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Submitted by: Stevoruski

Artist: Chris Rice
Song: Untitled Hymn (Come to Jesus)
Album: Run the Earth, Watch the Sky
Copyright 2003 Rocketown Records

Originally Tabbed by Jon Jordan(
Resubmitted by Steve Carroll (

This song was originally tabbed by Jon, but without the verse 
so I added that. The song starts off with no capo, the adds a capo 
at the 1st fret before it goes into verse 3, then goes up to the 3rd fret, 
before verse 5. If you have a rolling capo that would make this easier,
but if not you just have to be fast with it. 


             G    Am     B/G    Dm    Em   F       Dm




 C    Dm  Em   G    Am   B/G     Dm        F        C   

 C                       F

  C           G            C


Comments about this tab

Orual - 2004-06-15

i know this is pretty petty, but the high e 3rd fret and A 7th fret chord in the verse is quite a strech. Its much easier if you change the A note to the 2nd fret on the D string

Orual - 2004-06-15

i know this is pretty petty, but the high e 3rd fret and A 7th fret chord in the verse is quite a strech. Its much easier if you change the A note to the 2nd fret on the D string

jesuschick65 - 2004-08-14

how on earth are you supposed to reach those frets?? Like on that Dm chord, 1 and 5? i dont understand! i have no idea how you could help me... maybe label where i could possibly put my fingers! i'm not saying it's wrong because when i stretched my fingers as far as they could go, it sounds right.. i just need help on where my fingers should go!! thanks!

logitech - 2004-10-19

change the 5 on the A string to a open d string and the 7 on the A string to a 2 on the D string

Stevoruski - 2004-11-07

I know you can change the d on the 5 string to an open d on the fourth and the e to the second fret on the d string, but I don't know this way seems to be easiest for me... I guess I have big hands. But if you play the C chord with your pinky on the 5 string(3rd fret) and your middle finger on the 2 string(1st fret), and I know it's a stretch but you can just shift your fingers down the fret board, using your pinky for the 5th fret, middle finger for the 3rd and index for the 1st fret( when you're playing the Dm chord)and then just keep the same hand position for the Em chord, and you got it. If that doesn't work, play it however you can, over just start the song capoed up higher.

Stevoruski - 2004-11-08

You could also use the Dm and Em chords the were used in the intro, instead of those stretch chords. If you want.

Imawannabsk8erc - 2005-01-07

um I'm not sure how this whole blog thing works... so hopefully this is okay. Does anyone know where I can find the piano part to Untitled Hymn? Thanx

ckumos - 2005-02-03

I got the introduction a little different
but the rest looked great. Good Job.

ckumos - 2005-02-03

sorry. didn't realize the format was so narrow

tkdchristman90 - 2005-02-17

Ok this is basically an add on to what he put. But i was unable to pull off the capo switch since i dont have a rolling one so on the when he changes key the chords go up a half step so c would become C# and so on. Now the next time it goes up 1_1/2 steps so now the original C would be a D# or Eb. So personally I jus learn these things im not an expert so im postin this for the more novice people. C#- 446644 Eb- 668866
F#- 244222 G#- 466444
G#- 466444 Bb- 688666

Skilletfan424 - 2006-02-07

Hey does anybody know how to transpose this song down a notch or two?

manchesterman - 2006-04-19

Hello,new member here ,we are just going to play this music at our church in the UK on Sunday the 23rd April 2006 and I hope this info is useful!!! I found the site ---- just look for the Chris Rice area and all will be revealed ,words with chord changes above and also when to move up a key as per the recording!!GBY to you all <>< <>< <><

manchesterman - 2006-04-19

missed this addition to previous post!! ,we also have to report song usage to CCLI in the UK ,at church all our music is logged onto a comp/program and then we submit a yearly list of material used,saves masses of time as we used to handwrite the list!!

kamahl1001 - 2006-10-16

I found a couple different versions of this song and I'm wondering which one is right. The first version has the whole song in C. The other version goes from B to C to D on progressive verses. Anyway, I'm curious about what key the song is played in and what the key changes are throughout the song. If anyone could help I'd really appreciate it.

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