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Submitted by: Adam K

Sanctus Real-Everything About You
 2004 Sparrow Records
Drop C# Tuning C#G#C#F#A#D#
Chords relative to tuning

Bm E G x2

Bm A E G x4


Bm E G





Chorus 2



Tabbed by Adam K

Comments about this tab

njsk8rboy - 2004-08-08

sorry i JUST saw them live and they don't use those chords in the song

GuitBoxSP - 2004-08-10

Yeah, i think this could be done with powerchords much more easily

Rp_Bass - 2004-08-23

I'm not sure how it goes. Just that I know that they don't tune this way. They generaly are drop-D That is what i think this probably is.

RcKn'Rll247 - 2004-09-17

Actually he's right guys,,,sanctus real does tune in drop c#, thats what all their songs are played in except for the slow ones, like things like you etc..., thats the only way that their guitarists matt and chris hit those notes that they do easily!

RcKn'Rll247 - 2004-10-13

Ok i take part of that back... it's not what ALL of their songs are played in... just most of them... they play in drop D too... just saw them live. Aloha

yoohoo - 2004-11-19

This may come as a surprise to you guys, but if it's in Drop D, all you do is move every chord one half step to the LEFT (down, however you want to say it.) I mean, wow...that was hard. Drop C# is one half step lower than Drop D, so if you think it's in Drop D, play the chrous at 4 instead of 5, duh. But there is a problem if you think it's in Drop D because you can't play negative chords on a guitar. I've been playing these chords right along with the song, and it sounds almost perfect the me.

JohnM - 2004-12-06

The tuning is probably right, it's just the drop-D version of Eb tuning, which I know they use in many songs...

Adam K - 2004-12-06

Sorry about putting the E chord in there I just figured out it was Em.

aznguitarist28 - 2005-01-01

i agree. sanctus real does play in low to high tuning

bbcome2 - 2005-02-11

Can anyone get me the acoustic version of this song? if you can that would be awesome. e-mail me at

7thDayBassman - 2005-02-19

why cant someone out this song in normal tuning, i hope yall kno all that drop tunning is gonna mess up the necks of ur guitars unless u tune it lik that and leave it.

Josephde - 2005-02-22

As a luthier and guitar player for many years of classic rock, and numetal, I can very well tell you that that statement made me laugh.

Drop Tuning does nothing to your guitar that needs to be worried about. If you do stay in drop tunings alot, then you should consider getting thicker strings so they don't flop around, but they aren't necessary. It will slightly put your intonation off which can easily be fixed on an electric guitar with a screwdriver in a matter of minutes.My guitar goes from Open E to Drop B alot, so I think I know enough about drop tunings to tell you that it's fine.

bbcome2 - 2005-02-23

Seriously fokes. can anyone get me the accusic version. PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!

David wood - 2005-03-30

yes can we get the acoustic verson!!!!!!!!!!!!1

ARMY4CHRIST - 2005-05-23

Acoustic Version is very simple to figure out just remember its in the key of Bm

rytusguitar - 2005-07-26

i know this is a bit late to respond to yoohoo's comment, but I think i really need to. Yoohoo, you made an incorrect statement in just about every sentence. Also, you made your comment in an extrememly unneeded know-it-all tone, which isn't how a Christian should be making comments. Now, to the corrections. First off, for drop D you do NOT move every chord one HALF-step to the left, or down. You move ONLY the LOW E string down TWO frets. Also, when you said that if it's in drop D then you play the chorus at 4 instead of 5, it's really 5 instead of 4. Since you're already moving the frets down a half step by tuning to C#, you need to move UP to compensate for that (my language is really fancy, isn't it?). And your NEXT comment which said that you can't play negative chords on a guitar, proving that it isn't in drop d, is also incorrect. Ok, that sounded weird, because you CAN'T play negative chords, but you CAN play the same chord by finding that note on the other string, low E or A (most of the time). Also, to make it simpler for tuning, this song is just Drop D Eb tuning (so it's normal Eb tuning but the low E is a Db). Ok, I think that's it for the corrections, but next time, Yoohoo, please don't be so rude in your corrections (saying everything with the "duh" and "I mean, wow... that was hard"). Maybe when you said "that was hard" you really meant it (however, I highly doubt it)

rytusguitar - 2005-07-26

Sorry, JohnM--I kinda just repeated what you said about the tuning-Sorry!

JF77 - 2005-08-02

I though the space was to discuss the tab not something that someone said

rytusguitar - 2005-08-15

No. Most of them should be corrections, I agree with that, but if someone says something wrong and misleads people, then he (or she) needs to be corrected so people know how to play the song right.

serafim90 - 2005-12-07

so, just wondering... does anyone know a way to play this in normal tuning that will sound relatively right? just wondering... sorry if this is a pain to ask, but i'm kind of a newbie in the guitar realm(only played about a year) and i've never drop-tuned, and i know i should get used to it, but i just would like a normal tuning version of this song if that is at all possible.

gnarlynarwhal1 - 2006-01-26

hey, does anybody have the "alternate" version of this song??? just wonderin...

ChurchPunk88 - 2006-05-10

ok... I'm gonna watch the music viedo & get to work on a tab... I want a complete ACCURATE version!!!

Zions_Child16 - 2006-05-26

great job tabbing!!!!
love all your tabs..
it would be so cool if someone could tab "Possibilities" by Sanctus Real
that would be soooooooo HOT!!!!!!!!!

jmjlai - 2006-06-04

personally i find his voice too high for my range so i find it fine to play in drop d and sing the octaves i can sing. besides tuning in drop d is a lot less hassle then c#

tl_guitarnut - 2006-07-05

hey Zion, I just tabbed possibilities, hope it's up soon

rokrdude - 2006-08-02

actually for the person that said they use drop-d they actually use down half step for most of there stuff like i love you for that song they only flat the top string the rest are standard

overdrive777 - 2006-10-27

good tab

overdrive777 - 2006-10-28

good tab

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