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Submitted by: one_truth10

Group: Kutless
Album: Sea of Faces
Song: Sea of Faces

This is a great song on a great cd!
I have never tabbed a song before, so I'm sure there are many mistakes.  I
think these chords are mostly right.  Feel free to make corrections. 

Capo 3

G  C

G  C  Em  C  
G  C  Em  C

Pre Chorus
D  Em C

G  D  C  
Em  D  G
G  D  C  
Em  D  G

Em  C  D  C

C  G

Comments about this tab

unknown - 2004-05-04

Hey, this is a great song, but you don't really need the capo on the 3rd fret. It sounds good that way, but maybe a little too high. It sounds fine without a capo. Either way is great. Thanks for all your work tabbing this up!

shamishayguitar - 2004-05-11

i love this its my fav of all time

runyan86 - 2004-05-13

the intro has the same chords as the verse...try it out. Also; the ending goes C Em D G. Play with it to figure out the strumming pattern.

Papple - 2004-06-22

actually, it is a capo 3 and this is the pure acoustic part. I saw them play this live and watched the chord formations and this is right.

Number1RKfanAMT - 2004-06-28

This is such a great song! What's great about this song is that you can play alone or with a full band and either way, you'll still get the same effect. Also, I was going to add that you can substitute these chords......Instead of the D, play a D/F#, and instead of playing a C, play a C2. The D/F# just sounds better, and the C2 just makes it easier to play.

Track1_85 - 2004-07-08

could you send me the chords with the words.

redemptioncards - 2004-07-08

could you send me the chords and the word together please?

AirForceWannabe - 2004-07-16

Hey, this is a GREAT song, love it. I was wondering if I could get your e-mail addy, I have a Q. Thanks.

alienyouth_ej - 2004-07-22

could you also send it to me with the words?

jesselike - 2004-07-29

Could you please send me a copie of the this song with words also.
Thanks alot

auraven08 - 2004-07-31

hey guys check out they have the full song posted there and it sounds great!

auraven08 - 2004-07-31

hey great job man! however there is no G after the Em and D in the Chorus

FreakNdeed - 2004-08-07

Hey great job on the chords! Just a few quick corrections. Instead of playing C on the intro and verses, try using Cadd9 which is: 0 2 3 0 3 3. The bridge chords are: Em G Am C Em G Am C D G. The last G leads back into the chorus. The outro/ending on the line, "just one in a million faces," the chords are: Am C D G. I'm new to the web-site so let me know what you guys think. Peaceout <><

FreakNdeed - 2004-08-10

I put the wrong numbers for Cadd9, it's 032033. Sorry.

pearlbasher34 - 2004-08-12

The chords are good as is, but FreekNdeed's corrections make it perfect. Thanx alot for the correct bridge.

vintagechic14 - 2004-08-18

could you please send me this with the words. thanx :).

guitarist9999 - 2004-09-06

Could some one also me this song with the chords over top of the words

blazer - 2004-09-08

Sounds great.Don't know about the capo on the third fret{sounds a little too high.

needinglessofme - 2004-09-10

3rd capo is definitely correct may sound high but in the song the acoustic is definitely way up there

sarai - 2004-09-11

why don't you write down the words under the chords. that might help people.

sarai - 2004-09-11 is temporarily offline. please send me the song will words also. thanks.

brandon t - 2004-09-13

i am 100% sure that it is a capo on the 3rd. i just came back from ''rock the universe'' and i watched them play live. this is an awesome song!

brandon t - 2004-09-13

also it is a c2 not just c. its a lot easier to just drop your middle finger than to change your whole hand formation

Amaris - 2004-09-14

I LOVE THIS SONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cinster - 2004-09-25

I am new at guitar and I'm having a really hard time figuring out any strum patterns. Can anyone help me with this. I play acoustic guitar not electric, although I played electric a few weeks ago and it was very cool. lol. Any way, if anyone could help me that would be nice and i would appreciate it. ~::Cin::~

AirForceWannabe - 2004-10-05

Could someone please send chords over words for the idiot here(me)! Thanks!

Harns21 - 2004-10-10

Can someone send me the words with the chords? Thanks.

Music_lover - 2004-10-15

This seems good but i liek the C2 idea instaed of the plain C..And also think it does capo on the 3rd fret...

Praetorian - 2004-10-20

hey cud neone send me the chords wif the lyrics to me?

ericw83 - 2004-11-09

um would someone be willing to send me a copy of this song words with chords please.

lespaul_baby - 2004-11-25

hey could someone send me the words with the chords to this song please. Thank you so much God bless email is

temmpo - 2004-12-12

I was wondering if someone could send me the words along with the chords to this song. I would appreciate it. My email address is God Bless.

Karen Tomlinson

lilnate - 2004-12-19

This song is awesome!!!

JoeCool69 - 2004-12-29


RoodMan - 2005-01-03

Great job on the guitar tabs. I'm a beginner at guitar right now so it would really help if you could post the chords with the words. And also e-mail them to me.

FreakNdeed - 2005-01-05

For everyone that wants words with the chords, it is against the copyright laws to put words on this web-site. That is why nobody has done it. If you want the words with the chords, I have a 100% perfect version of the song, just email me and I will send it to you as an attachment with Microsoft Word.

JesusFreak2009 - 2005-01-22

Thank you for tabing this song, its so awesome!

nez46 - 2005-01-25

i love this song

matt j t - 2005-03-03

Hey Guys,

the user name on the

first correction on this tab says (matt j t)



someone please tell me what's going on!!!

David wood - 2005-03-10

Same with me
is some one else DAVID WOOD
i would like to know what is going on to

jguitar08 - 2005-03-22

Hey i'm jguitar08 but this is the first time i've ever been to this tab

ITS CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

jesusluver321 - 2005-03-29


FMstaticfreak - 2005-05-15

what the heck?

FMstaticfreak - 2005-05-15

hey im FMstatic
i think the ending goes Am-C-D-G-(and you let it ring)

rock_on79 - 2005-05-29

I didn't write that (1st comment)!!!! Someone tell me (us) what is going on!!! either this site is messed up or someone has too much time on their hands...

GodMusic395 - 2005-07-09

I need a Guitar Player for my band if your interested email me at (port huron resident round the age of 14-16 as of this year)

aero! - 2005-10-26

add a D onto the end of the intro

and um...whats the deal with the prechorus?? its supposed to be Am C.

and also, about the Em D G in the chorus, i don't know what's supposed to go there but something tells me that that ain't right.

but thanks for using capo 3rd fret. i dont know where these people are coming from with "capo 4th fret"....and besides that, good tab-- i mean, chords. :)

Soulfire40 - 2006-06-30

I just got the cd with this on it just today and it's my favorite song by Kutless next to Strong Tower and Finding Who We Are.Thanks sooooooooooooooo much , I really apreciate it.
Courage in Godspeed

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