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Submitted by: _slickshoes_

Ok here it goes

Verse: G#m E B F# 4x

little guitar riff thingy:
E/---------------------      --------------11b-
B/12-12-11-11-12-12---- 3x   --12-12-11-11-----    play verse under it
G/------------------9-8      ------------------

Verse:   G#m E B F#   4x kinda soft
         G#m E B F#   4x louder 

Chorus: B E B F# B E G#m E   2x

E/---------------------      --------------11b-
B/12-12-11-11-12-12---- 3x   --12-12-11-11-----    play verse under it
G/------------------9-8      ------------------

Verse: G#m E B F#   8x

Chorus: B E B F# B E G#m E   2x

Bridge: C#m E   4x   and on the last one end it on a B and hit the B for
                     and hit it again for the little break 

Then just repeat the chorus chords until the end of the song
       B E B F# B E F#m E

I think thats about it, it sounds right to me, any questions email me at

Comments about this tab

isaiah_43 - 2004-05-21

i believe that in the song at the end of the little guitar solo thing, they hammer the twelve fret on the e string and then go back to the 11 fret once again. Nice tab though anyways, you did a great job.

mmggppmgp - 2004-05-23

for the riff thingy this also works, at least for me and my sister

----------------------12-12-- 3x


mmggppmgp - 2004-05-23

the chorus confuses me, can any1 help me

isaiah_43 - 2004-05-27

yoo sup? i made a mistake a while ago, you do bend it. Sorry..

skip2myjosh - 2004-06-03

Hey guys.. great tab! but can anyone help me out with the bass intro?? got a bit of it.. but kinda confused..!

J.W4Christ - 2004-06-06

the end of the riff is:

mmggppmgp - 2004-06-12

i just need help with the verse!!!!!!!!!!!

paco_alphonso - 2004-06-23

Ei..'sup? I think the end of the riff goes something like this:
on the B2 string, strike the following frets: 12-12-11-11
" " E1 " " " " " 11-12-11 OR 12-13-13, w/c ever's right.

Then, go back to the B2 string and strike these final two frets: 14-12.

I think that's it. God bless you guys! :)

Mexi_strat - 2004-07-11

The first guitar riffy should end like this.


guitarplayer105 - 2004-07-28

This is a way i thought myself. Its not bad at all.

Have Fun. God Bless!

guitarplayer105 - 2004-07-28

sorry that last entry was fo the ending of the first one. just incase anyone had any questions

TheRealEvidence - 2004-07-28

Just to tell all of you's...the origanal tab is correct...all the corrections that all of you's did was wrong...if you dont beilive me, then just listien to the song your self...anyways, nice try tho...

l8er, and god bless

The Real Evidence

Robert_lavigne - 2004-07-29

the tabs for the intro are,


Yah it's really for bass, but it's alot of fun to play.
God Bless

jayhoo62 - 2004-08-08

You got it right on the original tab, but if you listen to the song very carefully, going back into the verse the little riff ends on a B note. I'm 95% sure this is what they do.
E/--------------------- --------------11b-11bp9---
B/12-12-11-11-12-12---- 3x --12-12-11-11-----------12 play verse under it
G/------------------9-8 --------------------------

I'm pretty sure that is how it goes because I know that it ends on the B and that there is a pill-off in there.

Bernz - 2004-08-13

Hey guys it took me a while to work this one out but if
any bassist are interested this is the one. I can't picture
it now but I sure this is how it would look in tab.


Note the Low F#'s and hi G#, they are essential for the sound, also
it is easier to slide into the first note than trying to play the first note with you pinky. It is also far easier to keep going for the million bars you are meant to play this riff if you use a really chunky pick!

God bless and rock on

jesus_freak4evr - 2004-09-02

I;m new to this tab thing but i want to learn. Can anybody teach me wat

-----------12----------13 something like that means cause im having trouble understanding these tabs

whoever can help pls email me at

Imperial21 - 2004-10-02

ok honestly the easiest way to do the guita iff is
e--------------------------- --------------
b--------------------------- -----16^-14---
g---16-16-15-15-16-16------- do this 3 times and on third------------16
d---------------------14-13- --------------

Imperial21 - 2004-10-02

oops it didnt turn out that great
e--------------------------- -------------- so ya itll look like this
b--------------------------- -----16^-14---
g---16-16-15-15-16-16------- x3 ------------16
d---------------------14-13- --------------

moxman7 - 2004-10-03

will someone tab soldier please

IceCable - 2004-10-10


And that my friends is the real REal way to play this "solo" kinda part

FLBulletCatcher - 2004-10-22

Hey guys! I gotta quick question, it may be dumb but i gotta know. At the VERY begging verse under him singing (when its very light and quiet) there is like a little fill-in of soft Guitar in the backround. Is he just playing a Chord? If so, what one. Can someone help? You can email me at with some info or reply here. Thanks!

