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Submitted by: spoonboy96

Bethany Dillon

Capo 6

Chords used: Em7  C2   D2   G  Csus  D
             -0-  -0-  -0- -3- -0-  -0-
             -2-  -3-  -0- -2- -3-  -0-
             -2-  -2-  -0- -0- -2-  -0-
             -0-  -0-  -2- -0- -0-  -2-
             -3-  -3-  -3- -3- -3-  -3-
             -0-  -0-  -0- -3- -3-  -2-

Em7 C2 (hammer as you change chords)

D2 C2

G Em7 Csus G D
G Em7 Csus

Bethany Dillon

Capo 1

Chords used:  C   Am    F   G  
             -x-  -x-  -1- -3- 
             -3-  -0-  -3- -2- 
             -2-  -2-  -3- -0- 
             -0-  -2-  -2- -0- 
             -1-  -1-  -1- -3- 
             -0-  -0-  -1- -3- 

Am F


C Am F C G
C Am F (Am F) (if chorus doesnt repeat)

Comments about this tab

godsguitargrrl - 2004-07-26

Very nice. Can someone send me the chords w/ lyrics? It's kinda hard to tell when to change chords. I'd be very grateful! God bless! :)

- Manda


mtlmouth - 2004-07-27

Does anyone have the chords for "Lead Me On"? I looked on the Amy Grant listings too, and it wasn't listed. That's a great song, and I want to play it!

AluraRose - 2004-07-27

yeah the words with the chords would be great. Im not able to figure it out, im a new guitar kid. So that would be extremely helpful. so could someone possably send me that? hey... you knwo this whole no lyrics thing? well other websites have words and chords, so is that all illegal or what?

gap10 - 2004-08-09

Can anyone get the chords for Bethany Dillon's "All I Need"? I am working on it, but I have not had to set down long enough to get them.

jesusluver109 - 2004-08-16

could someone be ever so kind as to send me the chords (lyrics too if possible) to bethany dillon's "all i need"? its an awesome song and so true! i love it!

jesusluver109 - 2004-08-16

could someone be ever so kind as to send me the chords (lyrics too if possible) to bethany dillon's "all i need"? its an awesome song and so true! i love it!

XOgirl234 - 2004-08-28

I would really like to find the chords to the song "A Voice Calling Out" if anybody can help me! That would be awesome! Thanks y'all!

MySpoonTooBig - 2004-08-30

i just submitted a tab for Bethany Dillon's "All I Need" hope it helps, and it's not too off haha

amethyst21 - 2004-08-31

Does someone know the Lyrics and Chords to "FOR MY LOVE" and I was wondering if anyone had the lyrics for "Beautiful"


punkmonkey - 2004-09-04

All of her lyrics are on her website:

iwant2playgetar - 2004-09-06



GG4GOD - 2004-09-17

This song is excatly what the name is!! BEAUTIFUL!!! Bethany you really inspire me to follow my dreams!! Hopefully someday when I am a singer I can meet you!!! You are beautiful and you sing GREAT!!! I luv ya!

freeme - 2004-09-29

if someone would could you please send me the chorsd with the lyrics to this song i am a beginner and i need all the help i can get THANX

trullyloved07 - 2004-09-30

I am new to guitar and could someone send me the lyrics and chords to this song? This is one of my favorite songs of hers. I would like to get her "All I Need" song in chords to if anyone has them. Thanx!

" I tell you," he replied, "If they keep silent the rocks will cry out."
Luke 19:40

katiekro - 2004-10-02

the whole song is perfect...just another little thing that might help when you are playing the Em and C2 back and forth in the verses...when you are on C2 after that play C it sounds better

timyoz - 2004-10-19

Intro/Verse: Em7 C2 (hammer as you change chords)

Pre-chorus: D2 C2

Chorus: G Em7 Csus G D
G Em7 Csus

I was so unique
Now I feel skin deep
Em7 C2
I count on the make-up to cover it all
Em7 C2
Crying myself to sleep cause I cannot keep their attention
I thought I could be strong
But it's killing me

Does someone hear my cry?
I'm dying for new life

I want to be beautiful
Make you stand in awe
Look inside my heart,
and be amazed
I want to hear you say
Who I am is quite enough
Just want to be worthy of love

