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Submitted by: josh-rock

Never Alone
2004 Fervent Records
Standard tuning

Chords ~
    E5   C5   G5   D5   A5   B5   
e|- X    X    X    X    X    X -
b|- X    X    X    X    X    X -
g|- 9    5    4    7    6    8 -
d|- 9    5    5    7    7    9 -
a|- 7    3    5    5    7    9 -
e|- 0    X    3    X    5    7 -

Intro ~
 E5   C5   G5   D5   X2

here's what I play during piano ~
g|---9-9-----5-5-----4------7-7-------and so on --

Verses ~
 E5   C5   G5   D5 x4  then C5   G5   C5   D5   B5

Chorus ~ E5   C5   A5   G5   B5  x2

 E5   C5   D5   G5   B5

well thats what I've come up with! its Not even close to perfect
But it sounds pretty good, and is a lot more complete than the other one on 
this site.  have Fun! josh-rock ( )

Barlow Girl
Never Alone
Fervent Records 2004

I'm a pianist turned guitarist and i figured out the piano bit and thought
I might convert it to guitar for some of you people. I've seen some tabs for
this but the way i figured it out was a bit different and in a different key
so here goes:


feel free to post your comments. i'm newish to tabbing


Guitar Solo
Never Alone (solo)

i noticed that there were 2 versions of this song, but neither of them have the 
guitar solo between the chorus and 2nd verse. here it is. 

A--------------2-2-2-------3-3-3--------------  x2

Comments about this tab

Number1RKfanAMT - 2004-06-28

This is a great song, and I think the tabs are perfect. Can you try to post the piano part for this song?

Number1RKfanAMT - 2004-06-28

Forgot to add this earlier.....I think, but I'm not sure that in the chorus, the second time around, when she says You're Here.....I think its a C5 instead of an E5. It sounds better but I still think theres another chord that would make it sound just right.

josh-rock - 2004-07-01

I would love to Post the Piano part If I could play/write piano.... but I dont. so I guess someone else will have to post it.

crazygonuts - 2004-07-05

the piano part goes like this (it's kinda hard to explain, so bear with me)

you play: e b e f# g f# (and while playing this you play e an octave lower) then, e b e f# g f# g(play c an octave lower) while playing the last g you play, b c b a a a g f#, then you repeat except the last part you do, b c b gchord. you continue to play that through the verse. for the prechorus and chorus you play the same chords on the piano as you do on the guitar, except the e5 chord in the chorus you play as Em. i know that's confusing, i tried to make it as simple as possible, but i don't think it worked. haha

YieldedOne - 2004-07-07

That 2nd E5 in the Chorus should be an A.

crazygonuts - 2004-07-08

on the guitar part or the piano part? haha

Number1RKfanAMT - 2004-07-14

I agree with YieldedOne.....the second E5 in the chorus (for the guitar part) should be an A5. And thanks for posting the piano part!

josh-rock - 2004-07-14

oh.... I think I must have wrote the second E5 in wrong becasue I'm pretty sure I play it as A5.... I'll recheck My work and change it. thanks guys :)

chall - 2004-07-30

the C5 G5 C5 D5 B5 part i believe should be C5 E5 C5 G5 B5

fmchick34 - 2004-08-01

thank you sooooo much crazygonuts for posting the piano chords for this song. i love this song and i was trying to get the chords by ear but its a little hard with so much going on. again thank you so much!!!

crazygonuts - 2004-08-03

glad to be of service ma'am. teehee. could you understand how i wrote it at all?

txbass - 2004-08-28

8 measures following the chorus (tag) should be E, C, G, D/f#, 2x

txbass - 2004-08-28

i meant to follow that up with good job on all the work, thanks for helpin us ROCK!

sarai - 2004-09-23

ya know that big piano part in the beginning? is there any music for that?

ilovefender - 2004-10-26

I think maybe yu should use an E minor instead of an e major! just a suggestion!

love2fishfork - 2004-11-05

Here is the song the way I hear it.

Never Alone

Em C G D/F#
I waited for you today
Em C G D/F#
But You didnít show No no no
Em C G D/F#
I needed You today
Em C G D/F#
So where did You go?
C Em
You told me to call Said Youíd be there
C G B7
And though I havenít seen You Are You still there?

Em C
I cried out with no reply
Am G B7
And I canít feel You by my side
Em C
So Iíll hold tight to what I know
Am G B7
Youíre here and Iím never alone

Em C G D/F#
And though I can not see You
Em C G D/F#
And I canít explain why
Em C G D/F#
Such a deep, deep reassurance
Em C G D/F#
Youíve placed in my life

C D Em
We cannot separate Cause Youíre part of me
C G B7
And though Youíre invisible Iíll trust the unseen


Bridge (leave out ďCauseĒ)


love2fishfork - 2004-11-05

Sorry it looks like the chord names moved to new positions when I hit submit in the previous post. But you should be able to figure it out.

