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Submitted by: jesuslova

Everything about you
sanctus real

standard tuning

Key of C# major

Intro: A#m - D#m - F#

Verse: A#m - C# - D#m - F#

Pre-Chorus: G# - F#

Chorus: F# - C# - A#m - G#
F# - C# - G#
(all 2x)

Bridge: A#m - G# - D#m - F#(3x)
D#m - F#

Final Chorus: (regular chorus)
D#m - F# - C# (4x)

fill in the stops where needed, apart from that, enjoy.

Comments about this tab

GuitBoxSP - 2004-09-01

i dont know that its completely accurate, but it works way better than anything ive tried so far.

john14john - 2004-11-02

cool finally this song written in chords and you dont have to drop tune your guitar.

njsk8rboy - 2004-11-04

i saw them play this live (waited 4 this song the whole show) and it is in Eb tuning

AndrewHabib - 2004-12-15

Yah this tab is so much more accurate than the other one on this site. I dont understand why its rated lower. good job!

super_truper - 2005-02-03

you can play the song with capo 6 so it goes like this

intro/verse: Em D2 Am7 C

pre-chorus: D C2 Am7

chorus: C G Em D C G D Dsus4 D D2

worthmr - 2005-03-02

Chris usually tunes his guitar to Eb. He will also drop the E to a D on a few songs (Audience of one). This makes for some cool chords.

Draconis - 2005-03-03

if you capo first fret this works perfect can play all them chords wihout barreing

7thDayBassman - 2005-04-22

yea i get what ur sayin, just make all the chords natural and capo first fret, its SOOOO much easier.

7thDayBassman - 2005-04-22

well actually i noticed some of the chords are a little off, so ill put em up.
Am G Dm7 F
G F Dm7
F C Am G F C G
F C Am G F C G

CRloveSkillet13 - 2005-05-25

Is this for the acoustic or electric guitar? Thank you.

jsoccer - 2006-02-11

i beleive the accostic, but if u want it for the electric just power chord it, hence, C#--x466xx F#--244xxx A#m--688xxx or x133xx either way works,
D#m--x688xx, G#--466xxx, these chords are for standard tuning

gnarlynarwhal1 - 2006-02-13

Hey, I love this song, but how do you make that distorted sound??? oh yeah, and does anyone have "i'm not alright" from there new album??? that song's sooo awesome.

jsoccer - 2006-02-15

this is for the guy who post the last comment, it depends on the type of amp u have, my amp i hav a switch in which i can switch it from clean to lead aka distortion, some other amps u need to turn the gain up (or pre-gain, if u hav a pre and post gain only turn the pre- *i keep the post gain down or else the neighbors might get upset with the walls shaking*) if u hav foot pedals push the distortion pedal. if nothing that i hav typed makes sense play around with the amp and you will find it eventually.

jsoccer - 2006-02-15

ohh, who ever tabed this song, very nice job, i tried the chords with the cd and found no errors

DCTalk_NB_Freak - 2006-02-26

yeah if you can please put "im not alright" chord's up i would greatly appreicate it lol i dont know if i spelled that right but it's an awesome song and i love song where if you feeling down but dont wanna listen to the crap like fall out boy or my chemical romance or simple plan or good charlotte and you want something good and christian based this is the song for you!!

perpetualfaith - 2006-07-08

hey guys i love this song and im sure the tab is right in all but i really dont know wat these cords are (the reason i like tabs) i only know really the base cords and not these ones

perpetualfaith - 2006-07-08

hey guys i love this song and im sure the tab is right in all but i really dont know wat these cords are (the reason i like tabs) i only know really the base cords and not these ones so if some one could put up these cords ion tab form not only would ya have the cords but how to play them

Monkey Bob - 2006-07-10

I love love love love love love love this tab!!!! I Just got the cd today and it's the only one I've been listening to.I think you're absolutly right on this one.
Power in Godspeed
Monkey Bob aka Ian Holm

Alex_face - 2006-08-16

This tab is really for the alternate version. If you do a capo 1 and play the chord progression one half step down (sharps become naturals) it fits right with the alternate version. Speaking of which, could someone tab the lead acoustic part in that. It's #13 on "Fight The Tide".

jsoccer - 2006-08-24

Does anyone know why the old bass player left

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