God Bless!

_slickshoes_ - 2004-10-24

I dont get what the big deal about correcting the guitar riff, i think the original sound fine I dont listen for every little detail and try to tab it out I just give what it sounds like and when people play it they can add on their own stuff

_slickshoes_ - 2004-10-24

Just to let you know, all of these alternative ways to play the solo thing are all the same, the ones that people say are the "real" way to play the solo are the same thing as the other ones

IceCable - 2004-10-24

first thing..bullet that is just the b on the E string (7th fret)

and second.. everyone else forgot the end to the solo, it doesnt end on 11 it ends on b, the 7th

jeffrey_762 - 2004-11-05

Hey! can someone help on the verse and chrous, im confused.. but the bass intro sounds cool. Thanks

the rookie - 2005-01-02

im new at the guitar thing so anyone that can help that b great
ya i dont get the ---------------thing so ya
email me at
thnx ya and that 11b wut does it mean? please help
lol ya do it

the rookie - 2005-01-02

ohya and that E----12 12 12 thing i need real help ya same adress as above
thanks again

AcousticServant - 2005-01-06

isn't the guitar riff like this?

E/-------------------------- (x3) --------------11-12-11-9-7----/
B/----12-12-11-11-12-12----- --12-12-11-11-----------------/
G/----------------------9-8- ------------------------------/

i dun remember the song well, but this is wat i tink...not completely sure about the accuracy

AcousticServant - 2005-01-06

wait i did that wrong...the last part is


AcousticServant - 2005-01-06

arrghh sry was supposed to b


Iam am Jeremy - 2005-01-26

I play the guitar riff like this


AcousticServant - 2005-02-27

starting on 7 of the e string and 12 of the b string is the same thing, they're both B

jlbennett - 2005-02-27

Exact riff!



cryistalrider - 2005-03-04

im sry but if u dont think thats right somethings wrong wit he he tabs the solo right
E/--------------------- --------------11b-
B/12-12-11-11-12-12---- 3x --12-12-11-11-----12 play verse under it
G/------------------9-8 ------------------
im pretty sure the last 12 is in it tho

Ziller - 2005-03-05

I play the bridge like this:

"C#m B/D# C#m
Anyone around can see
B/D# C#m
Just how good youíve been to me
B/D# C#m
For all my friends who donít know you
B/D# F# B
I pray that you would save them too

Iam am Jeremy - 2005-03-29

Hey Acoustic servant. I know they are the same notes but I fing it easier to play there.

youthpastorphil - 2005-05-01

my god if you play it differnet stop posting it in peoples tabs make your own tab for it.

if its good comment it, if its bad correct it, not:
well i play a Bb there but thats just cuz my sister likes it,
I cant sing this part right so i play a _____ here
well the tab is wrong but heres what i fig'd out after just tinkering w/ it for 10 sec.

k sorry it's just i come to this site to try and learn new songs but then i see 20 people do the same song and they are all different then i dont know what to play cuz only 2 are right.

so if i cant find the song right or i get 20 peeps changing the same part to diff things whats the point of coming here why dont i just tab it myself and not share with anyone. . .

deepest apologies to the person who wrote this tab, sorry to stank up your comments area.

o and btw, props on this tab its correct thx.

g2g0309 - 2005-05-12

I totaly agree with the youth-paster,but I there is 1 thing wrong with the tab at the top of the page.You don't end the solo with the bend,so here's the whole solo the way I play it.You can play it either way.

D][--------------------14-13-] (X3)


If you want to argew with that. Then talk to the guy who wrote it. Thats where
I got the tab.
Thanks and my name is Travis Day

jwsw - 2005-07-17

well....i still prefer


bcoz it turn out me !!
and the sound is much more clearer..
dun believe can go and try it ..

christian4life - 2005-07-21

can someone mail me this song with the lyrics at pls?
and also the solo cauz i dont know which one to consider...

tfkguy - 2005-09-14

I agree with jwsw ... it's alot easier to play that way and it sounds perfect

Iam am Jeremy - 2005-10-31


clewis - 2006-01-13

chris lewis

supaduk - 2006-02-25

its not really solo, but it's played on the 7th and 6th frets of E for a start, but hey - dont worry we all make mistakes, happens to the best of us.................

Wolverolf - 2006-08-25

I thought the real bass is like this:

a--------1-2---------2-2--------2-1----------------- repeat it all the way
e----4-4--------------------2-2--------------------- from intro to chorus

here's the simpler one:


sorry if i got some mistake...what do you expect from a 13-year-old boy...hehehe...hope this is right

Wolverolf - 2006-08-25

my bad the first one in the g chord should be's the correction enjoy

mssgarcia - 2006-08-25

i think this is the correct one.. hehe.. sounds great.. Ł


g--------------------10-9 3x


God bless.. :)

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