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Submitted by: christkid316

Hypnotized - Pillar

this song is played in low drop c tuning. (CBCFAD)The intro is played with a 

C-0---------------------------------   (repeat 1x)

P.S. i just got this cd yesterday (6-18-04) and this is all i can figure out, 
PLEASE correct and/or add to this

Comments about this tab

joellaw44 - 2004-06-24

The tuning would be CGCFAD not CBCFAD.
Good otherwise.

rockerclb - 2004-07-01

um whats a flanker?

bobsummers35 - 2004-07-03

sorry man, but this isnt very right, i payed it, and i noticed that you tried to add noes where the delays are and stuff, just wait till the tab book comes out in october and that'll be perfect

Expo_27 - 2004-08-06

Hey where can i get the tab book?

flyingguitarist - 2004-08-08

He doesn't use a flanger, he uses a chorus.

pillarock3 - 2004-08-14

i think a flanger is another name for a plectrum. you know a lot of guitarists use plectrums!

pillarock3 - 2004-08-14

1 tiny correction right at the end

--3-- right at the end

pillarock3 - 2004-08-14

1 tiny correction right at the end

--3-- right at the end

GuitarBeemer - 2004-08-30

Can you put the tab to it in here when you get the book?
I don't know where I can get it in my area.
Live For Jesus

Shinobi83 - 2004-09-09

How do u drop C tune?!

UGmember_PILLAR - 2004-09-16

i noticed you messed up at the end, its 0

UGmember_PILLAR - 2004-09-16


kj52rox - 2004-09-22

good job bob

youthmaster07 - 2004-09-23

one: "flanger" is a type of reverb-like distortion. if your amp costs less than $100, you probably don't have it.

two: you can buy the tab book online at (but that's in October). also, one of the rules of CGR is that you can't put tabs from COPYRIGHTED books on here- they have to be figured out by ear (otherwise, there would be no reason for anyone to buy the book).

youthmaster07 - 2004-09-23

"flyingguitarist" is right, it's not flanger- it's chorus. plus, some heavy delay.

also, it THINK the end might be:


youthmaster07 - 2004-09-23

scratch that! i meant to put


ochants76 - 2004-09-28

actually it is just two diff. delays at diff. speeds...(boss dd-3 and dd-6) flanger or least thats how noah does it live

ShadowCruiser2K - 2004-11-20


ShadowCruiser2K - 2004-11-20

crap, can't go back and edit. And if you can, oops. But anyway. Hold the 1 on the G string the second time. I'll probably post a tab for the whole song eventually. I've got the chorus down, and most of the bridge, but the verse is kinda difficult to pick up.

mondaymrningfan - 2004-12-07

Would someone please do a tab on Holding On! It is such an awesome song and I am too lazy too do it myself.

kevin 987654321 - 2004-12-21

Dude guys chill! if it is so wrong write your own

UG MARK - 2004-12-24

i thought it was pretty good myself.

lilsk8rboi411 - 2004-12-28


d--------------- I --------------- I -------------- I --------
a--------------- I --------------- I -------------- I --------
d----2-------0-- I ----0------0--- I --2------0---- I ----0---
c---0--0-0-3---0 I --0------3---3- I 0---0-0-3--0-- I --0---0-
g--------------- I 3-----1-------- I -------------- I 3-----1-
c--0------------ I --------------- I 0------------- I --------

Timberwolf - 2005-02-03

It's a chorus pedal.a Flanger makes a more of a sweeping sound,a chorus pedal fills the empty sounds makes it more full.

Timberwolf - 2005-03-17

Or perhaps a reverb with delay?

mdhaley - 2005-03-25

Guys common listen carefully an advanced guitar player like Noah would never write a song in drop C there are better ways to could only play drop C on a Baritone guitar with a 27" scale unless you used 14 guage strings on a regular guitar...string tension is important so try to figure it out differently or buy the tab book...a good tip is play your 6 string like it were a 7 string like this LOW C check it wishes!

swimmer009 - 2005-03-26

i have the book there is no delay so if u want it jus email me and i might give it to you

swimmer009 - 2005-03-26

ya all the songs in the where do we go from here album are played in drop cgcfad i have the book like i said before

swimmer009 - 2005-03-27

my bad there is delay and reverb

guitarfreaker - 2005-04-06

Hey mdhaley
If you go to and go to the bios they asked Noah what his favorite tuning was and he said DROPPED C. So, I would imagine that that is what he uses and besides it sounds good, it's very versitile, and conveniant. So stop dissing a perfectly good tuning, and try it out yourself.

swimmer009 - 2005-06-01

ya i went there to and its my favorite tuning to its jus t gettin back to normal that sux a bit

Joe Hofner - 2005-12-08

tuning C G C F A D i think it sounds like this

i think the verse is the same as intro
just different picking and 1 or 2 changes
i think they pick each one a few times and a little faster

1st time

2nd time

puya - 2006-04-10

lilsk8rboi411 is right! great tab! thanx

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