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Submitted by: Hopeful

song: take me
written by: hawknelson
on tooth&nail records

intro>and verse G# G# Fm C#
pre chorus G# G Fm D#
chorus G# D# C# D#
bridge Fm G# D# C#
then on the chorus after the bridge play clean and they
do  G# D# C# D# E#* G* G#*
then the outro is just like the chorus>then the song ends on a C#

listen to the cd and put the tab together and it should make sense.

Comments about this tab

rkeman - 2004-08-27

on the last part do a fm d# a couple of times and then end on c#

ellephant0311 - 2004-09-02

why in the world is the an e# thes no such thing its and f

ascension - 2004-09-03

I cant stand when people are too lazy to tab it out right and just write the chords and make u figure them out....haha..its ok though

rkeman - 2004-09-06

hey don't hound on me...i was tired and bored..i didn't see anyone else put it up so deal..

ascension - 2004-09-07

haha i was j/k....its good.... :) sry.. didnt mean to be mean:)

rkeman - 2004-09-09

sorry for being a butt...i get grumpy

g3n3s|s - 2004-09-09

is there a different way to play g# other than barreing?

Axiom - 2004-09-11

can anyone write out the words w/ the song? Half the songs on here are just the chords. They expect u to figure out were to change. Kinda annoying dont u think?

rkeman - 2004-09-17

you can play a g# without barring using a capo on the first fret..and i guess you're not allowed to write out words to songs becuz' of copywrite laws

RcKn'Rll247 - 2004-09-20

not exactly,,,i think the reason ppl dont write out the words is because their too lazy and plus it would take too much time...i say that because some of the audio a and newsboys tabs are with words...

Axiom - 2004-09-21

Ive written out Tabs w/ words before, and it's not really that hard, besides the copywrites are on the music period, if you cant type the words, you cant type the chords either.

Axiom - 2004-09-21

half the tabs have words

ellephant0311 - 2004-09-22

thanks for tabbing this out but could you possibly put the wrods on there

ellephant0311 - 2004-09-24

pleas put the words on it thanks

RcKn'Rll247 - 2004-09-28

aloha people,,, dudes and chicks alike,,, first of all the copyright bands put on songs are on not only the music but the words too...k...ask anyone,,, i would know, ive copyrighted a couple of songs,,,second of all you can put the words on their if you want to, no one is gonna sue you or nothin like that, but it is easy, but he also just decided not to do it,,, so i say just figure it out for urself,,, and mister Axiom or whatever it was,,, if its not so hard and you feel like being a good neighbor,,,than i say why dont you put a tab on here with the words,,,if you feel like it that is... keep rockin on for christ,,,adios

Axiom - 2004-10-02

sorry, guess I was a little rude, but it is annoying.

B-rad - 2004-10-08

Good Job DUDE!

tallas - 2004-10-13

If you guys would read the forums, you'd realize that the site does not allow words with the tabs anymore because of copyright infringement. They've been threatened by some people and they are complying, considering themselves lucky enough to just be able to post the chords. So, everyone who is complaining of the tabber being lazy, stop your hypocricy and listen to the song yourself and figure it out. Man, this comes off as really rude, but it needs to be said.

guitarist4God10 - 2004-11-21

yeah guys tallas is right, if any of you have tried to tab a song on here it says clearly that you are not allowed to put words with the song.

hi-i'm-jordan - 2004-12-08

yall should go to a forum if you're gonna type this much

batkinson - 2005-01-09

I agree with the guy above...but it was quite amusing to read!

jprx - 2005-01-10

You Guys Are Hillarious the tab is fine

AcousticWonder9 - 2005-03-02

ok im j/w but if i put a capo on first that would move everything up. But what exactly would and Fm go up to? I think an F#m but im not for sure can anyone just help me out?

unknown - 2005-03-09

Yes, thats Right, I'm a girl! Everyone at my church is just..they give me looks when I talk about me playing! Bothers me, anyway I DONT LIKE#'S!

unknown - 2005-03-09

hey acoustic wonder,
If you don't know which chord to move it up to , just harmonize w/ something lower.

mtlmouth - 2005-03-15

Hey, if you do capo 1, that raises everything a half-step, so you can just knock off the sharps. G# becomes G, et cetera. Since a half-step down from F is E, you play Em. With capo 1, you pretty much play the whole song using just G, D, C and Em.
Hope that helps, this song is great. :)

AcousticWonder9 - 2005-03-26

yeah it help alot thx!

iamtravis182 - 2005-03-29

Ok the notes are right on this tab but you need to tune your guitar down 1/2 step (Eb, Ab , Db, Gb , Bb. Eb) Hawk Nelson plays like this and as a matter of fact everything they do is 1/2 step down, i saw them play it live acoustic and thats how i figured it out, and although your right you can use a Capo to get rid of the #'s thats not the key they play it in (it might sound good but when playing it with the cd it doesnt work so well) and answer a question from long ago you can play an G# without a Bar

