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Submitted by: joshduke

This is a more 'open' acoustic sound.  Great for small group settings.

Verse One:
E Bsus4 F#m7
E Bsus4 A2/E
E Bsus4 F#m7
E Bsus4 A2/E 
(Just when the chorus starts, play a B7sus4 on the word 'am' just 
before the E which comes in on 'wor' in worship.)

E B4/D# E/G# A2
E B4/D# E/G# A2 (hold the A2 for transition to verse two)

Verse Two:
E Bsus4 F#m7
E Bsus4 A2/E
E Bsus4 F#m7
E Bsus4 A2/E 
(Just when the chorus starts, play a B7sus4 on the word 'am' just 
before the E which comes in on 'wor' in worship.  Don't play B7sus4 when you
repeat the chorus.)

E B4/D# E/G# A2
E B4/D# E/G# A2 
E B4/D# E/G# A2
E B4/D# E/G# A2 

B4/D# E/G# A2
B4/D# E/G# A2 (x3)

Medley option: (call upon... and be saved, if you kno what that means, then
this will make sense to you.  If not, ask someone who likes Hillsongs.)

E B4/D# C#m A2 (x4)

E     - 022100
Bsus4 - X24400
F#m7  - 2X2200
A2/E  - 002200
B4/D# - X64400
E/G#  - 4X2400
A2    - X02200
C#m   - X46650 or X46600

CCLI: 3266032

Comments about this tab

B_I_G_D_E_E_Z@h - 2004-06-24

good job...but i can't say i like this version

SRC YC - 2004-07-09

Try playing the F#M7 like this:


use the thumb on the 6th string.

themediator - 2004-07-29

Thanks for your chord/song posting, I needed the help.

musiclover94 - 2004-08-13

Try playing it with a capo

thegimpfrommt - 2004-08-28

great tab; It is nice to see that people put the chords used in the song at the bottom. Its really funny to see the same chord called 20 different things. any way one thing can be done on the A/C# and the B/D# is if you use your ring finger to play that bass note you can use your pinky to hit the A and the B on the 6th string and the first string. (do some hammer-ons an off's or whatever to breakup the constant strum) Anyway it can add to a song if you only have one guitarist playing. Keep up the good work

warriormusic150 - 2004-11-03

we also played E like this(at the intro and at times somewhere in the song):
024400 and
424400 or 4x4400
guess wats A?
Let God arise! Ps. 68:1

gopher - 2005-02-09

what fret should I capo to?

Music_lover - 2005-05-25

Whatever suits your voice, or whomever is singing it I'd say.

Good Tab, can't say I like the B4/d# though, sounds a little off.

4130053 - 2005-06-23

how would you play a chord with a string your not suposed to play like Fm#7 (2x2200) or E/G# (4x2400)? Can you please help me?

Mar-T - 2005-08-24

Instead of using F#m7, I like to use this alternate F# chord to give it a more open sound. I play it: 044200

hamsterguitar - 2005-09-14

Nice but i need 2 noe the which capo to use and i need 2 noe the strumming. Also, can someone please do a tab/chord/lyric on Marvelous Lightby Charlie Hall. It's a good song. i think that it's good when you have a band playing it.
How do ou play Dsus/F# and Am7/G? please help me... i have to play in front of some people next week and i have just started practicing.

unidentified225 - 2007-04-18

Someone could do the tab but not with the lyrics, if you read the linc on the front page, it staes major copyright issues.....

Goop2 - 2007-09-06

Technically 'Asus2/E' would actually be an 'Esus4.'
Also, your way of playing 'F#M7' is actually 'B7sus.' You need to add C#, rather than B. I play it like this, using my thumb and index finger.
F#m7: 202222
Your alternative for 'C#m' is actually a 'C#m7.' It sounds alright, but you can mute the B string with your pinky if you want an easy way to play 'C#m.'

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