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Submitted by: mmggppmgp

Album:No Name Face
Dream Works Records
2000 SKG Music

Well I've seen the chords and it is good...I wanna add the
little riff thing in the intro...And for those who don't
read chords I also wrote it in tabs... well enjoy... this 
song is awesome...

Well this song is basically played with an acoustic guitar but on parts
with distortion...

Intro:(Dm and C r just single strums... nething wanna call it)

Chords: Dm (riff1) C (riff2) Bb C 4x end in A

Riff1        Riff 2

e-0-1-3-     e-1-0---
B-------     B-----3-      

Tabbed Form:(bare with me I don't usually write tabs unless it's solos,
             so the timing won't be excact and I did not write the
             strumming pattern... listen to the music and you guys will
             figure it out)

e-1-0-1-3-0-1-0-------1-----------    -0
B-3-------1-----3-----3-----1-----    -2
G-2-------0-----------3----------- 4x -2
D-0-------2-----------3-------2---    -2
A-x-------3-----------1---------3-    -0
E-x-------x-----------x-----------    -x

(single strums)
Dm C Bb C 4x 
Dm C Bb(A)   Not sure bout the A

e-1-----0-----1-----0     -1-----0-----1-----0- 
B-3-----1-----3-----1     -3-----1-----3-----2-
G-2-----0-----3-----0 (4x)-2-----0-----3-----2-(not sure bout last chord)
D-0-----2-----3-----2     -0-----2-----3-----2-
A-x-----3-----1-----3     -x-----3-----1-----0-
E-x-----x-----x-----x     -x-----x-----x-----x-


F C Bb F C/E Dm C Bb C(2x)
(not single strums no more... listen to the cd to find out)
G-2---2---3---2-0---2---0---3-----0 2x

(listen to music for pattern of struming)

E-Eb(3x)Gm Fm E Dm C Bb 

e-0----3-    -4--1--0--1--0--1-
B-0----4-    -4--1--0--3--1--3-
G-1----3- 3x -4--1--1--2--0--3-
D-2----2-    -6--3--2--0--2--3-
A-2----x-    -6--3--2--x--3--1-
E-0----x-    -4--1--0--x--x--x-

Order: Intro
       Intro(play it twice instead of 4)
       Intro(once this time)
       Intro(fades on 2nd time)

well that is it I hope I did not confuse you... if you hav any corrections or 
questions feel free to email me at

Comments about this tab

mmggppmgp - 2004-09-13

well... i messed up on the intro... on the C ur suppose to hit the root first... n play the 4th-2nd-3rd string... if u dont get i would tab it

weem - 2005-06-26

umm, this is right, sorta, but the idea is to tune a step down (whole guitar) and play it a step higher, so that the first verse chord is Em, and the first Chorus chord is G. Trust me, I know this is true....

JcRockstar11 - 2006-03-13

good job the riff at the intro is actually a banjo and the person who said tune down a step you dont tune down a step you either tune up a step or put a capo on the 1st fret and play C# B A

musikfreak165 - 2006-10-06

instead of:

Riff1 Riff 2
e-0-1-3- e-1-0---
B------- B-----3-

it's this:

Riff1 Riff 2
e-2-3-5- e-3-2-0-

Mekchrious - 2007-09-13

I think the first one here is right. Listen to the song, and the second sounds nothing like it. The first one hits it perfect.

Riff1 Riff 2
e-0-1-3- e-1-0---
B------- B-----3-

Riff1 Riff 2
e-2-3-5- e-3-2-0-

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