E 0
A 6
D 6
G 4
B 0
E 0

ya know what if you guys just want me to tab it out i can i mean its really easy to play and i will show you exactly what chords to play , i find that alot easier when reading tabs, so if you want me to just make another tab email me at , or just answer here on the questions/comments thingy here



mtlmouth - 2005-03-31

Yeah, Travis, let's see your tab. :)

(I was just playing it Capo 1, and it sounded fine with the CD... go figure)

B-rad - 2005-04-11

Yo dudes, they actually tune down in drop C#, you can hear the deep C# note they play.

rockin_4_Christ - 2005-05-19

how are they playing the verse/intro cuz they're not strumming i don't think

rockin_4_Christ - 2005-05-19

and yeah lets see the tab

fireproof101 - 2005-05-31

Hey, guys. Here's the words.

Hawk Nelson - Take Me
From the album Letters to the President
Can You hear me?
Does anyone around me
Feel the way that I feel now?
Cause from the window where I sometimes cry
I just want to see Your face tonight
And Iím willing to lose everything I am

Cause I need You more than ever
I need Your help to find where Iíve been going wrong so far

Take me under your wing tonight
Make me so perfect in Your eyes
Hold on cause it will be alright
Youíre not alone anymore

When Youíre near me, I feel like I just found me
In the traces of the boy from yesterday
But in a world that is so black and white
I will take the steps to change my life
And I wonít be coming back to here again

I need Youíre loving hand to guide me
Through the maze of all the things inside me
Then Iíll know that Iím alright

Cause I need You more than ever
I need Your help to find where Iíve been going wrong so far


Please help me get from worse to better
Before these tears soak through this lonely sweater
And let me know that Iím alright
I still have one strike of this match left
And Iím holding on to my last breath
And itís getting a little dark around to see here

Chorus: (2Xís)

And Youíll be here forever, forever Youíll stay
And You promised to love me, Youíll love me for always
Youíll love me for always

Council - 2005-06-07

Any Suggestions For Effects on This Song?

guitar_grl - 2005-06-19

Hey...I love this song and I think you did a great job! Keep up the good work!

relient_k_evin - 2005-06-24

hey, excelletn tab, does anyone have a tab for this song? or the chords with the words? if so please email it to me at "". thank you so much. once again great job!!
god bless,

Crazy4Jesus118 - 2005-06-28

hey fireproof thanks for taking the time to write out the words to that song, but those are the words for "things we go through" not "take me"...

j3susfreak - 2005-06-30

actually no.. read them a little closer... those are DEFINATLY the lyrics for take me i have the CD and its one of my favourite songs... and would sum1 mind writing the tabs for what each of the chords are? plz and thanx!!!
J3sus is life!!

BSFCanalWOH - 2005-07-01

I play it like with no capo like:
G# Fm C# G D# E#
x x x 3 x x
x x x 0 x x
x x 4 0 4 6
4 1 4 0 4 6
6 3 6 2 6 8
6 3 6 3 6 8

The chorus goes like this:

G# D#
Take me under your wing tonight
C# D#
Make me so perfect in your eyes
G# D#
Hold on cause it'll be all right
C# D#
You're not alone

That is probably not perfect, but to my untrained ear, it works.
Play along with the cd, and it is really easy.

BSFCanalWOH - 2005-07-02


D# E#

BSFCanalWOH - 2005-07-02


D# E#
x x
x x
x x
6 8
6 8
8 10
8 10

sorry bout that

Ibanezkid26 - 2005-07-18

dude what the heck there is no e#

1ban3zGSR - 2005-07-18

E# is an F

neverforsaken40 - 2005-08-18

Can somebody please tab this out so it sounds like the version on the cd?

blindsidelova - 2005-12-13

I am so tired I could fall asleep right now.

blindsidelova - 2005-12-13

Also, this tab leaves something to be desired. Like the intro!
Oh yeah, the chordes suck. I am very tired. I get grumpy.

mattrox - 2006-01-02

haha thanks guys i just read all of thoes poasts it made my day :D

krutchfan66 - 2006-02-01

u wanna intro?i worked on it just for u stimpy! here yah go.

g------5-------5- g-----3-------3- g-----6-------6-
d------6-------6- d-----3-------3- d-----6-------6-
a---------------- x2 a--------------- a44444---44444--
E-44444---44444-- E11111---11111-- E---------------

im sure its right so yah hope that helped a lil

Hawk_Nelson89 - 2006-04-25

will someone please tab this whole song plzzzzzzzzzz

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