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Submitted by: curt02k1

The David Crowder Band
O Praise Him (All this for a King) from the album "Illuminate"
visit for more info on the band

Verse 1:
G   D   C
G   D   C

Bridge 1:
G   C
C   A7sus
G   C
C   A7sus

C   A7sus

Verse 2:
same as verse 1


G   D
D   Em
Em  C
A7sus  C   G


Bridge 2:
same as bridge 1

(chorus many times) 


I saw a few mistakes in the last one and hopefully this one will cover up for
that. Enjoy and God bless! :)

Comments about this tab

aznechelon - 2004-05-16

It's actually a D/F# for every D.

corky12r - 2004-08-08

i agree the d's should be d/f#'s and you need to capo the 3rd fret

1moreSoul - 2004-08-14

It's on Capo 3

guitarplayer105 - 2004-08-17

ok i have a question, is it capo 3 or capo 1? i have heard both and i dont know which way is correct. Or is it a cut capo?

akim - 2004-08-22

its capo 3

akim - 2004-08-22

its capo 3

fred91 - 2004-09-02

just go to the bands website and print the correct version

rcman - 2004-12-14

you don't need a capo

lief101 - 2005-01-13

really, I think its capo on 2...and by the way, their web does not have tabs for this song but for others go to

lief101 - 2005-01-13

i think it is also fair to say that you can put most of these chords over an E (meaning hold the high E string through most of the song) it sounds pretty good that way

jamforchrist123 - 2005-02-10

If You Watch The Music Video, He Uses Capo 3.

rcman - 2005-04-11

no he uses capo on the second fret...because he sings it in a Bb key...for every a7sus its am...its sounds better

samhung - 2005-04-24

you can add an Em before the Cs in the verses if you want

curt02k1 - 2005-07-02

alright i submitted this tab like a year or two ago when i was just starting out that i know a little bit more about tunings this song makes a lot more sense the way that crowder does it....he performs this song using a capo on the third fret with his capo backwards, but heres the part where almost everyone gets a little confused: for every song that crowder plays live he tunes the guitar down a half step and capoes the song on the first fret, thereby making it standard, since crowder capoes his guitar on the 3rd fret, the song O Praise Him is played in standard tuning with a capo on the 2nd fret....ugh i know it may sound a little complicated but if you have any more questions please ask and ill try to answer them the best i can

austinapalooza - 2005-07-11

you all are fighting too much just listen to curt02k1

jkim519 - 2005-07-14

If you listen to the song, capo should be on 3rd fret

austinapalooza - 2005-07-14

Maybe play a C7 instead of C

-TRUTH- - 2005-07-30

Thanks for taking the time to post the song Curt. This is just an awesome worship song no matter which way you play it. I havent worked on it yet, but it totally invites the spirit. I did see the video and seen that he capo'd the third fret. God bless You guys and thanks again Curt.

x_pal - 2005-09-08

in live, i also saw him using capo on the 3rd fret... i don't know why but it's a "mystery" why david plays it with his guitar tuned down half-step.

Iam am Jeremy - 2005-11-08

ALRIGHT GUYS BREAK IT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

there we go
that was hard
i am being stupid
i like this song
i am a person
i am being a dumb little dude

gigemhilo - 2006-02-02

he tunes down a half step live because strings stay in tune better that way, and also last longer. There is not as much tention on the strings.

Serial Sleeper - 2006-03-08

this song sounds fine just as it is written here... this is the way we play it in youth group and it sounds amazing... its easier to play this way... and G is an easy key to sing in for most individuals... as far as the D opposed to the D/F# it sounds good either way... just let the bassist play the F#... it sounds fine... stop arguing and start worshiping God

[MATT]-121- - 2006-09-12

it sounds good to me cappo 3

GhettoT - 2006-10-01

Does anyone have a link to crowder's site with the music chords? I can't find it!

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