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Submitted by: chrstworship

Capo II

Intro: G G/B C2 (x2)

Pre-Chorus: G/B Em C2 D/F#
            G/B Em C2
Chorus: G D Em C2
        G D C2
Verse: G G/B C2 Em D/F# C2
Bridge (guitar only part): Same chords as Chorus

Enjoy everyone, this is a great song from a great CD!!!

=======================WITHOUT CAPO==========================

Your Grace Is Enough
Matt Maher & Chris Tomlin

Intro:  A/C#  D2  A

Verses:  A  A/C#  D2

         F#m7  E  D2

         A  A/C#  D2

         F#m7  E  D2

Prechours:  Bm7  A/C#

            D2  E

            F#m7  A  D2

Chorus:  A  E

         F#m7  D2

         A  E  D2

Outro:  A  E 


        D2  A  E  D2

        A  E

        F#m7 D2

        A  E  D2  A

        A/C#  D2  A  A/C#  D2  A

Lead Intro:  Played on the 3rd & 5th strings with the 4th muted.
             Listen to song for correct rythem pattern.
             (lead outro is virtually the same)

5---12-14-11-12-14-11-12-12-11- 9-7-12-11-12-16-12-14-11-12-14-11-12-18-16-----5

Have fun and God Bless.

=============Simpler Version==========================
Your Grace Is Enough
Chris Tomlin
Sparrow Records

This is a simpler version of the song, but still just as powerful. It involves
4 simple chords:

G- 320033
C- 032010 (032033)*
Em- 022000 (022033)*
D- xx0232 or 200232 (whichever you think sounds better) (200233)*

*You can also use variations of these chords. You might find that it is easier
to play while holding down the bottom 2 strings on fret 2 and just moving the
upper strings, as shown in the parenthesis.

Verse 1:
G C Em D C
G D C Em D C


G D Em C

Verse 2:
(same as verse 1)


Any comments please add. Thanks and God bless!!!
Luke Myszka

Comments about this tab

karatebob - 2004-10-12

i dunno but to me the pre-chorus sounds more like
Am7 G/B C2 D
Em D/F# C2

Am7 being x02010

everything else sounds ok to me!

Sam.M.Lee - 2004-10-25

Pre-chorus is...
Am7 G/B
C2 D
Am7 G/B C2

northerncal98 - 2004-10-27

Shannon in Redding Here- In playing along w/ my electric it appears that power/bar chords are used throughout with an interesting intro riff that plays a variation of an open A chord around the 12th fret. I will try to post soon.

tkennedy - 2004-12-05

On the verse it sounds more like the first chord is a minor chord, so the verse is probably like Em-D-C or something along those lines.

eizzleT - 2004-12-06

hey guys... im pretty new to this site, but have played acoustic guitar for 7 years... haha, doesn't seem that long.. here is what i think the chords are:

Capo II

Intro: G G/B C2

Verse: G/B Em7sus C2sus
Dsus Em7sus C2sus .repeat

Pre-Chorus: Am7 G/B C2 D Em7 C2

Chorus: G/B D Em C2
G/B D C2

hope that helps.

passion4thee - 2004-12-15

For the Chorus the chords should be:
G D Em7 C for the first line not C2.

Yupyup. God Bless!

baller4jesus - 2005-01-12

hey i just thought i'd let everyone know that the guy who wrote this song his name is matt maher and he is the music minister at my church he is awesome and has many more great songs so here's a place where you can buy his cd's

brockleeman - 2005-02-09

The intro lead part is played on the 3rd & 5th strings with the 4th muted.

1 ---------------------------------------------
2 ---------------------------------------------
3 --14-16-13-14-16-13-14-14-13-11-9-14-13-14-18
4 --xx-xx-xx-xx-xx-xx-xx-xx-xx-xx-x-xx-xx-xx-xx
5 --12-14-11-12-14-11-12-12-11-9 -7-12-11-12-16
6 ---------------------------------------------

1 -------------------------------------
2 -------------------------------------
3 --14-16-13-14-16-13-14-18-16-18-16-14
4 --xx-xx-xx-xx-xx-xx-xx-xx-xx-xx-xx-xx
5 --12-14-11-12-14-11-12-16-14-16-14-12
6 -------------------------------------

brockleeman - 2005-02-09

In refrence to my previous post, listen to the song for the correct rythem pattern.