TParker791 - 2004-12-26

This may be a totally crazy thing to ask...but is there anyone who can pick out the voice harmonies on this song? They blend so well that I have trouble doing it. It might be to crazy to ask, but I figured I'd try my luck. Thanx

lover - 2005-01-16

This is how i see the piano part for the intro and first verse

play 3 octaves of 5's then F# G F# then play the three octaves of C's (but follow the three octaves with the F# g F#) then play the G's (3 octaves) but as soon as you get to the D/F# play 2 octaves of D's then hit F# and D at the same time when you would play the 3rd octave.

lover - 2005-01-16

WAIT! When i put 5's i mean E's

here is a simple way to put it (**WHEN IT SAYS PLAY A NOTE 3 TIMES IN A ROW IT MEANS THREE OCTAVES**)

E E E* F# G F#
C C C* F# G F#
G G G* F# G F#
D D D/F#


lizkay - 2005-01-18

i pretty much agree with love2fishfork. those are the chords i use when playing this song. what a beautiful song it is.

jesussffreek - 2005-01-20

now see i got something kinda diff on the piano intro, but not much, remember to have small sustain on also:
left: E B B C C C G G F# E D~
right: B E* F# G F# C E F# G F# G~ A G F# E

that last E, is the also the first E, cuz it repeats so yeah, there ya go

jenbeau - 2005-02-05

Yeah, I can hear the harmonies rather well, but it would be hard to actually write them out on a whim. Shall I work on that for ya?

Cheez777 - 2005-02-07

hot garbage! thanks so much!!

mmggppmgp - 2005-02-16

hey i'll give my little sis the chords and see what she comes up with... then i will tab it out for u guys... yet i hav a lot of hw piling up on me... hehe, I promise i'll do it... maybe on monday... GOD BLESS

musicfan8 - 2005-02-25

Hey, somebody said they knew the harmony part. I know it is hard but do you thank you could write it out. I can only pick it up now and then during the song. Thanks.

GodrulesWill777 - 2005-03-03

The E5s and all the other 5s. Sound better when you play the regular power chord.

Soccer Bob - 2005-04-06

I bet when josh-rock said feel free to post comments he didn't know he would be able to write a whole book off all of them.. lol! ~peace out y'all~ L8r

i luv chocolad - 2005-04-07

Man this song is awesome.. i just kinda combined, joshrocks version and ilove...(man i forgot his/her name-sorry) sounds pretty cool... i dunno..
thanks guys.. you have complete my world.

musicmatt112590 - 2005-04-19

Hey, love2fishfork, u should have made a nu tab instead of making it a comment.

josh-rock - 2005-04-28

yeah.... there have been a few more comments then I thought there would be. I was kinda sad that my computer broke down so I couldn't keep up with Admining BG tabs.... Oh well. thanks for all the comments though. I get to See BG again this summer so That will be Awesome! (sonshine fest.. wilmer MN)

TownFoolSlim - 2005-05-10

GodRulesWill777- Actually '5' chord IS a power chord. When you're playing a '5' chord (i.e. E5) what you are actually playing is the root plus the fifth. That's right only two sperate notes. This is why you never see Em5 (E minor 5) or EMaj5 (E Major 5), because the next note in the sequence would determine if it's major, minor, etc.

On that note, what Josh-Rock has listed as a 'G5' is actually a GMaj, becuase of the 'B' on the 4th string. So, you're both kind of right. And yes it sounds better as a Power Chord (5) because that is how it's actually written. Kudos on the ear.

Just remember kids: 5 chord = Root + 5th.

Rock and Roll..
The Slim
Town Fool Ministries
7503 Garry Road
Ft. Myers, FL 33912
Please... book us.

mear - 2005-06-08

sorry...i know this is only for comments or corrections, but, does, anyone know the guitar sound they use for this song? thanx

music~angel - 2005-06-16

thnx 4 da music. i was trying to play the piano intro bit, but none of the suggestions seem quite right. does anyone know which one is right version?

rock_on79 - 2005-06-19

crazygonuts's version is correct (as far as I can tell) but instead of a g chord at the end it's D/F#.

rock_on79 - 2005-06-24

I figured out the harmony's not perfect, but it should be close...


rock_on79 - 2005-06-24

I figured out the harmony's not perfect but it should be close...