And beautiful

Em7 C2
Sometimes I wish I was someone other than me
Em7 C2
Fighting to make the mirror happy
Em7 C2
Trying to find whatever is missing
Em7 C2
Won't you help me back to glory


You make me beautiful
You make me stand in awe
You step inside my heart,
and I am amazed
I love to hear You say
Who I am is quite enough
You make me worthy of love and beautiful

PrincessMickey - 2004-10-20

i've only just got to hear bout bethany dillon over the last few months. Its so great to have such good christian talent around. I write my own stuff and am really inspired by her. do any of you girlies live in england? i dont know many chicks who play the guitar over here.
keep goin girls lets take this world by storm

GodzGurl89 - 2004-10-21

I think Bethany Dillon is great! I need some help though. Do any of you have the chords for her song " All I need"? I've been seaching and no one seems to have it. I'd appreciate it . Thanks

Keyz - 2004-10-23

ello princess mickey

jesuschick21 - 2004-10-30

hey all.
i was just wondering if anyone knew the piano part for this song or if you know of a good site that i could get that from...

Stephen Swan - 2004-12-27

what is it with you people and just giving me the chords and not the lyrics. now don't get me wrong i love ya guys but y cant you just put the lyrics with the chords?

Mara - 2005-01-05

it's illegal to have the chords in w/ the words. Copyright issues,

PocketDrummer01 - 2005-01-11

Slight alteration to the C2 and Em7 chords:

Instead of a C2, it is actually a Cmaj7(add9), played like this:


And the Em7 is actually an Em7(add9), done like this:


So all you do in switching chords is changing between open or muted on the low E and taking the "A" string from 2 to 3. Questions or comments? Email me at

(This is taken from "Beautiful", arrangement from "The Beautiful Sessions" done on Bethany Dillon's promo album of six preview songs.)

Jahzgirl - 2005-05-03

I'll figure out the piano part as best as I can....just give me a few days or so....brb..

rev0luti0nary - 2005-06-01

Thanks for doing this with the lyrics!

polkadotpink06 - 2005-06-30

Are you sure this song is capo 6? that just seems weird to me that the song is played in capo 6....? but im new to guitar so maybe i just dont know what im talking about :)

ILoveLucy - 2005-09-16

it realy doesn't matter what capo you play it should play what the best octive for you voice...mine is 4 or 5 and i have a med. saprano voice what you feel most comfortable with
much <3 Brit

PLace me like a seal over your heart because my love is stronger than death
SOngs of solomon 8:6

Ddor02 - 2005-09-24

ok i am new this guitar thing and i am trying to figure out the chords for this song out but it just doesn't sound right.Can someone help me please
i can be reached at

leopardgirl92@h - 2005-10-04

great job!! this is my favorite song!!

hi_adam - 2005-10-06

i agree with the pocket drummer kid... it sounds better with the Em7(add 9) and Cmaj7(add 9)...its a great song and simple to play... i enjoy it
later - col 3:23

GuitarGirl4ver - 2005-10-06

timyoz thank you for puting the words with the cords it has helped me alot im just a beginer thank you again

spoonboy96 - 2005-10-16

It seems like a lot of people are confused with this tab that I submitted. This tab is for Bethany Dillon's acoustic version of Beautiful that was on her demo cd. It is NOT the acoustic guitar part for her debut album. Those two songs were sung and played in different keys. I hope that clarifies the confusion.

Ddor02 - 2005-11-18

see if I can hear the acoustic version then I will get it.

GuitarGirl4ever - 2005-12-30

is there any way somebody can help me with the struming on this song i just cant get it right

sammysgirl - 2006-03-22

i'm not sure if it's possible, but i was wondering if anyone could help me figure out how to strum this song. I'm so bad at figuring that out. I'm brand new to the guitar and any help would be apprieciated. Thanks!

Email me at if you can help!!!

jp4jesus - 2006-04-12

Does anyone know the tabs for "The Way I see you"? If you do, i would appreciate it. I know the forst chord in the chorus is D, but I cant figure anything else out. Thanks! Great tabs on this song, BTW.

micaela012 - 2006-08-17

Hey... im also new and I cant quite get the strumming can anyone help me!!??

court - 2006-09-10

can anyone give me the strum to this song? please!! thank you!

TosT - 2006-12-12

Probably easiest (not most accurate) way to strum this is twice down and twice up in sucession. Listen to the song for the pacing.

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