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Audio Adrenaline - DC-10

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Artist: Audio Adrenaline
Song: DC-10
Author: Mark Stuart, Will McGinnis, Bob Herdman, Barry Blair
1999 Up In The Mix Music (BMI)
Tabbed by: Robert Hammond ( 
This song is basically three scale-chord boogy.  If this gets on the tab page I just 
want to dedicate this song to my buddies Drew and Adam.  This song has a great message.  
I quoted this song to guy at work, and I had a great chance to witness to him thorugh 
the words, pray for him, his name is Nick.  This song is awesome.

E-scale bass riff

G ----------------
D --------0-------
A ----2-4---4-2---
E 0-4-----------4-

A-scale bass riff

G --------0-------
D ----2-4---4-2---
A 0-4-----------4-
E ----------------

B-A combo scale bass riff

G ----------------
D --1-4-1-----2---
A 2-------0-4---4-
E ----------------

DC-10 by Audio Adrenaline

Do you know 
Do you know 
Do you know where you will go?


A-scale; E-scale; B-A scale; E-scale lead into verse


If a DC-10 ever fell on your head 
Laying in the ground all messy and dead 
E    A 
Or a Mack truck run over you 
Or you suddenly die in your Sunday pew 
B-A                             E 
Do you know where you're gonna go 
It can happen any day, it can happen any way 
It can happen while you're nappin' in your easy chair 
Happen at home, happen at school 
Happen while you're scattin' like a scattin' fool 
B-A                             E
Do you know where you're gonna go

E                              E
Do you know where you're gonna go 
A                               E  
Do you know where you're gonna go
Do you know where you're gonna go 
Straight to Heaven Or down the hole? 


747 fell out of Heaven 
Crashed through the roof of a 7-11 
You're working on a slurpee things get hazy 
Reach for a twinkie now you're pushing up daisies? 
B-A                             E
Do you know where you're gonna go? 


The last time the chorus ends on an EM7 (E-major 7th) 
barred chord in stead of a regular E chord.

Comments about this tab

d_o_g - 2004-08-22

Hey I saw this video clip and song at my school and i just have to say it made my day! i wish i could have it on my computer so i could look at it every day but yeah it made my day when i had a bad one thanks guys you rock!

sanctusfan14 - 2005-02-10

good job.....but wheres all the lil licks and the solo? if n e one could tab it that would be nice:-D

musicmatt112590 - 2005-03-18

All the chords are 7ths

guitarforgod23 - 2005-11-02

yeah 7ths im with you dude.

lahtib - 2005-12-25

I have to agree, the 7th chords are pretty important to get that bluesy sound, thanks for the good work though!

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