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Submitted by: guitar4christ04

Only Hope

There are several tabs for this song on the site and most of them are fairly
close but chord-wise this is pretty much dead-on.  The only parts that I'm
unsure of are the instrumental bridge and the D-Em right after the bridge.
Tonally those chords work alright, but the bass line doesn't fit it incredibly
well, and the electric guitar in the background is doing some different stuff.
Otherwise the D-Em work fine.  Hope this tab helps out.

There are two guitars in the intro.  The easiest way to play the first part
is with Nashville picking (where you use a pick and your fingers at the same
time) so that once it breaks into the chorus you can just play the rhythm with
the pick.

e |-------------------------------------------------------|
B |-------------------------------------------------------|
G |---------7---7---------------------2---2--------0---0--|
D |----------------------4---4----------------------------|
A |--/7---7---7-----------------2---2---2-----------------|
E |----------------3---3---3-----------------0---0---0----|
      *There are some slides that I didn't notate, just listen to the CD
       for those parts

e |----------------------------------------------------------|
B |---------0---0---------0---0---------0---0---------0---0--|
G |---------0---0---------0---0---------0---0---------2---2--|
D |----------------------------------------------------------|
A |--3---3-----------------------3---3---------2---2---------|
E |----------------3---3-------------------------------------|

e |----------------------------------------|
B |--/3-3-1-0---0--------------------------|
G |---------------2-0-------0--------------|
D |---------------------2-4-----4-2-1---2--|
A |----------------------------------------|
E |----------------------------------------|

E      079900
Emaj7  079800
A2     X07600
C#m7   X46600
Cmaj7  X35500

E     Emaj7     A2
E     Emaj7     A2
C#m7     A2
C#m7     Cmaj7

Back into vere/intro riffs


Yeah the strings in this part make exactly what he's doing a little tough to
hear so I don't worry about it.  Usually when I'm playing this song I'll just
go right into this next part and skip the instrumental part altogether.

D    XX0232
Em   022033
F#7  242322
B    X24400
A    X02200

D     Em
D     Em
D     Em
F#7     B
A     B
A     B

E     Emaj7     A2
E     Emaj7     A2
C#m7     A2
C#m7     A2
C#m7     Cmaj7  

Back into verse/intro riff to end song.  Last chord is a standard Em (022000)

If you have any questions about the tab feel free to email me at

God Bless

Comments about this tab

Runnef - 2005-04-07

Great jod on this tab. My guitar teacher tabbed this song out and it sounds great.What you have looks just like it. THe chords are right on.

scarsxthatxsave - 2005-05-24

Great job on the tab and you picked a really great song. I'm giving it a 5.

spmantar - 2005-11-23

I just quickly played the intro tab on this page, and it's definitely wrong. The chords that the notes make up are right, but there's a lot more going on than what's in this tab.

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