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Submitted by: sfj777

Title: Big
Artist: Planet Shakers

This one is in chords, not tabs. and it is correct!!!
copyright Planet Shakers 2004

This is a great song guys! If u hav the cd plug along to it with this tab! ;-)
One tip- If you want it to sound like the real thing, turn the tone setting on
your guitar down...its the knob right underneath the volume! enjoy :-)
Em D G A Bm D G 

Verses: (1,2+3)
Em D G A Bm D G x3

Interlude (between verses at start of song)
G D A Bm G D A

Go back to start and repeat verses 1 + 3

G D A Bm G D A x 2

Bridge (There's nothing my god...)
Em D G

Thats it! u can work out the order from the cd. remember, keep on rocking
for jesus!!!

Comments about this tab

sfj777 - 2004-10-19

This Is 100% correct! It sounds pretty good to me. One more thing tho, Instead of playing D, the bass plays F#. the guitar still plays D tho. Awesome song this!

ps_maniac - 2004-10-26

by the way..................

it's really f#/d so.................


ps_maniac - 2004-10-26

i left something out!
intro and verse add an A to the end of G

sfj777 - 2004-12-31

no u dont...i bought the sheet music...i got it all right:D

aaron22 - 2005-02-05

try it like this for intro and verse


all powerchords or bar chords except the Em

elykoko - 2005-02-11

hes right its actually d/f#

bigj - 2005-02-28

I play for a youth group of two hundred and when we play the verse and intro we play like this
Em F#m G A Bm7 F#m G It sounds alot better that way try it you'll like it. All power chords exept for the Em

elykoko - 2005-03-16

its like this... the song is based on power chords

its Em, D/F#, Gm, Am, Bm, D/F#, Gm (this is for bass and piano)

for power chords (for the overdrive guitar) -
= Em, F#m, Gm, Am, Bm, F#m, Gm

for drums... on the satrt its muted 16 beat, then 8 beat normal

elykoko - 2005-03-16

for the bass and piano its
Em, D/F#, G, A, B, D/F#, G

bigj - 2005-03-18

when I said Power chords before I meant bar chords

dopeydude - 2005-08-17

can someone email me the lyrics with chords @

dave_muzzo - 2005-11-22

i farted

Ruined14 - 2005-11-30

hey the elyokko guy or girl is right, (sorri if i spelt it wrong)

everywhere where ppl r saying F# it is d/f#, the fingering 4 that is


big stretch bit it sounds good n right

thx n god bless

Ruined14 - 2006-08-02

hey it's not quite that stretch it's actually


This chord is actualyl called a D but the bass would play the F# which is y it is a D/F#
i used to think it was the other stretch until i stumbled across that n realised that that chourd was actually a D

thx n GB

Ruined14 - 2006-08-02

LOL i just realised right then that it was me who submitted the correction about the stretch :P lol im a tool!

LordsWarrior - 2007-03-01

Anyone know whats getting played in the Background over the "Theres niothing myu God cannot do" (Em, Fm, G part). Sounds like a guitar playing something usign more than one string. -LW

LordsWarrior - 2007-03-05

This song sounds even kooler if you have 2 distorted guitars in your band.

Get the heaviest sounding one play the first 3 strings like a METAL Riff!
Get the other guy to play the full chords but emphasising the A,D,G,B strings with a slightly brighter tone.

It really fills out the song and splits the low heavy and bright

Also at the end ("There nothing my God cannot do") there is a guitar playing some like:


And dont forget in the end of the choruses the 4 hits on the drums and muted power chords on the first 3 (on the HE, HOLDS, THE, O.....) Makes yer band sound tight!!


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