not including capo 2)

Therfore, you can play the original tab posted with a "Bm"

instead of the F#m. (all F#m's turn into Bm's)

carddealer - 2005-03-17

I've listened to the CD like a bajillion, yes, a bajillion times, and i dont hear the strumming, how does that go? like is it 1e&a 2e&a or what... maybe its just me.

carddealer - 2005-03-17

i mean on the verse, ive got the rest of the song

matt j t - 2005-03-20

Hey guys,

There's a song on this CD that I would love to play

It's called "Lay Down My Pride"

I woul be great if someone could figure this song out,

because i've tried (and failed).

Kutless Fan - 2005-04-22

hey vortex, that's the same.

GodsSon503 - 2005-05-27

Hey, i've been playing guitar for a few months and was trying to play this song. but i can't figure out how the chords align with the lyrics. help please.

thanks n God Bless

peacemaker1-800 - 2005-06-24

hey GodsSon chord synchronization just takes time and still sometimes throws good players off try a real easy pattern like G C D E(x2) then move to something like D Dsus4 A D(x2) try to transition smoothly and from there you will be able go through song

Azalon - 2005-07-23

Yeah, see, a while ago, CGR used to have the lyrics up with the chords, but they got into some disagreements with BMI or somebody, and ended up having to delete all the lyrics on the site (although, obviously keeping the chords) to avoid legal trouble, since lyrics are intellectual property, but chord progressions are so commonly used that no one would have a serious claim to them. So if you want to align the chords, you're going to need to sit down and do it yourself. Sorry...

guitar boy - 2005-08-02

i think vortex is right but it is in a diffrent key than the actual song
the actual song is in a higher key higher

cheese boy - 2005-08-30

hey how do u post tabs umean ive been there but i dnt understand how to make the tabs

halokin - 2005-09-02

hey the tab that vortex put up earlyer might not be on the right fret for the capo, but its perfect for singing to for us ppl without a long range in singing...i like it alot and i dont plan on playing any song exactly like the artist that made it...i like to do it whatever way is more comfortable for me so that when i play it for my youth group i sound decent...not like im trying a song too hard for me

just my view...GB u all!!!

PillarFan52 - 2005-09-22

Actually the intro goes like this

Capo 2:

If you make a G arpeggio its easier to play this.

GuitarDude11 - 2005-10-05

Hey vortex,i think your right. It sounds really good, but thats just my opinion. Well keep it up.

acoustic_wave - 2005-12-01

ok. I dont know if anyone has the new acoustic cd by jeremy. But in the that cd i think he is playing something along the lines of:

capo 1st fret

with the chorus of: G, D, Am, C

lumpia - 2006-01-02

he does use capo on 1st fret and does some stuff on verses (look at one of the "take you back" tabs. it shows you how to finger pick it

DarkKnight - 2006-01-16

Hey everyone

I saw Jeremy playing live on his Live Unplugged DVD in Franklin, TN and while the electric is playing, he's picking something really sweet on his acoustic. I couldnt look long enough to figure out what it was, so if anyone could let me know what/how he plays that arpeggio (I think) intro, that would be great. You can email me at:

Thanks and God bless.



guitarchica3 - 2006-01-19

does any one know the strum pattern for "I still belive"? thanks youz

alwaiztrue - 2007-10-14


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