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Submitted by: joellaw44

Song: Bring Me Down
Artist: Pillar
Album: Where Do We Go From Here
Tabbed by: Joel C.

Drop Db Tuning- Db,Ab,Db,Gb,Bb,Eb

Main Riff (Intro, Chorus)
Db 2-0-2-9-5-4-0--7p0-7p0
Ab 2-0-2-9-5-4-0--7p0-7p0
Db 2-0-2-9-5-4-0--7p0-7p0

Verse (All muted)
Db -4/5--5\4--4h7--7-5-5
Ab 7----7----7----5-3-3

Bridge Riff 1
Db 2-0-2-0-2-0-2-0
Ab 2-0-2-0-2-0-2-0
Db 2-0-2-0-2-0-2-0

Bridge Riff 2
Gb -----7-------7----------
Db 5-4-5--5-4-5---5-4-5-5-7

That's about it.  Hopefully I'll be able to finish up a couple more awesome 
songs of this cd by next week.  Email me with comments, ?s, etc. at joellaw44@

Comments about this tab

Josephde - 2004-06-25

All the songs on the new CD are in Drop C (CBCFAD), and noah doesn't us those chord shapes often- definitely not through a whole song. I have the fireproof tab book so i have a feel for his style.

Deevon07 - 2004-06-28

yeah, i saw them live in colombus and noah started with the third fret so it's definately in drop C

joellaw44 - 2004-07-01

The song would be almost impossible to play in drop c.
D 3-1-3----10-6-5-1-1-
A 3-1-3----10-6-5-1-1-
D 3-1-3----10-6-5-1-1-8-1-8-1
Also, if you have the fireproof book you know that he uses three different tunings on the cd. Standard (just to get by),Eb (indivisible),and drop d (just about everything else.) As for chord shapes, they are just plain power chords in drop tuning. He uses those on almost every song.

rockstar268 - 2004-07-09

It doesn't matter what he used on Fireproof. He recorded the entire
WDWGFH album in Drop C. Just look at his bio on their website. It says his
preferred tuning is Drop C.

Adam K - 2004-07-13




I think thats the correct intro

Adam K

pillarock3 - 2004-08-14

adam k i think nearly has it but not quite right we need to keep trying good effort adam!

ochants76 - 2004-09-30


ochants76 - 2004-09-30

yes the entire wdwgfh album was tuned in ifs ands or buts........i asked noah before a show

rustysneakers - 2005-01-11

i agree with adam k 100%;), nice job adam;)

bjbcool909 - 2005-01-16

could i have the chordslyrics to Where do we go from here?

ChurchPunk 2 - 2005-01-20

I have the book for Fireproof, the re-released book, and everything is in drop d. Also Bring Me Down is most definitly done in Drop C. I do appreciate the attempt, though.

toddm - 2005-03-16

Noah DOES play in Drop C, I went to there show last night and I asked him personally.

k4bmi2004 - 2005-04-20

Watch their music video at the begining hes on the third fret so its Drop C

joellaw44 - 2005-05-29

Ok, so its in c. Use the one of the other tabs on this site, please. I tabbed it without knowing the tuning and Db was the easiest way to do it. So that's what i put in it. It's still accurate though.

texhorns06 - 2005-05-30

Hey, this is Noah from Pillar and I just want to say that we recorded Bring Me Down in Db on the Cd, thanks

swimmer009 - 2005-06-01

i have the actuall book and it is in drop c so would u all stop fighitng sheesh it soiunds fine in drop c and thats thwe way i play and he plays so i thought id put that mabey if i am bored or somethin g i wil sit down and put it on ok but it takes so much time so i dont now mabey..

kgilbert - 2005-07-16

texhorns06, you're an idiot and a liar... you're 16 and your birthday is months away from Noah's

DemonHunter1904 - 2005-07-20

Guys, just in case you haven't figured this out, there are many ways to play songs. There is never just 1 way to play a song. So quit argueing. This tab is not bad at all. And yes, it I am really sure that "C" is probally the way Pillar plays the song. But quit the mouthin'. Cause this whole scenerio is getting no where quick. So play the song the way you want to play it, and leave it alone.

joellaw44 - 2005-08-06


NoahWebster - 2006-03-20

Hey guys, this is Noah from Pillar again and I wanted to say that your all FAT!

JagoTiberan - 2006-03-28

Ok, heres a good question, if you have the book, then y did u look anyways o.0?

JagoTiberan - 2006-03-28

look here*

Dani_Boy - 2006-04-17

Joellaw44, you don't have any strummings at all in the tab. 7p0 in the chorus is really off. All notes are not muted in the verse. The bridge doesn't help much when there's no strummings. Sorry I'm just complaining, but I think you can do better than this. I think your The Art of Breaking tab is really good, try to keep that high standard. I don't mean to "Bring You Down" lol, but I really think you can do better. Rawk on!

Oh, and if NoahWebster really is the real Noah, then I would love to see a perfect version of this song. That would be cool. If he's not Noah, then I gotta say I'm really tired of all the "I'm playing in the band" wannabies.

cody horne - 2006-04-29

does any one know how to put a tab on this web site I would rally like to know?

guitarcordfreak - 2006-05-23

here is what I think is the correct version. this is for the intro and chorus
it is all power chords(if u watch the music video closely u will see he is playing power chords)
-5-5-5--5-5-5--5-5---7-7-7---3-3--3-3----9-9--55-5-- x4 then on chorus also

guitarcordfreak - 2006-05-23

sorry about my correction my stupid computer messed it up. it's correct except the word also should be taken out and the space should be sealed up.

guitarcordfreak - 2006-05-25

I agree with Dani_boy! there are way to many liars onthis website saying that they are part of a famous band. I have run into at least 3 of the wannabies and it is getting very old!!! It is also sad that so many people on this website claim to be Christians but still are lieing by saying the are part of a famous band!!!

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