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Submitted by: Jimvee

Thousand Foot Krutch

I tabbed this because the other one wasn't quite right.  Beware!  It's in
drop B folks!  I'm not going to show the 3 highest strings because they aren't
played at all in the song.

x or ... means palm mute

Main Riff/Chorus:

then go to this


not worrying too much about the timing but you get the idea

                                         let this ^ring but mute with finger

b--3-3-3-2-2--2--2-2-2--2-7-        -3-3-3-2------------7-3-3-3-2---------7
F#-3-3-3-2-2--2--2-2-2--2-7-x4 then -3-3-3-2--------------3-3-3-2----------
B--3-3-3-2-2--2--2-2-2--2-7-        -3-3-3-2--------------3-3-3-2----------
                                     .......              .......

That's all folks!  Like I said, the timing's not quite perfect, but just listen 
to the song and you'll get it.

Comments about this tab

AdamSharpe - 2004-09-14

I don't think it has to be played in drop B because I was just at a concert and Jamie used the same guitar (and obviously the same tuning) for the entire concert....all in drop D. But I'm sure your tab works too.

SSj Guitarist - 2004-10-20

It does have to be in drop-d, there's no other way to get those notes to sound that low, unless unbeknownst to me theres a pedal that does it, but I was at a concert and jamie used the same guitar, but he retuned it inbetween.

krutchfan66 - 2004-10-26

Whos Jamie!?! I only no of trevor mcnevan and that other doyd. is he jamie???

aznguitarist28 - 2004-10-30

if the refering to the fm static guitarist who plays with thousand foot krutch (at least on tour when they released phenomenon), im pretty sure thats not "jamie" its some guy name john. and yes tfk plays their songs in drop d.

krutchfan66 - 2004-12-09

Not all songs. when in doubts standard.

neil6663 - 2004-12-13

i don't think the fmstatic guitarist ever played with Krutch. Before Jamie Dave Smith played in the years of Thats what people do and Set it off and then Mike took over for a while, thats it i think. Every Krutch concert ive seen had Jamie Alpin in it. Unless you guys are thinking of Steve, the drummer who plays both in FmStatic and Krutch

ChurchPunk 2 - 2005-05-20

I think its in Drop-D with lots of distortion. Norma Jeans "Mephis Will Be Laid To Waste" is in Drop-D, but it sounds really low.

malachai - 2005-05-24

i think that the TFK guitar player uses the mega bass de-tune pedal, which basically makes your guitar sound lower than what its really tuned, so with your guitar in D tuning is would actually sound as though it were drop C instead. now ive listened to this song extensively and ive come up with something of my own
(even though the song has been mixed with tables and guitar layering)
this is what i got, you have to tune your guitar to drop B to play it correctly but imma just put it up in your standard D tuning.

(gonna get this party started)

thats for the intro
then its


kinda like that

for the "everybody" part....


like that

i hope ive kinda done a little bit of justice to this very complex song
God Bless ya
Rock for Christ

p.s. i saw em in concert too, same guitar, different effects

drumbum_nzbpt - 2005-08-31

hey i saw them in concert and i know for a fact that the guitarists name is jamie because i got his autograph and talked to him a bit anyways i also noticed that they played everything in drop d so i was wondering who makes this mega bass detune pedal cause i cant find it anywhere

Dani_Boy - 2006-04-24

Pitch Shift and now Mega Bass De-Tune pedal or something like that. Yup, I'm sure they could be using some effect for their Drop B songs, because they've got quite a few if you count all their newer albums too. You CAN'T play this song without effects or Drop B tuning anyway. Plain Drop D doesn't work. For all of us who don't have the ultra effect stuff we'll have to play it in Drop B.

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