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Submitted by: harmonyblonde

Bethany Dillon 

This song is actually played on capo 5 with funky open chords 
according to one of my good friends who saw her live, but if
you just play it this way, it sounds almost as good and its really
easy.  I'm not positive its right, but it sound good to me!
There is a bit of a down beat in her strumming pattern, just
listen to it =) enjoy!

G Em C G
G Em C G D

Em C G D
Em C G 
Em D

bridge: (come with me...)
G D Em D C9
G D Em D C9
D C9 (revolutionaries...::repeats::...end on D)

sorry if its not perfect...its at least a start...she is an
AMAZING talent...keep your eye on this chick!

God bless!

Comments about this tab

ConcreteGirlO5 - 2004-08-13

G Em C G
many have traveled this road before, I see the tracks in the dirt, maybe I donít agree, on where they are leading
G Em C G D
who am I, just a youth, why has that become the excuse? a monotone voice, in my head saying

Em C G D
dreaming all the time, is so foolish, Your flood of empty words Will drown you in ruin

Em C G
So we listen, Should we listen

G Em C G
They shake their heads, As they drive away in the bandwagon, Didnít feel like hitching a ride , Oh, but Iíll be fine
G Em C G D
Some nights itís hard to be alone, I want some kind of kinship, But the finish line It drives me on

When they say

Em D
come with me, theyíll call us revolutionaries
G D Em D C9
come with me, theyíll call us revolutionaries

Em C G D
dreaming all the time, is snot foolish, Your flood of life giving words they will refresh

Em C G
should we listen, revolutionaries

iwant2playgetar - 2004-09-21

this probably sounds totally stupid but what does capo on the 5th fret mean??
can someone help me out??


ChristianGirl24 - 2004-10-11

Capo on the fifth fret means you put your capo (i'm assuming you probably don't have one) on the fifth fret. This will raise the song five half steps and put it in the range the Bethany sings it. You can use your capo to adjust the key a song is performed in to match your vocal range. Hope that helps!

SAVOR~CJ - 2004-11-28

omg that was sssssooooooo funy!! yes i know its november now, but i havent been here n months.

what if the poor dude dont even know what a capo is?

jayne_snider - 2005-01-07

My brother was trying to figure out this song for me- he said that the G and C chords are actually power chords.He knows what he's talking about. He's getting a national racording record soon. It does sound better playing them as power chords. The Em and other chords are just regular. See what you think.

Jahzgirl - 2005-05-03

they do sound more like power chords that's for sure...

ACHILDOFGOD!* - 2005-07-11



scout27 - 2005-09-09

There's actually a Bm in here instead of an Em. If you're playing with the capo in the 5th fret the chorus should go like this:
Bm, G, D, A7

scout27 - 2005-09-09

And the verse should go as follows:
D, Bm, G, A7, D, A7 (on certain verses, you can tell where she changes back to the 7th) You just have to listen to the difference between the D and the A7, it's slight but it makes a big difference in the sound of the song.

GuitarGirl4ever - 2006-03-04

ConcretGirl05 can you or someone else put the chords on top to the word you play them at or like a dash mark or somthig. that would be very help full.


guitarchic2991 - 2006-06-19

Yeah, could sumone plz do that it makes things o so much easier to read.

tashayoustin - 2006-07-10

I think the weird capo thingy you're referring to is a cut capo. The song is played with a regular capo on the 3rd fret and a cut or "foote" capo on the 5th fret...essentially putting the tuning into open e. Many artists are using this's pretty easy and sounds great.

Zboy4God - 2006-09-21

Hay who ever pout this up hear and to concretGirl05 for pouting the lyrics to the chords I would like to say thank you thank you thank you you really helped me get started on the guitar
--------------------------------------------- SOOOOO THANK YOU!!!!-----------------------------------------------------

OH! One thing sum times the E chord is an Em7 and the C chord is sum times played like this


you just play the C and lift up your middle finger

God bless

-------------ZBoy out-------------------

rowii26 - 2010-01-22

hey im trying to learn this song but strugggling with the strumming pattern, can anyone help me out?

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