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Submitted by: xplumberx

Song: Silencer
Artist: mewithoutYou
Album: [A-->B] Life
Written by: mewithoutYou
(C)2000 Thirsty Moon River (ASCAP) / Jesus, have mercy on me, a sinner (ASCAP)
Tabbed By: Caleb M. (

This is an incredible song performed by a truly amazing band. I have not been 
able to find any mewithoutYou tabs online, so I figured I would get one up. I 
realize this is not perfect, but you can play it along with the CD and they 
sound fine together.

This song is in drop D.

Chords Used:

  B   A   E   G   F#  D  

You'll need to listen to the CD to get the correct rhythm.




Along with:


Then intro 4X


B A E G F# 4X

Intro (With slight variations) 2X


D F# B

First part of intro


D F#

Last part of intro


B F# D E 4X


Play around on B


B F# D E 4X


B F# D E D 4X (With a lot of other instrumentation around it.)

End with the intro 2X

Thanks for your time. I Know this is not the best, but for goodness' sake,
there needed to be a mewithoutYou tab online!

Comments about this tab

BuddyofSponge - 2004-10-27

I may be wrong but I thought the intro was

Then repeat without that very last 9.

Again, that's just what I thought.

BuddyofSponge - 2004-10-27

sorry I meant seven, not 14.

bewierd935 - 2005-04-02

So what's the deal with mewithoutyou? none of their lyrics(that i've heard) seem to have any Christian or even good messege. I mean come on everybody, what's up with "Gentlemen"?

josh elliott - 2005-04-08

have you read the lyrics for "Tie me up! Untie! me"? the whole song is about how he was searching for something and how life felt so worthless, then he found God, and God "untied him", and got rid of his suicidal thoughts

onwardprogress - 2005-06-11

mewithoutYou, not a christian band, gosh, what a silly idea, if youd ever met aaron the singer, (i have) you would be quite surprised at his intense connection with the holy spirit. he has a great understanding of the scriptures and a really big heart. but your right, sometimes he gets so deep that its easy to become confused about what hes trying to say.

Edwardobean - 2005-08-12

I think torches together is also quite a relevant song as the whole thing is about the bit in Matthew when Jesus is talking about being salt and light. hence, "Why burn, poor and lonely, under and bowl or under a lampshade"

conecone - 2006-05-24

Well, their band is christian, you just have to realize that all christians are not perfect, but as far as lyrics, they get them directly from their name, Its all about how life would be without Jesus in your heart. and they express in a style that people can relate to the lyrics, and maybe relize that Life can actually be happy, and it makes a lot more sense with jesus.

chasingvictory1 - 2006-05-26

i also want to say you have to sometimes dig into the lyrics to find a meaning

STRIVEforFRED - 2007-01-10

Yeah I agree with the cant just listen to lyrics once, hear the word girl and then write the band off as pagan or something.

freerose - 2007-01-27

Does anyone have the tabs for "paper hanger" i'd appreciate it....
God Bless!

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