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Submitted by: Rockone03

Title: Homesick
Album: Undone
Artist: Mercy Me

F Bb
F Bb
Eb C 
F Bb C F

F Bb
C Dm 
Bb C F
C Bb F

C Bb
C Bb

Comments about this tab

jesusfreak_05_8 - 2004-06-27

um....Homesick is from Undone...not Spoken For...

Rockone03 - 2004-06-28

Yeah, sorry, not sure what I was thinkin when I put that, really sorry, but yup Undone was supposed to be put there.....thanks for visiting my version of it though........

guitarman_14 - 2004-07-16

In the bridge, you repeat C and Bb one more time before going to the G and C. Other than that, everything is right. I gave it a 5

norbi - 2004-09-07

i was listening to this song this morn going to work. almost made me cry ...
great job on the chords!!!

Rubadub stub - 2004-10-22

how do you finger a Bb chord?

Petey - 2004-11-02

1 e
3 B
3 G
3 D
1 A
x E

there ya go...

crazychu - 2004-11-22

Bb is so hard to do! but the cheap way is..

x =)

Petey - 2004-11-22

I think it's easier top lay with Capo 1st......and use these chords for the ones there....
without capo-----with capo 1st fret...all relative to capo....
C-----B but play this it sounds good X24400 eadgbe it's like a Bsus
try that....

I have more MercyMe songs from Undone..Spoken For and Almost There and all the way back to Pleased To Meet You if ya know about that pretty much I have just about any song MercyMe has played........

winst707 - 2004-12-31

i like everything on here except the chorus i have something different:

I close my eyes and I see Your face
B C#m B
If home's where my heart is than I'm out of place
C#m B A
Lord wont You give me strength to make it through somehow
I've never been more homesick than now

SixstringGrace - 2005-01-24

I must agree that, although I played both, I prefer the Capo'd version. A bit easier to sing for my voice range, and I like the sound of the open B and open C#m (if you don't bar the C#m on this version, I think it sounds better.) All in all though, this song is great no matter what chords you play.

coronadopb - 2005-02-02

how do u play it with the open B and de c#m?

geetarkid#4 - 2005-02-03 do play D2... thanx

Ruski1106 - 2005-03-04

d2 is actually dsus2


OnTheROCK - 2005-03-10

I think an open B (if played on capo 1) is:

e 1
B 1
G 5
D 5
A 3
E 1

And c#m is:

e 1
B 1
G 7
D 7
A 5
E 1

I hope that helps you some. Keep on praisin!

Purewhitdove - 2005-03-16

Is there any way I can get the words to this song homesick??? ty

ilol82 - 2005-04-21

maybe we should just write the whole thing over again??

guitarin' - 2005-04-27

carpenterhead - 2005-05-10

try this out...

F Bb
F Bb
Eb C
F7/A Bb F

F Bb
C F A7/E
Dm Bb
C Bb F

C Bb
C Bb
C Dm
Gm7 C

Ending Chorus
F Bb
Dm A7 Bb
C2 Bb/D C/E Dm C2
Bb C Bb F

rock_on79 - 2005-05-29

I thought Bb was just B moved down a fret (113333) sounds ok but I'm probably wrong...

atorrey - 2005-06-20

the other homesick that was transcribed is very good.-check it out.

surfcali37 - 2005-07-03

Petey's version with the capo and the alternate chords sounds really great and its not to difficult................ thnx Petey!!!!!!

kelly32694 - 2005-08-29

thnx so much 2 whoever it was that posted the open b!!! humongous help!!!
<333 in Christ, me

Highdensity17 - 2005-12-07

This is what i came up with after using the posted chords and playing along with the song, seems to work good for me. Mabe for you as well

Tile: Homesick
Album: Undone
Artist: Mercy Me

Intro: two measures of E

Verse: 1

E A2

E A2

D2 Bsus

A2 E A2  play this and quickly change to chorus


E A2

Bsus E Bsus

C# Bsus A2

Bsus A2 E A2 Bsus A2

Verse: 2

E A2

E A2

D2 Bsus

A2 E A2  play this and quickly change to chorus


E A2

Bsus E Bsus

C# Bsus A2

Bsus A2 E

Bsus A2

Bsus A2

Bsus C# A2 bsus

E A2 C# G# A2

Bsus C#

Bsus A2

Bsus C#

Bsus A2 hold note

E A2 Bsus A2

Godwillhelpyou - 2006-03-31

I will tab this song out for everyone in the next day because the tabs that I see on here are all have to tune down to D on this song.its a lot easyer to play and if you listen to the cd version of the song it is tuned to D also.try this for starts and then I will tab the rest of it the first verses are in G then it goes to C and then plays right along with the cd give it a try.Tune to D

joshkang - 2006-07-01

Capo 3 with play D key is my preferable way of playing this F keys.

Tuning the E string down to D will be helpful for this song.
I don't have a guitar with me now, so the following could be wrong, so please correct me if I'm wrong!

Original Key -- Capo 3 with down-tuned D
F-----D2 0-3-2-0-x-x (mute two strings with middle finger)
Bb----G6 0-3-0-0-x-3 (mute A string with middle finger)
C-----Asus4 0-3-0-2-0-x (mute E string with thumb)
Dm----Bmxxx 0-3-2-0-2-x (mute E string with thumb)
Eb----C2xxx 0-3-0-2-3-x (mute E string with thumb)
G-----E7 0-3-1-2-2-0 (could play with E, 0-0-1-2-2-0)

-->how<-- long must I wait
F/A---D2/G# 0-3-2-0-x-2 (mute A string with middle finger, use thumb for base)
-->never<-- been more homesick
C-----A x-2-0-2-0-x (mute E string with thumb)

joshkang - 2006-07-01

I love carpenterhead's chords! thanks!

capo 3
I'm out of -->place<--,
A7/E--D2/C# 0-3-2-x-4-x (mute D with your pincky, E with thumb)

Christiangal88 - 2006-08-05

Ok, so out of curiosity, how do you define tuning down to D? I've heard of a DADGAD tuning before, is tuning down to D just dropping each string a note? or do you just tune the E string down? Would appreciate the help. :-) Thanks a million

jenaynacamu - 2006-09-17

i've always been taught that tuning down to D is just tuning the low E down to D and leaving the other strings. (lol...could be wrong) ;)

TobyK2 - 2007-03-03

if anyone here happend to play mandolin could you explain how to finger a C# or is C# the same as Db? Thanks!

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