Verse:I waited for You today/But You didn't show no no no

I needed You today/So where did You go?
You told me to call/Said You'd be there
told me to call said You'd be there
And though I haven't seen You/ Are You still there?
are You still there
Chorus1:I cry out with no reply/ And I can't feel You by my side
by my side
So I'll hold tight to what I know/You're here and I'm never alone
tight what I know here never alone
Verse2:And though I can not see You/And I can't explain why
can't explain (why)
Such a deep, deep reassurance/You've placed in my life
Bridge: We cannot seperate/You're part of me
we cannot seperate
And though you're invisible/I'll trust the unseen
though you're invisible trust the unseen
Chorus2: I cry out with no reply/ And I can't feel You by my side
cry out with no reply I can't feel You by my side
So I'll hold tight to what I know/ You're here, and I'm never alone
I'll tight what I know here never alone

Chorus3: Same as Chorus 2 except:
You're here and I'm never alone...
here never

Hope this helps....have fun and rock on 4 Him!

rock_on79 - 2005-06-24

sorry about the post where it has "Lead: Harmony:"...I hit tab then enter on accident when I was typing...

beaconguitar07 - 2005-08-03

Hi, I am a new member to the site.

I was just curious as to why someone doesn't copy the chords out of the WOW 2005 songbook. Is it illeagal? If not I would be glad to do it.


rockstar_91 - 2005-08-10

Ya its this big copyright publish thing that you cant do if you click subit song it will tell you all the rules and stuff

irocforje5u5 - 2005-08-15

you guys are confusing me and is their anyone smart enough to get the drum part? if you do e-mail me at my brother wants it.

ILoveLucy - 2005-09-16

OK this is it it goes awesome w/ the cd if you have it.
Pick these chords thill she starts singing
Em C D
Em C G D

then play softly
1 & 2 Verse:
Em C D
Em C G D
Em C D
Em C G D

1st Prechorus:

Em C G A
Em C G A

2nd verse

2nd Prechorus


2nd Prechorus ony strumming softly not struming continuously

play 1st 3 strings on Em 6x's


Play chorus lightly till end
then end on Em

silver_guitar - 2005-11-09

mear - 2005-06-08
sorry...i know this is only for comments or corrections, but, does, anyone know the guitar sound they use for this song? thanx

yeah i believe that its only a phaser played over destortion
so all you should need is a good phaser pedal and a good destortion pedal

and crazygonuts this is a sweet tab

ColleenTCollins - 2005-12-06

AHHH Josh, this is awesome!!! Jeeze, I would never be able to sit there and figure out what they are playing...takes a lot of patients!! C Ya at church!!!

Gplayer4God - 2005-12-23

I think it sounds kinda like this:
Verses and bridges
Em C G G/F#
Em C A2 G Bm
Power Chords
E5 C5 G5 - (Verses and bridges)
E5 C5 A5 G5 B5 (chorus)
If there are any kinks in the power chord tab Email ma at
Peace of Christ,

JESUSFReaK301 - 2005-12-24

Right after the guitar starts, and during the song, there's a riff. is that the solo played over and ovr again?

jcluver92 - 2006-02-03

Hey everyone,
This is a pretty awesome tab..
Im not that good at tabbing
I am a pianist and a harmony singer...
I have read and rehearsed most of the piano notes for this tab...
When I play it, for the intro until I get to the pre-chorus, it goes like this...
(hold e in one octive lower) e b e

(hold d in one octive lower) f# g f# e

(hold e in one octive lower) e b e

(hold d in one octive lower) f# g a b g e

And repeat that until the pre-chorus...
You gotta get the right beat though...
Im sorry if its kinda messed up...
I think it still needs some tweaking...
Jcluver = jesus christ luver!

jcluver92 - 2006-02-03

If anyone knows...
can someone please help me by figuring out the guitar chords and piano notes for the song:

Psalm 73(My Gods Enough)
By BarlowGirl,
Track 7- Another Journal Entry

I want to sing it for my church youth group but i need the chords...
I will be so so so greatfull if you would please help me...

Isaiah 38:20
"The LORD will save me and we will sing with stringed instruments, all the days of our lives, in the temple of the LORD"

Live By Faith! May you be blessed by the LORD

The_Kyrinthian - 2006-07-18

Hey, everyone that wanted to know EXACTLY how the piano part at the begining goes, look at my tab. i have the sheet music for piano and i know all youll wanted the piano part at the begining. have fun with it

ILoveLucy - 2006-08-22

ur chords are wrong...
it sound be
Em C D
Em C G D

jcka - 2007-08-18

Here is a link for the piano scores from their book... it's only the first page free, but it's pretty much the whole song.

Rocker4god101 - 2007-12-08

i love lucy's tab is better

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