BlessedBeMe - 2005-02-24

We have an 8:30 worship service and we figured this song out by hear..this is how we play it. the rythm part anyways. Intro: A ( bar chord) constantly then all instruments join in. A,C#,D. Verse:A,C#,D.. Prechorus: B,C#,D,E,high F#(9th fret) Chorus. A,E,F#,D, A,E,D. Thats about it guys. oh yeah and on the verse and chorus you can add E's and F#s just to give it something extra. thanks. God bless,

BlessedBeMe - 2005-02-24

oh yeah guys i forgot. on the prechorus after you go to the high F#, you go back to E and build it up on D then you go to the chorus..sorry my bad i forgot about that part

JesusFreakDK - 2005-02-28

[Intro] G G/B C2

[Verse] G G/B C2
Em7 D C2 (2x)

[Pre-C] Am7 G/B C2 D
Em7 D/F# C2

[Chorus] G D Em7 C2
G D C2

These should be correct according to Tomlin's "Arriving" CD. The Em7 in the pre-chorus may actually be Am7/E but the bass note is most definitely an E. Hopefully this is the last correction unless there's something blatantly wrong, appreciate those who have posted previously. God bless!

c1rocker - 2005-03-28

ok thanks to all who put up extra advice to this great song, but can some of you who re-tabbed/corded the song, could you please make a whole new tabb that everyone could uese and rate? that would be great thanks!

jwon - 2005-03-30

hi im new to tabbing and im terrible at it. but i kinda sorta figured out the second part to the intro


brockleeman - 2005-05-18

The correct chording is as follows:

verse: A A/C# D2

F#m7 E D2

prechours: Bm7 A/C#

D2 E

F#m7 A D2

chorus: A E

F#m7 D2

A E D2

outro: A E


D2 A E D2


F#m7 D2

A E D2 A

A/C# D2 A A/C# D2 A

Have fun and God Bless.

brockleeman - 2005-05-18

I am going to submit a new tab for the version I just submitted.
Check it out and rate it please.

dobrijdjen - 2005-05-28

The prechorus is as follows:
(Capo I or II) Am G/B Cmaj7 D Em D G/B C

The rest is alright I suppose, not the way the song was written but i guess it would work.

Everyone should check out Matt Maher. Chris Tomlin borrowed this tune from him. Matt is an awesome musician and you all should check out his music.

God Bless,
Benjamin J. Slabaugh.

trisquitman1 - 2005-05-31

hey, i play the electric part to this song with my church praise band. if you want the entire electric part go to chris tomlin's website. look for daniel's corner (he's the guitar player for tomlin) and he post a lot of the songs that they play. It's great. i suggest checking it out!

issxmrxk1m - 2005-07-05

hi, can i get this song with the words for mai church? u can send it to mai email at i kno i kno its a funny name but ehh, and thnx!

shockyouthEG - 2005-08-08

well actually the lead intro is capo 2 and begins on the relative eigth fret on the b string with open G. i dont have time to type it all out, but if you go to, there is a link to the lead tabs posted by tomlins lead guitar player

emprise - 2005-09-20

this is how i do the tabs:


shongsta - 2005-12-30

RELATIVE TO CAPO....capo on 2













This is the real way of playing the intro......i got this tab right from Chris Tomlin...just add distortion to it.

iamchrisyoo - 2006-01-05

does anyone have any idea wat effect he uses..or at least close to it??..i have an empty feeling whenever i play it cause it just dosen't sound the same..haha

rckmike33 - 2006-12-11

he definetly uses overdrive(or distortion whichever you prefer) but on top of that he uses a lot of delay. I saw him live in a really small setting(i was right at the foot of the stage and was standing right over his pedals:) and he uses three delay pedals. some times all at the same time. He has a Line-6 dl-4, i think a boss dd-6, and a boss giga-delay.
this is how the intro goes.(relative to capo)
b-8-8-8-10-10-7-7-8-8-10-10-7-7-8-8 1st timeb-8-8-7-7-5-5-3-3-8-8-7-7-8-8-12-12
g-0-0-0--0--0-0-0-0-0--0--0-0-0-0-0 g-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0--0-0

2nd time b-8-12-12-12-12-12-10-10-10-12-12-12-12-10-10-8

mballto - 2008-02-19

He uses 2 Vox AC30, fulltone Fulldrive Mosfet, Bose DD6, the delay is tapped in before the show. and a verb don't remember which one.

Tomlin's Sound Guy

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