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Submitted by: crazygonuts

copyright 2004, tooth and nail records

i saw that someone had requested a tab for this. the intro tab was almost right,
 but i changed a couple of things. i'm pretty sure that what i tabbed out is 
almost exactly right, but there's a lot going on in the song. this is sure to
be confusing so ask if you have any questions.


main riff:
these are chords, but they're played like a tab, so i'm gonna write it that way. 

1st verse:
c# (shake it and let it ring)

then on the 'there's a lot of....' part
a-4h6-8-4-6-8-6-4--4h6-8-4-6-8-9-8 x2


c#                   d#
take a good look at all..... (keep playing)

then on the 'do they even know?' play
c# d# f# d# x2

c#  A-9-8- d# A-9-8
c#   d#   f#   d#

(play main riff again)

second verse

A-4h6-8-4--4h6-8-9 x2

prechorus (same as first prechorus)

chorus(same as first chorus)

bridge/3rd verse:

a-4------------   x6

play prechorus, then play A-4-11-9-8-4

play chorus then A-44-6-8


c# c# d# f c#

chords i use

c# e-0  d# e-0   f# (in intro)e-0 f# (rest of the time e-2
   a-4     a-6                a-9                      a-4
   d-6     d-8                d-11                     d-4
   g-6     g-8                g-11                     g-3
   b-6     b-8                b-11                     b-2  
   e-4     e-6                e-9                      e-2

f  e-0 

that's a difficult tab to write out, so ask me if you don't get any of that. 
and as always feel free to leave corrections! :)

Comments about this tab

unknown - 2004-07-21

awesome dude, this is a really cool song.

crazygonuts - 2004-07-22

did i confuse the heck outta you?

RcKn'Rll247 - 2004-07-23

This is an awesome song!!!

unknown - 2004-07-24

didn't confuse me, you just said it better than i could of... hahah... if i would of tried i would of counfused people... so...
awesome song though.

crazygonuts - 2004-07-24


smallfry7778 - 2004-08-09

hey does anybody have or can anybody tab someone else before by hawk nelson could you get the guitar tab and bass tab that would be awesome thanks guys god bles you guys.

ascension - 2004-08-14

I just tabbed out Someone Else it should be posted soon! Also give some comments on my version of Every Little Thing.


Taylorplayer04 - 2004-08-15

Could someone please tab out from underneath for thanxs

ascension - 2004-08-15

I tried tabbing this one out...its pretty tough...the notes dont ring clear soo its hard to tell..but this is about all i came up w/. Tell me what you think.
Something close to this... but it doesnt really sound like it.

D|9 9
A|9 7
E|7 7 sounds like they do something w/ that

build off this...i dunno

Taylorplayer04 - 2004-08-16

that sounds right ill try to figure out the rest and if i do i will post it thanx

ascension - 2004-08-17

They might be playing in drop D.... You never know

Taylorplayer04 - 2004-08-17

for from underneath for the intro and verse im getting ,B G#m F# E, let me know what you think

ascension - 2004-08-19

Yea thats sounds perfect.

B G# F# E

I tried to figure out the rest but its really tough....keep going at it Taylor.


ascension - 2004-08-19

I think I just figured it out! I'll post it for you! Thanks Taylor for the beginning chords!

Hopeful - 2004-08-22

This tab got me started though some parts got me confused. Just look at the tab>listen to the cd and you should be good to go.

ska_man26 - 2004-08-24

hey for the beggining of things we go through, it goes:
that might seem pointless to tab that out since it's just one part but have fun and fun and figure it out. one more thing, the B and C# power chords might be played on the E string instead of the A string. but i could be wrong

ellephant0311 - 2004-09-02

how in the world do u mute the string in between the two in the intro of the song. the song is great but i just can get that one part in just let me know thanks

ascension - 2004-09-04

arch your finger enough to deaden that string

cha-chi - 2004-09-05

their guitarist uses c# tuning wich is from low to hi c#,g#,c#,f#,a#,d# and i know they use this because thats the only way you can hit sime of the notes

ellephant0311 - 2004-09-09

would somebody like to try to tab like a racecar for me i would appreciate it thanks

timsaley - 2004-11-20

This is an awesome song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

black_guitarist - 2004-12-16

I'm positively sure that this song is in this tuning: Eb-Ab-Db-Gb-Bb-Eb. I'll try to tab this song with that tuning.

lfive - 2004-12-17

hey man thanks. this is a good one.

