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Submitted by: roo5ter

By Phillips, Craig & Dean
Album: Let the Worshippers Arise
Lyrics and music by Randy Phillips, Shawn Craig, and Dan Dean
Copyright: EMI Christian Music Publishing
Tablature by Jeff Hoge []

Actual key of song is C#
Shown transposed -1 half step
(Capo 1)


C  F  

C  F

C  Em7  Am  F  

C  Em7  Am  F


C  Em  Am  F

C  Em  Am  F


C  Em  Am  F

C  Em  Am  F

Comments about this tab

mike31 - 2004-10-26

I don't have the CD but i think in the chorus it is a G instead of an Em i dont know if it is like that in the bridge or the verses but i just heard it on the raido and i think its a G.

bjbcool909 - 2004-11-02

are there words for this song ANYWHERE???

Amaris - 2004-11-04

you can find lyrics to practically any song on

Ruffian - 2004-11-04

This song was not written by Phillips, Craig, and Dean. This song was written by Billy Foote (of Amazing Love, Break Our Hearts, Sing to the King, I Have a River fame). Also, the title of this song is Not a God (You are God Alone). Sorry, I'm a good friend of Billy and Cindy Foote...and wanted to make this correction.

Ruffian - 2004-11-04

Also, you can get the lyrics and lead sheets for that paticular song from Go to products...and then the free lead sheet downloads are towards the middle bottom of the page.

lindagaboardi - 2004-11-21

I haven't tried this tune out yet, but what I'm hearing is a Gmajor with a B bass (G/B) or second inversion of the chord.

Brendini - 2004-12-11

Yes it may have been written by the Footes, but it's on the new Phillips, Craig, and Dean CD, "Let The Worshippers Arise". It's very possible that the key is different on their version, since they seem to always do that when they cover other people's songs. Also- on their CD the title really is "You Are God Alone".

UNCGViolinman - 2004-12-12

The Em isn't correct. The few people that have had concerns about it are correct. I'm absolutly sure it is a G major chord, not an E minor chord. If you have any questions about the song you can IM me at UNCGViolinman or E-mail me at I'm a music major at UNC Greensboro and I have perfect pitch as well, so I could probably help you out if you need any help. Bless you all!!

Serving HIM,

Shane Ivey

jonraz - 2005-01-04

Actually, its the inversion chord of G/B. Its basically a walk down to the Am. Thats why that one person thought it was an Em, because they were hearing the B Bass note thats in the Em.

music7x3 - 2005-01-27

Everyone is right, it is a G chord not an Em. But from the G it goes to an Am to the F. I will also agree that you need to add words with the chords. I do appreciate your work in trying to figure out the music. It's a blessing that we have this technology. God bless you all, and keep playing for our Lord.

With Love,
From the lead singer of Seven by 3!

If you want to know what that means(7 by 3) Then e-mail me @

phoneguy44 - 2005-05-06

Just a suggestion,
If it's incorrect, then someone submit the correct one, that way others can use it who cant figure it out........later.,

roo5ter - 2005-05-07

I actually was the one who chorded this out and I agree that all the Em/Em7's in the sheet should have been G. The rules at don't allow me to post lyrics (due to a copyright war...) but please email me at and I will be happy to send you chords with lyrics in MS Word document form. God bless!

PennyBoy15 - 2005-05-28

CHORUS You are God alone. FRom before time began. you are on your throne and you are god alone. AND right now in the good times and bad. you are on your throne and you are God alone

doulosbarry - 2005-07-16

The chords for the verse need correction, too:

C G/B Am F

Also, in case anyone wants to know, the chords for the bridge are (including the ending):
C G/B Am F
C G/B Am G# A#

dointhangsgodsw - 2005-11-10

just for accuracy...I'm pretty sure this song was written by Billy Foote, as I "know" the guy and I remember him playing it several years ago as one of his songs...

but since I don't have the album credits or anything right in front of me, I won't say it absolutely for sure...
In any case, IMHO, the original version is much better and it is by Billy and Cindy Foote...

dointhangsgodsw - 2005-11-10

oops...someone already made that correction!!! sorry I missed that

simplefaith - 2006-07-17

The original (relative to a capo) runs the following chord progression...

A G#/E F#m D
A G#/E C#/A D


A G#/E F#m D

Hope this helps some... this song 'tis an awesome tribute to who God is. Also, concerning the title, the full title of this song, by Foote, is "You Are God Alone (NOT A god)" off of the "NOT A god" album.

In Christ,

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