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Submitted by: JMan0105

The Em* is actually 02x032. They hammer the pinky finger down to get it back to
a regular Em7. That's the only freaky thing in the song. Everything else is 
standard G chords. Listen to the c.d. for the Em changes.

G  C  Em7 Em* Em7 C 

G  C  Em7 Em* Em7 C (x2)

Am  C  Am  C

G  C  Em7 Em* Em7  C (x2)
"...together again"
Am  C

Bridge:(" I am")
G  C  Em7  C

That's it. Really simple stuff. Listen to the cd for the changes. They're 
simple. This is a great song by a great band. 

Comments about this tab

R3X90210 - 2004-08-23

Hey, that sounds great. just one thing: i think they play it with capo2. just a thought, but it sounds just like it if you do that.

guitarman_14 - 2004-08-26

actually, its capo 1

Mattjam - 2004-08-27

And on the prechorus its Am Em Am D

Mattjam - 2004-08-27

It also sounds better to use C9 (x32033).

MJ_Avalanche - 2004-08-28

That's actually Cadd9 (or C2, for simplicity).

xtreme4god - 2004-09-28

i watched them play live and sat right in front of the guitarist. it is capo 2. and ya it is c2 (x32033). i didn't quite get the bridge, but the one on the site is alomst correct, but i get a fealing it isn't. anyway, just thought i would say wat i thought. LATER!!!

pearlbasher34 - 2004-10-06

they use capo on the first fret on the glory defined cd. might be different for space between us album. but definetly sounds like capo 1 on glory defined album.

Council - 2004-10-13

The band also publishes tabs on thier site.
Check out

Jenplaystaylors - 2004-11-11

It is capo 1... Maybe they did it capo 2 live but the cd is definatly capo 1.

needinglessofme - 2004-11-22

They are probably tuned the half step down on all strings so they can play glory defined which is that tuning hence the capo2 live......capo 1 for normal tuning

blutgr3 - 2004-12-07

why did u put little stars after the Em? im a beginner

JMan0105 - 2004-12-12

You know the standard Em7 is 022033. The Em* is moving the middle finger down to the 6th string on the second fret while removing the pinky and muting the string your middle finger was on, erego, 02x032. It is a bit hard for beginners, but just practice and you'll get it.

JesusFreakDK - 2005-02-24

Great tab, excellent work. The only mistake I found was during the pre-chorus: The chords should actually be

Am Em7 Cadd2 D

I'm positive it's a C instead of an Am; at least, that's what they play on their CD. I think that's about it. God bless!

JesusFreakDK - 2005-02-24

I apologize for the double post; that's Cadd9 (C2), not Cadd2. Thanks!

zman33cgs - 2005-03-14

Does anyone know the chords/tabs for Angeline and Show Me Love off of the Building 429 cd?

rockin_4_Christ - 2005-06-10

this is perfect, good job

acousticpunker - 2005-09-16

Here's the website where you can find it.

jesusfrk5:16 - 2005-10-09

Dude, thanks for that site! Very helpful. Rock on and live for Jesus!!

jesusfrk5:16 - 2005-10-10

Hey, tried the chords I recieved off of that site, they were awesome! Anyone trying to learn this song, I recomend the site! God bless, and rock on in the name of Jesus!

jcluver92 - 2006-02-03

Hey everyone,
I havent been able to go into detail with the tab, but i have the notes and words from the youth band i am in...we play this song alot and it sounds awesome...
I am a Pianist and Harmony singer...
Well... heres the whole thing....

Space In-Between Us
By:Building 429

Verse 1:
G c Em c
Look at my heart again, look at the mess I've got it in
G c Em c
Im trying to trust in you, to know that you'll see me
Through my pride, through my shame
Into your love, into your grace
I'm not looking back, till I see your face
and I'm running straight to you because

G c
All I really want to do is to fall into
the emptiness that is
The space in-between us
To break this division
G c
All I really want to do is to fall into
the emptiness that is
the space in-between us
C Am c
Erase it and bring us together again

Verse 2:
G C Em C G
My life's an open book, nothing is hidden when you look
G C Em C
You break through my boundaries, revealing my insecurities
but through my pride, and through my shame
You show me love you show me grace
I'm not looking back till I see your face
and im running strait to you because


G c Em
Here I am, saying I need you
I know I need you
G c Em
Here I am, I'm coming to meet you
Cause I want to see you

~Chorus x2~

well there yall go...
this is for people like me who need sheet music for church youth band and stuff or watever....

God has given us the talent of music!
Lets worship his Holy Name!
Lets show our peers at school, the FIRE that burns in our hearts for the LORD!
I will dance, I will sing to be mad for my king!(undignefied)


Isaiah 38:20
"The LORD will save me and we will sing with stringed instruments, all the days of our lives, in the temple of the LORD."


Jcluver= Jesus Christ luver!

Walk By Faith!
(posted on other tab also)

SuPeR-DoO - 2006-05-20

Does anyone mind Tabbing the Bass for me?
- thanks

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