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Submitted by: Trekkiegirl118

Less is More
Relient K
(In the key of F- same as on the cd.)

Copyright 2001 Relient K & Gotee Records

Verse 1: (slow)
F Bb C (x4)
Dm (Dm-echo) Bbm (Bbm-echo)
Bb Bbm 

Chorus: (Faster)
F Bb C F
F Bb C F (Repeat Chorus)

Bridge 1:
Gm Bb F C Gm
Gm Bb F C Gm(hold)

(hold Gm through first line) Bbm


Bridge 2 (played like Bridge 1)


Verse 2 (slow)(played like Verse 1)

The chords should work for a guitar, but I transposed them from my piano.

Comments about this tab

joey_collins10 - 2004-09-21

do you have the actual sheet music for the this song on the piano? if so could you email it to me at

xtreme4god - 2004-10-28

e-mail it to me 2 please at

xnarcoticninjax - 2004-11-06

i was wopndering if I could also get a copy of the sheet msuic emailed to me too...


davidshaw87 - 2004-11-06

Hey I was wondering if I could please get a copy of the piano sheet music emailed to me also?!? Thank You!!


monster - 2004-11-09

hey that song is rocks
by the way,if some time your online could you please send me the piano sheet music? If not thats ok.....
my email is:

emily_wetmore - 2004-11-10

what a great song, haha, could you add me to the list for the sheet music for this song?? if you don't mind, thanks! send it to

nbleo04 - 2004-11-19

i know tis was said before but could you email me the sheet music to please
thanks (

rK-freak1 - 2004-11-19

Could you please e-mail me a copy of the sheet music too? (

surge88 - 2004-11-20

i was just wondering but... could you please e mail me that song too. if you can that would be amazing and ill let you be my best friend. (

jesus_is_a_hero - 2004-11-28

hey sorry to be a pain....... but could you please email the sheet music of this song to me aswell or anyone else whos has it........... my email is
that would be really awesome if you could do that
god bless

mxpxrk-bassist - 2004-11-29

please email me the piano sheet music, i need it for the keyboardist in our youth group worship band.
Thanks very much

mxpxrk-bassist - 2004-11-29

sorry forgot my email adress, its

timsaley - 2004-12-31

sheet music here too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

kissz2ya23 - 2005-01-02

oh crap i feel bad for you! and no thanks i dont need ne sheet music but thanks for the song it rocks! :D

John_Gods_Child - 2005-01-14

Oh, dude, this is the most acurate tab on the site. I don't know if you have the sheet music but I'm one more person askin for it. I'd appreciate it. Thanx.
God bless.

John_Gods_Child - 2005-01-14

Oh sorry

melz_rkfan - 2005-01-17

sheet music would be awesome

great song

super_oj - 2005-01-20

Hey could you send me the piano sheet music too? Pretty please ;-). thanks.

God_is_Lord - 2005-01-21

AWSOME TAB! It's really accurate. Anyways can you send me the piano sheet music? send to: If not that's ok.

JonJo - 2005-01-22

Could you email the piano sheet music to
plz and thank you

jamforchrist123 - 2005-02-09

I Have Good News And Bad News. The Good News Is I Figured Out The Pian Part. The Bad News Is I Don't Have Anyway To Get On My Computer... For Now.

jamforchrist123 - 2005-02-09

Sorry. I Figured Out The PIANO part. Not The Pian Part

Trekkiegirl118 - 2005-02-23

Hey y'all!!!!!! Thank you for all the awesome compliments! First off, let me tell you that I don't have any sheet music for this song. (sorry!)I figured out the chords by transposing other people's stuff into the right key. Then, (because I'm kind of a perfectionist) I just played around with it a lot (by ear)until it sounded pretty close to the CD. Sorry I couldn't help more!

Thanks again!


