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Submitted by: rdub_111m

Casting Crowns - Voice of Truth

I tabbed this song not knowing that it was already done, and then I saw that
someone else tabbed it, but it was in a different key so I thought I'd let you
see what you think of it this way.

Standard tuning, capo 1


  B2  E   A2 Emaj7 C#m2  C2 D2  Am
  0   0   0   0     0    0   0   0
  0   0   0   0     0    0   0   1
  4   1   2   1     6    5   7   2
  4   2   2   1     6    5   7   2
  2   2   0   2     4    3   5   0
  0   0   0   0     0    0   0   0

Intro: B2 E|B2 E|B2 A2|B2 A2|
       B2 E|B2 E|B2 A2|Emaj7 A2|

Verse: B2 E|B2 E|B2 A2|Emaj7 A2|
       B2 E|B2 E|B2 A2|Emaj7 A2|

       B2 A2 E|B2 A2 E|B2 A2 E C#m A2 B2

Chorus: E B2 C#m2 A2
        E B2 C#m2 A2 C#m2 A2

(Intro) B2 E|B2 E|B2 A2|Emaj7 A2|

Verse: B2 E|B2 E|B2 A2|Emaj7 A2|
       B2 E|B2 E|B2 A2|Emaj7 A2|

       B2 A2 E|B2 A2 E|B2 A2 E C#m A2 B2


Bridge: C2 D2|
        C2 D2|
        C2 D2|
        C2 D2 E

Outro: same as intro

Comments about this tab

Ry_Watson - 2004-09-01

The Emaj7 isn't the chord that the guitar is playing but it is the chord that the piano is playing, which is more dominant than the guitar at that point. If you're playing in a band with both you may want to just play the first line of the intro twice which is the actual way of playing it...

Ry_Watson - 2004-09-01

In the bridge I used an Am chord. I've been debating with myself whether it should be an Am or an A2 as used in the rest of the song. I still haven't decided but an leaning towards the A2...

Ry_Watson - 2004-09-01

I've looked at all 3 tabs for this song and I think this one is the best...yes it is my own tab so I may be slightly biased, but honestly I believe it to be 99.9% correct at the least...please vote and post comments so I know if I'm pulling my own leg or not

kapela316 - 2004-11-06

this is the closest sounding tab on here...
but i just saw them last night w/ SCC and he came out and played it on guitar while mark sang... i was kind to the side so i couldnt see all the chords, but he was not using a capo... the verses start out with an open E (i think thats what it is called) X799XX then he did this X699XX
i video taped the song on my digi camera (and yes the guard yelled at me but it was so worth it!) i will get the clip online and then yall can see for yourself :)

kapela316 - 2004-11-08

vid clip here
someone who has hawk vision figure out what he is doin!

coaltrain - 2004-11-10

Thanks for the movie Kapela316, I just saw this same show in St. Paul MN. I was trying to watch how SCC played it but I was just a little too far away to see. After watching your video I think I have it figured out. here is what I have


E2(079900) B/Db(069800) C#m(x46600) E(022100) [hammer on the A] A2(022200) D2(xx0230) A2(x02200) {repete this}

the waves...
B2(x24400) A2(x02200) E2(079900), B2(x24400) A2(x02200) E2(079900), B2(x24400) A2(x02200) E(022100) B2(x24400) C#m(x46600) A2(x02200) B2(x24400)


E2(079900) B/Db(069800) C#m(x46600) A2(x02200), E2(079900) B/Db(069800) C#m(x46600) A2(x02200) C#m(x46600) A2(x02200)

Try this and see if it works, watch the movie and you will get the strumming pattern. Thanks again, that was a great version of a great song.

matt j t - 2004-12-14

None of this stuff sounds right

matt j t - 2004-12-14

I'm almost 100% sure that the intro starts with "F"

If some one can tab this song with that key that would be great because i'm not too good at figuring out songs. i've been playing guitar for only 5 years!!

matt j t - 2004-12-14

Does anyone know how Gary( got so good at figuring out songs

I mean this guy is awesome!!!

I play a couple of song that he put on here and they sound 100% correct!!!

I wish he could figure out this song!!

matt j t - 2004-12-15

You guys should try out the version done by Gary(

Note: read my correction on it!!!!!

jonraz - 2005-01-04

So, I think I know what the problem is here. The reason why what you saw on the SCC concert w/ CC isn't lining up w/ what you're playing is b/c SCC tunes his guitars down a half step. So even though he is playing in the key of E, it is in actuallity F. Hope this clarifies things a bit

matt j t - 2005-01-22

Acually SCC would've had to tune UP 1/2 step to get the key of an "F"

So if you want to play it right Tune up 1/2 step.

or capo 1. (I'd rather not use the capo).

Penguin_Lover - 2005-01-25

I love this song, and great tab... But could someone figure out the new version?

jdill - 2005-04-05

This tab is awesome, it's so much easier to play, and sounds 10 times better than the other tabs. I played right along with the CD and it was like 90% right on. Great job Ry!

jeffku - 2005-04-09

for the intro, i figured it sounds a little more accurate like this:
074400, 022100
024400, 022100
004400, 002200
004400, 002200

thats just me.... the 074400 is quite a stretch for some, but use your pinky on the 7 and the index and middle finger for the two 4's


btw..... capo 1

Guitar4Gzus - 2005-05-25

hey matt_j_t, no offense dude, if u play an E chord, with a capo on the first fret, its equal to the F chord with no capo. ok, now to the tab. yo man, me and my band played this for the middle schoolers at my church, and it sounded incredible. thank you so much dude. keep it up. God Bless!

nikey28 - 2005-08-03's just nice to hear people discussing about Christian music. Tab's great anyway.

Kryonic - 2005-08-04

Hey try this for the first couple'a notes...and yes there is a capo on F, the 1st fret. 079600 076600

ChristInMe88 - 2005-08-17

Wow.. so far I haven't tried for anything spectacular on guitar, I've just figured out the piano version that Mark does on the Live from Atlanta disc. It all looks like it should sound good, I'm getting ready to print all these out and give them a try!

sam da man - 2005-08-20

nicee all of it sounds just a little off dont know wat it is but theres that one little piece thats missing

GuitarMaster87 - 2005-11-23

I tend to agree with everyone who thinks this tab is essentially wrong. but thanks for trying.

GuitarMaster87 - 2005-11-23

Sorry, that actually wasn't me who did that last post....

GuitarMaster87 - 2005-11-23

Sorry, that actually wasn't me who did that last post....

jesus is the on - 2006-04-29

I doubt it.
Is there something else I can play????? becouse this chord doesn't
sounds right to me.
Is there another way to play it????
Just to be sure.

jrbro - 2006-09-20

Hey this sound pritty okay but ive bin playin guitar for a couple of years and i think the positions go like this(new version)

(003011)(133211)(000011)(000211)(001333)(113331).....thats the intro

if eny one wants other songs i might just show u some i already got

Ps: im 14

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