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Submitted by: clew

The Secret

iv seen there wasnt any songs for emery and i wanted to get it goin. 3 of them
are very strong christians. there the best emo band ive heard.the song is pretty
much the same throughout... 
D#,C#,B,A#.then picked..on the distortion..its G--10h11 over and over then 8h10..
then 11h13...then...palm mute.D#,,then C# then F# them maybe b or d...

this song is in drop d i think..its not perfect but a start...thx     caleb

Comments about this tab

rkeman - 2004-09-17

emery rocks!!

clew - 2004-09-19

heard that...

KraftDinner - 2004-10-04

Emery is a pretty amazing band... I just recently heard about them and love them! They actually played at my school in September along with In Medias Res (sadly I couldn't make it to the show). Keep posting more tabs for these guys!!

walkerfsf - 2004-10-21

i saw these guys in october in edmonton... they are absolutly amazing

drum2rock4life - 2004-11-18

Dude... I love Emery now after i heard them from radiou. I love the drummer and their songs. We gotta get a tab for the beginning of disguising mistkes with goodbyes. ok later

beloved Again - 2004-11-25

are all their guys Christians?

drum2rock4life - 2004-11-26

Yea, they are Christians.

tHefollOweR2188 - 2004-11-30

Emery has got to be one of my fav. bands they rock!

swim4him - 2004-11-30

How about a tab for fractions, although its probably ridculously hard, it has to be their best song. And I agree with you all Emery is quite amazing anyone like Beloved, Underoath, Dead Poetic, Blindside?

shujichise - 2004-12-09

yeah dead poetic and blindside are awesome... but emery is really awesome! they're the first emo band i heard... now i want to be emo when i grow up lol

beloved Again - 2004-12-10

blindside is probably my favorite, then Lucerin Blue and Underoath and emery fits in somewhere after that...easily the best emocore band....

ichyvonbrek88 - 2004-12-15

i'd have to say that underoath is my favorite band but emery is incredible i got there cd about 2 months ago and i was simply amazed at the instrumental talent as well as the talent in the vocals and harmonies

Jax64 - 2004-12-17

Yea, i like underoath and Emery rocks!! I went to see Lucerin Blue last year! They Rocked.

thomkins - 2004-12-19

I heard about them about a year ago and couldn't stop listening to them and I thought all I liked was punk.....well I loves the emo now!!!! also pray for all the christian bands out there they need our prayers! because the music biz can be brutal and harsh and they also come under brutal attack from satan! so please
pray for all those guys to stay the course and keep on keepin' on!
bands to check out: forever changed,roper(HARDCORE),mourning sptember(awesomely hardcore),underoath,mewithoutyou,haste the day,showbread,he is legend,further seems forever,brandston,denison marrs,......see ya (^_^)

emogtrdude - 2004-12-22

emery is one of the best bands i have ever heard!!!!!!

need more tabs!!!
like walls and ponytail parades!

kissz2ya23 - 2004-12-24

oh i love emery also!!! sadly, though, i dont have an electric guitar so i cant raelly play there stuff......oh well they're still awesome!! :)

ImissDCtalk34 - 2004-12-27

yeah dude emery is pretty flippin awesome! I havent been to any of their concerts or anything but I hear them all the time on TVU this christian music video station! TVU is prolly one of the best things on tv today! O and the reason im writing or commenting is to see if someone can tab out Walls. cuz that song is cool.

whatchamacallme - 2004-12-30

Did that kid just say that roper is hardcore? Hah.. nah, they're good, but certainly not hardcore.

Anyways, you all gotta support Emery and the similar bands. Go check out their stuff on There are a lot of other quality bands on purevolume too (sadly, there is also a buttload of crap)

some other bands to check out if you're bored: the showdown, pedro the lion, copeland, nickel creek (semi-bluegrassish, but AMAZING musicians), letter kills, robert randolph & the family band, further seems forever, etc, etc.

there are so many good bands out there.. EXPLORE!

Emery37 - 2005-01-05

I agree emery is the best band ever made!!

gzusfreak1604 - 2005-01-05

Dude, they rock. Ever since i heard fractions on the call, they have been a tremendous hit

fred91 - 2005-01-16

some1 needs to make a tab for walls that song is awesome. emery rocks

superchick52 - 2005-01-28

ok i am not up on all your guy lingo but in girl language they are totally awesome and so are these tabs!!!!

ichyvonbrek88 - 2005-02-25

ya i just saw emery in concert last week and they were amazing!

microphone-head - 2005-03-26

My friend introduced me to emery. I saw them a couple of months ago. I agree, they're super cool.

AutumnAshes - 2005-05-03

can some tab the acoustic version of the ponytail parades?the video is on

wild_rice07 - 2005-06-13

yeah emery is incredable, i got their cd a coulpe of weeks ago and i haven't stopped listening to them. i heard that they are working on a new album and i can't wait til it comes out! because i know that anything they do is going to be amazing.

relient-K-freak - 2005-06-16

PLZ anyone tab encounter by forever changed.. or any song by them for that matter... forever changed and relient k are tha best!!

DearGodIAmHere! - 2005-11-16

So, are they a christian band? i mean their lyrics sound sort of christian and they can be looked at as christian, but are they? on their website, it said something about a hellfest. i mean if they were christian, why would they be talking about a HELLfest. you know. but are they christian? if not they still sound awesome.

Tobbbe - 2006-01-02

yes they are christians... And don't just hang up on a word they written on their website... If it's not like f'ck, d'mn and like that, then you can start wondering... Anyway, Emery ROCKS dudes!!! And so does blindside, the two greatest bands in the world!!!=D

bronxbomber - 2006-01-22

I've started working on the Encounter tab by Forever Changed. They are SO good! Anyway, I've gotten the solo, the intro, the bridge, and a few things here and there, but i'm working on it. i'll post it on CGR asap.

EmeRy_Rox - 2006-01-24

i have to agree with Tobbbe... emery and blindside are awesome... but so is underoath, kids in the way... and all that jazz!

TG-da-JF - 2006-03-03

emery rocks... but maybe with some more tabs... someone should tab out Left With Alibis And Lying Eyes. I think it rocks more than Studying Politics: I love the "DRIVE! DRIVE! DRIVE! DRIVE! I dont want to get caught" part.

Addero - 2006-03-17

Yeah, that song's wicked! It's probably my favorite Emery song (that I've heard). I like the bridge most, I think. But the 'Drive, drive, drive, drive, I don't wanna get caught!' definately sounds awesome. If someone could tab it out, that'd be wicked. I'll give you a cyber cookie if you do. xD
Also, is the one on the cd acoustic or electric? I've heard one of both, but since I reformatted the computer, I havn't been able to find the electric version. I think it sounds better, but they're both sweet. The electric also has some random Emery-trademarked screaming in the bridge. So tank. If anyone has it, do you think you could send it over to me? Unless of course, the electric is the one on the cd, and I get it soon, which I probably will. But I'd like it anyways, if anyone has any clue what I'm talking about.. yeah. if anyone has it. xD
Thanks, I love you guys.

kiefer1bumby - 2006-03-24

Emery is THE BEST band ever, i love how their screaming and normal vocals colabarate perfectly, and their some of the best guitarist ever, oh and just a litle "add in" for people reading this, i saw on some webcite, i think it was peta, but anyway, on their it said, Tobby Morrel i think it was, befor the band was a grade school teacher and his fav. student's name was Emery, and thats how they got the name. also you guys should check out this band from nashvill tn. called sophia, they've kinda got a EMERY/NormaJean feel to them, saw them live the other day, AMAZING, go to to check it out. later

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