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Submitted by: flig_chris

Healing Rain
Michael W. Smith

Capo 1


C (add a quick F every once in a while...listen to the song).


G  Am  F  C
G  Am  F  C  G  C


C  G  Am  F

Ends on C

Note:  the second F in the Chorus comes quick.  
Listen for it in the song and you'll hear what I mean.



Comments about this tab

sixstringes777 - 2004-11-20

this is a great and powerfull song.
i went to michaels concerts with mercy me and david crowder
twice this summer. I had back stage passes both times and I
went on michael's bus. It was awsome. (We know michael's drummer)
He sang this song at the concert for one of the first times and
it was awsome. He combined it with the song let it rain.
I also got to go on the back of the stage, in the food area (i had something to drink),and i passed the dressing rooms and a game room. In the food area they had the best foods ever. There where cooks that just kept on cooking and cooking. they had so much food. If you ever get a chance to go to one of his concerts go!!!!
Great tab!!!

Againsthegrain - 2004-11-24

Chris I agreed. The annointing of the Holy Spirit is all over this song. I am often ministered to through a lot of the music written by Michael. I believe this music is sent out from heaven to awaken the sleepers. I am praying about playing it tonight at a concert here in Minnesota. This annointing is not something that can be watched and imitated, it is straight from heavens throne and full of love, healing and deliverance. I am a living testimony of that healing through Michael. I give the Glory to Jesus Christ my Savior and Lord! I only pray that I may be able to be used to do for others as I have been given. I encourage you, my brothers and sisters in Christ, to BE STILL and listen to the Holy Spirit. Let HIM guide you in the leading of Worship. READ THE WORD ALSO. Not so much these books, READ THE WORD. Remember, the Gospel of Jesus Christ is for a lost, broken and dying world. We are a city on a hill, that CANT be hidden. Reach out to the homeless shelters, elderly and sick. **WARNING: YOU WILL EXPERIENCE THE POWER OF THE LIVING GOD WHEN YOU DO.** Take this song along with you when you go, have it memorized so you are not distracted with chord progressions and lyrics, you can flow in the spirit.

wojomojo1616 - 2005-01-18

wow.....thats wut forums are for......

Mar-T - 2005-01-22

I was also able to see the Michael W. Smith, MercyMe, and David Crowder Band last June. It was amazing!That night it was forcasted to be a huge thunderstorm. As Michael W. Smith played this song, we turned around and saw the sky above and behind us rumble with thunder. The song was so powerful and moving. As we left the concert and were on the road it started to pour rain and the sky was illuminated with thunder. Every time I play this song on guitar it brings me right back there. Excellent chords!

spongetom - 2005-04-04

Are these chrods the same ones that can be used on the piano??

sk8rchik - 2005-04-25

This song is truly awesome. I've never been to Michael W. Smith concert but I do think he's an annointed musician. I listen to mostly rock, some of you might know RadioYou otherwise known as The You, but I heard that song and it's really touched me. Great chords thanx

christian_latin - 2005-05-06

I agree with all of you, this song has a very powerful annointing. Every time I sing this song while playing my guitar I can fell God's wonderful presence with me.I really hope I can go to his concert he's having in Calgary in July.
Thanks for the awesome tab

-God bless

freetolive - 2005-11-21

praise_habit - 2006-02-22

This is a great song with a powerful anointing, and a good tab. I have one correction: in the verses, the chord porgression is

C Csus C Csus C Csus C/G F/C

on every line. Other than that, perfect.

C: x32010
Csus: x33010
C/G: 332010
F/C: x33211

JESUSFReaK301 - 2006-05-13

An incredibly powerful song. I watched the music video and it made me start crying. Incredibly touching!

P:S: Can someone please tab out human spark with all the little guitar riffs. It's an incredible song. Increbible CD!!!

JESUSFReaK301 - 2006-05-13

An incredibly powerful song. I watched the music video and it made me start crying. Incredibly touching!

P:S: Can someone please tab out human spark with all the little guitar riffs. It's an incredible song. Increbible CD!!!

Oelieboelie - 2006-09-20

Hi, I'm just a two year old christian (and a 24 year old man) and I'm also touched by this song. I just play guitar for a year and half now and I want to play everything I hear! That's why I'm very grateful for this tab. I agree that the verse part can be corrected. I played a little and came up with the following:

Healing rain is coming down
It's coming nearer to this old town
Rich and poor, weak and strong
It's bringing mercy, it won't be long

Maybe the G is a C/G, I like to pick the chords instead of strumming! Just let me know, what you think of it!!

God Bless you all!!


Oelieboelie - 2006-09-20

Oh yeah and Spongetom, this song is played in Capo1 so that means that all the chords are shifted half a note, so a C becomes a C# and an F becomes a F# etc etc.. Guitar players use a capo to do this, so they can shift chords, the easiest way to up a song a few notes!

Good luck on the piano!!

Blesses, Raoul

Oelieboelie - 2006-09-20

P.s. I see now that the chords are shifted in my previous note!
Healing rain is coming down,

I hope this is okee, otherwise listen to the song, then you will find the right timing!



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