David wood - 2005-03-05


Aumie - 2005-03-11

:) sheet music here would be super also.

zildrummer6 - 2005-03-30

send piano tab to-

chelle123 - 2005-04-28

Hey, just wondering if you could also send me a copy of the piano sheet music for Relient K's Less is more and anything else that you may have of their. My e-mail address is Thanks

sarahk4Him - 2005-06-28

I was wondering about that sheet music also... plz email me


whatsherface - 2005-07-17

Hey! I wanted to know if u could please send me the sheet music too? my e-mail is That would rawk. thanks

dkgsin8 - 2005-07-25

Another pianist here... please please would you send the sheet music via email pls? thanks a lot! this is an awesome song.

Pitmairen - 2005-07-26

I realy want the piano sheet too!

shinsuh - 2005-08-04

email me too!

dizzydaisy - 2005-08-07

hye could u send it 2 me 2

NaploenDanamite - 2005-08-14

If it be possible I would also like the sheet music for "less is more".
my email is


beatrum - 2005-08-30

AAAAAAAAAAHHAHAHAHAAA that was halarious i read every one of those coments and it really made my day. Hahaha thanks for the good laugh.

dkgsin8 - 2005-09-01

duh? no more need of the sheet music. the chords are sooo easy! thanks!
x's the last song in the album (dedicated to the two people he loves) is a little harder to chart in chords, but is wonderful!

KoriganBeuford - 2005-09-10

I hate being the umteenth person to ask this....but if anyone does have the Piano Sheet music, I'd appreciate it being sent to

thanks and god bless

Luthrnstud22 - 2005-09-12

no offense but figure out the songs yourselves all are musicians i assume, so try it yourselves.

Nath - 2005-10-05

I've been looking for Relient K sheet music and tab books, and I could only find Guitar tabs books for Mmhmm amd Two Lefts..., and that wasn't even with piano... so, if there is sheet music, someone tell me where to get it, or stick it on the net somewhere so we can all get to it... but in a very legal, law abidding way.... I'm really glad I found these chords, 'cause I'm just starting to play piano, and it would have been so hard for me to figure it out. Good show!

mattrox - 2006-01-01

youre rite beatrum that was hillarlus (or however you spell it) i feel really bad for all thoes guys because no 1 even had it

joshtvu33189 - 2006-01-23

Same here, anyone please email the piano sheet music to:
thanks alot.

lookwithin - 2006-03-06

I too am really looking for the piano part... It's such an amazing song and i wish i could play it... if you have it, i would appreciate it greatly. My Email is

RelientA-OK - 2006-03-17

If anyone wants to help me could someone post me directions to get to a place where I can find like sheet music or somethin' so I can like uber-jam this song on my piano. Please and thank you! Peace Out!

Kabuki - 2006-07-21

Rotfl so many music sheets wanted. Any it's simple to transfer guitar chords to piano chorsde they are all the same just match the fingerings of a guitar not the keys of a piano you should get it.

Christfollower - 2006-08-30

hey great song really sounds good!God bless!

JoshtheRocker7 - 2006-08-31

your all hilarious... just take the tabs he put out and turn them back into piano tabs

Hm101 - 2006-12-31

Hey, I am just starting to play guitar, so i CANT transfer fingering and notes from guitar tabs. Can some1 send me the piano sheet music if you have it? thanx. By the way, this song rocks.

richlmn - 2007-01-22

Yeah if u have the piano tab 4 this song, could you send it to me at

curly_rbk - 2008-01-27

i know this has been asked many times, but could you please send me the piano sheet for "less is more" by relient k at you.

countryfreak91 - 2008-03-15

could you please email me the piano sheet music for less is more. thanks.

heatguyj88 - 2008-06-03

I'd like a copy as well. Even though it was three years ago that it first showed up, I hope you're still around.

david&goliath - 2008-08-15

Please send me a copy of the sheet music as well! i help lead worship and im trying to get better at piano but its hard to find the music! thanks!!

worshipper92 - 2008-12-07

hey. i would appreciate it if you could e-mail me the sheet music too please at thanks for your help.

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