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Audio Adrenaline - Big House

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| Big House                                        |
| by: Audio Adrenaline                             |
| CD: Don't Censor Me                              |
| from: (Dan Szpak)                 |
| edited by: (Brian Kurtyka) |
| copyright: Forefront Communications              |

Introduction Tabbed by Brett Hall



A E (x4)

A                      F#m              D                   F#m  E         
I don't know where you lay your head or where you call your home.
A                      F#m               D                     F#m   E
I don't know where you eat your meals or where you talk on the phone.
A                   F#m           D           F#m  E
I don't know if you got a cook, a butler or a maid,
A                   F#m               D              F#m E
I don't know if you got a yard with a hammock on the shade.


A                   F#m            D              F#m  E
I don't know if you got a shelter, say a place to hide.  
A                   F#m                  D            F#m     E
I don't know if you live with friends in whom you can confide.
A                   F#m           D              F#m E
I don't know if you got a family, say a mom or a dad.
A                        F#m                D                F#m E
I don't know if you feel love at all, but I bet you wish you had.

A         E           D     A
Come, and go with me, to my Father's house.
A         E           D     E        A
Come, and go with me, to my Father's house.
     A    F#m E           D                A
It's big, big house, with lots and lots of room,
   A   F#m E           D                A
A big, big table, with lots and lots of food,
   A   F#m E           D               A
A big, big yard, where we can play football
   A   F#m E      D                A
A big, big house, it's my Father's house.


A               F#m                 D              F#m E         
All I know is a big ole house, with rooms for everyone.
A             F#m                 D               F#m E
All I know is lots of land, where we can play and run.
A             F#m                D              F#m E
All I know is you need love, and I've got a family.
A                    F#m           D                 F#m E
All I know is you're all alone, so why not come with me?


Comments about this tab

shawna - 2004-06-14

It is alot easier to play on 5 and 7 an 6 and 5.

iwant2playgetar - 2004-07-12


corky12r - 2004-08-01

hay i think this tab is great. i popped in the c.d. and played along & everything sounded perfect.

corky12r - 2004-08-01

hay i think this tab is great. i popped in the c.d. and played along & i liked it.

ARad500 - 2004-08-19

I'm sure it works with the recording, but for just singing along with the guitar, I like it better if you change the F#m to E for everything

I am here - 2004-12-01

Could someone do blitz and Great Tab!

thresh82 - 2005-01-30

hey i like your chord sheet it's very usefull, but my band just did this song tonight and it sounds good if on the chorus after the A F# E, u go D E A for all the times thru.

Awanabecop - 2005-05-05

Good song and good chords
hey all you guys i'm tabbing out a complete version of the song it'll be up in a little while so look out for it!!! i saw all of the other tabs and they weren't close sorry :)


rockin'4God21 - 2005-05-10

DUDE!!! This tab is awesome ive been wanting to learn this song 4ever!!! u did an awesome job, THANKS


tezzywezzy - 2005-07-27

can u plz put this in chords!!!! plz

kutlesstrongtwr - 2005-08-02

The slides don't go high enough they don't match pitch with the song, close tho, I'll give you a start


your brother in Christ

guitarhockeyman - 2005-09-22

Ya I'm with him it should be played:


At least you got me started thanks man! =)

JesusFreakJP34 - 2005-12-29

Hey good tab. But if you want to make it sound really sweet, substitute the A for an A bar chord.

powerchordguy - 2006-03-18

yeah i agree. the audio adrenaline plays it, it's all bar chords. You can hear it in the song. A=9th F#m=5 D=5 E=7
I guess that makes sense. :\

powerchordguy - 2006-03-18

sorry. i meant "the way audio adrenaline plays it, it is all bar chords

cngp90 - 2006-04-09

we'll forgive you

yavapine_e_bass - 2006-05-13

right on the money, man! thanx for tabbing it out right so that I don't have to figure it out myself

Longo042 - 2006-05-31

great tab man

futbol4god - 2006-10-12

where's the ending riff???

Go4God_Man - 2006-11-08

gr8 job on chorus

zeomaster2.0 - 2007-05-19

i had their song book but i lost it... but the chords were too hard... i'm a beginner hehe ^_^;; but this clears it up! one ?, is there supposed to be a capo? cause it sounds higher than i've played it-- unless you put the capo on hehe ^_^;;;
keep rockin' God's socks off! Peace out...

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