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Submitted by: I Am THE Hunter

This song owns! i saw them play it live with the lead 
singer of dead poetic filling in for brock.Wut a show!!! 
I know this isn't 100%. i'll b posting corrections later. 
For now here's what i have

Artist: Demon Hunter
Song: Beauty Through the Eyes of a Predator
Album: Summer of Darkness (aka greatest album EVER!!!)
Tuning: Drop C
Tabber: I Am THE Hunter

C: 0h3-0--0-1/5-0--0-0h3-0--0-1/2-2/3-0h3-0--0-1/5-0--0-0h3-0--0-1/3-3/4
G: 0h3-0--0-1/5-0--0-0h3-0--0-1/2-2/3-0h3-0--0-1/5-0--0-0h3-0--0-1/3-3/4
C: 0h3-0--0-1/5-0--0-0h3-0--0-1/2-2/3-0h3-0--0-1/5-0--0-0h3-0--0-1/3-3/4

F: ----7777-----9999-----10101010------------ |-
C: ----xxxx-----xxxx-----x-x-x-x------7/5-3/5 |0
G: ----5555-----7777-----8-8-8-8------7/5-3/5 |0
C: 0000----0000----0000----------0000-7/5-3/5 |0

that's all i've got. please post or email ne corrections or additions

Comments about this tab

rock4christ08 - 2005-01-17

ok buddy, well i checked this out for myself and found it to be the right rythems, but wrong key. if you listen carefully, you'll hear the C flat they start on. the tuning is Cb, Gb, Cb, Fb, Ab, Db. trust me, it's sounds perfect when you make the change. good tab otherwise.

rock4christ08 - 2005-01-17

oh yeah, another correction:
Cb-8h7--5h7-------------------on the end of the prechorus
it sounds better, it may not be 100% correct though
but give it a try.
= ray

I Am THE Hunter - 2005-02-14

yeah, actually i think they may play in drop b. i'm not sure. i've been meaning to up date this actually. i've made a few changes. unfortunately i can't do it now. no guitar in my hands. but ne ways. i did try that in the prechorus when i tabbed it but it didn't sound right to me. but just an opinion. i'm gonna pay close attention when i see em live. so we'll find out soon enough.

I Am THE Hunter - 2005-02-18

ok. here are my corrections


u were right rock 4 christ it is





Tyran001 - 2005-02-23

Great song. W/ corrections sounds good. Thanks

I Am THE Hunter - 2005-02-27

sorry to add yet another correction.

it sounds perfect that way

rock4christ08 - 2005-03-05

yeah yeah. exactly. great job with more corrections, sounds great! your fellow guitar dude man........ray

blindsidelova - 2005-08-06

i don't see what you guys are seeing in this tab. I thought it wasn't that great. no offense. I worked on for about a half hour and i did better than this. though it did help a little. The chorus is really off. I don't know what planet you guys r on.

You brought this verdict on yourself

you get the point. well i did really appreciate this. good job. i cant get the things like the intro and stuff. its so fast and unclear and so distorted(the way I like it!) i cant hear the actual power chords hes using. but wutever. i need help with the bridge. he palm mutes the bottom three strings open and does a triplet or something and i cant do that for sum reason. if someone could help me out that would be gr8!! Gotta go. demon hunter rocks and so does this song. c ya

JukonTenshu - 2005-08-09

I don't believe there is a Cb. I'm pretty sure Cb is just B natural.

I Am THE Hunter - 2005-08-31

blindsidelove, you've got me totally confused dude. First of all i play this song all the time and it sounds perfect to me. i mean i can take correction but the chorus u put 0-7-1 sounds really off. But hey, i know that different people play and hear things differently. i can't believe some of the tabs on this site that are marked as 5 cuz they are so off. but if they work those people it's fine. i still think it's 0-7-3 though.

KaiserZr - 2005-09-01

ok just to let you guys know if you didn't all ready know, but Cb = B, same thing with Fb = E. I understand that if a person knows their scales they can understand what you mean, but for those with any knowledge in music theory I just thought I would let them know.

bcrichdude - 2005-09-10

I have been playing guitar for almost 2 years now. I play alot of heavy metal and hard rock. And the tunings differ from Drop D all the way to B. so, the most common scales for hard rocks songs are as follows

Standard : EADGBe
Dropped D: DADGBE
Dropped D 1/2 step ( disturbed uses it ) : DbAbDbGbBbeb
C : CGCFAD (this is a seperate tuning. it is 1/2 step up from B. Meaning, if your in B, and play on the 1st fret, you will hit C)
B:B, F#/Ab, B, E, G# , C#

thats what I know. Demon Hunter is good. My friend showed them to me. They sound like Slipknot...infact, they are a tad bit better than them.

I Am THE Hunter - 2005-10-12

Thanks dude above for the "different tunings" lecture. lol...

So the guy above was right. Here are some corrections by Esteban Ramirez.

B : 0h3-0h1-0h5-0h1-0h3-0h1-0h5-0h1-0h3-0h1-0h5-0h1-0h3-0h1-0h2-0h1
B : 0h3-0h1-0h5-0h1-0h3-0h1-0h5-0h1-0h3-0h1-0h5-0h1-0h3-0h1-0h2-0h1

B : 0-0--0-7-7--7-1-1--1-8-8--8
Gb: 0-0--0-7-7--7-1-1--1-8-8--8
B : 0-0--0-7-7--7-1-1--1-8-8--8

B : 0-0---7-7---1-1-1-1-1-1-1h3
Gb: 0-0---7-7---1-1-1-1-1-1-1h3
B : 0-0---7-7---1-1-1-1-1-1-1h3

B : 0-0---7-7---1-1---8-8--8h10
Gb: 0-0---7-7---1-1---8-8--8h10
B : 0-0---7-7---1-1---8-8--8h10

B : 0-0---7-7---1-1-1-1-1-1
Gb: 0-0---7-7---1-1-1-1-1-1
B : 0-0---7-7---1-1-1-1-1-1

I need to fix the outro. for now just play it that way.

Icharus - 2006-03-03

Hey great tab by the way...but i believe the bridge is a little off

heres how i play it


and i agree with the others saying its in drop b from what ive seen most of demon hunters songs are

Icharus - 2006-03-03

and another thing..i think the outro is a bit off
once again here is how i play it

... ... ... ...

hope it helps

SO14C3 - 2007-04-10


No way is the outro played with single strings. The sound is WAY too thick for it to be just single notes. If you want to play it the way that Demon Hunter plays it, use the two or three strings like in the earlier correction.

If you're taking artistic license with the song, so be it.

GreenCarrot - 2007-04-12

if you view any other tabs for demon hunter you notice they play in drop b, b is the 7th string's normal tuning on a 7 strin guitar (which i have) , and then all the other ones are moved up so that you can use power chords, so it would be B-F#-B-E-G#-C#

this is an older song though so it might be different but from what i've seen on all of the triptych songs are in this tuning

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