JesusRocker31 - 2004-12-30

Umm hey i am new to reading tab and i would like someone to teach me how to read this tab. could some1 plz e-mail me about it? i would really appreciate it. thankyou.

rockin_4_Christ - 2005-01-15

ok maybe this is cuz i am a beginer but umm could someone tell me what it means when it says
"these are chords, but they're played like a tab, so i'm gonna write it that way.
-c#-c#c#c#--d#-d#-c#--f#-f#f#f#-f-d#-c#c#c#" ?????? if someone could explain this i would appreciate it.

rock4christ08 - 2005-01-25

that's as self-explanatory as it gets dude.

ephesians5:14 - 2005-02-17

hay JesusRocker it's pretty simple. the very bottom line of the tab is your lowest string (low E string) and the second to the bottom line of the tab is your Second to the lowest string and so on. the numbers on the line tell u wich fret to play it on and you just play the numbers in order that's on the tab. the hard part is that the tab is upside down then from your guitar strings but once you got that down it's real simple.
sorry if that was confusing. hope it helps.

IamHis_guitar - 2005-02-28

hey... this tab is good, but it is in C# tunning... you can only play it that way cause at the end of the song there is a really low chord which is a C#-open...

all you do is tune the guitar down to Eb and drop the E-string like you would for drop D... then move the tabs over a fret and the tab will be correct...


GODrocksriun - 2005-03-02

Hey man its an awesome tab, and yeah there is a lot going on. I think in the intro he is playing something similar to the c#--c#c#c#--d#d#--etc, etc.
i think the bass notes are getting you confused with the guitar. I'm not sure though, so ill just stick to playing bass.rock on for Jesus.

Kutless Fan - 2005-05-18

i love this song, because it's about all the trash that goes on every day in the world, and i like hawk nelson in general, because they ROCK MY FACE OFF! by the way, i didn't post the comment at the top. i think someone else did, using my screen name.

rockstar_91 - 2005-06-04

I really dont get tabliture but i learned it in 6th grade but i didnt confuse me! haha

relient-K-freak - 2005-06-16

Hey if anyone could tab this song in an actual tab not chords/tab it would help some people out a lot..(including me)

CRloveSkillet13 - 2005-06-22

I have a question. The first comment on the page says it was submitted
by CRloveSkillet13, which is my user name , and I didn't write that comment.
I wasn't even registered in 2004. So why how did that happen?

CRloveSkillet13 - 2005-06-22

Actually, I think I did write that comment. Maybe its just that the date
is wrong.

peeweeIoM - 2005-11-30

Hey guys, is there any bass players who want to tab a bass tab for this? :)

peeweeIoM - 2005-11-30

Hey guys, is there any bass players who want to tab a bass tab for this? :)

simmonds - 2005-12-28

how do u play d#?

simmonds - 2006-01-06

i don't know but that's in the wrong KEY!!!

simmonds - 2006-01-06

how do u play d#?


simmonds - 2006-01-06

how do u play d#?


basser - 2006-03-02

I dunno, maybe I'm just some niave-guitarist-who's-more-of-a-basist-[hence the name] but as far as I can tell, a d# in this instance is on the A string, sixth fret...or E string, eleventh fret...

simmonds - 2006-04-26

can someone tab a nother Letters to the President?

rockNforchrist - 2006-04-27

Simmonds, i just submitted a complete tab for Letters to the President so it should be up soon.

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