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Submitted by: UberDork7

NOTE: I know that you have like, six hundred million different versions
this song, BUT this one is the correct one. I tried playing the others ones, 
and they just don't match up. I am ONE-HUNDRED PERCENT sure that this is how 
the song is played. This took me the better part of a year to tweak it to 
its current state.


VERSE: (play 4 times)


Chorus: (after playing it twice, end the chorus with the intro, then move on 
to the next verse)


And thats about it! If you have any questions about how to hold the strings 
during the song, just give me a holla!


Comments about this tab

Timberwolf - 2004-06-04

Great Tab!
God Bless!JCLU!
Nathan N.

Janay Readman - 2004-06-12

Hey, that's pretty cool! Thanks!

mikeman4-christ - 2004-07-10

thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Its hard for me to play most tabs cuz im kinda used to regular sheet music and chords but this worked great!!! thank you so much!!!!

ALJC_guitar_boy - 2004-09-05

YO BRO! THIS ROCKS! IF U PICKED THIS SONG OUT BY URSELF! DANG! anyways thanx bro ttyl hey u get anymore tabs u think ill like e-mail me at Holla yall

jprx - 2004-12-04

Thanx for the wesome tab, we are playing this song at my church and this helped
mw out alot, God Bless!

jprx - 2004-12-04

Thanx for the awesome tab, we are playing this song at my church and this helped
me out alot, God Bless!

Rockgrad04 - 2005-07-25

thanks the tab is great!! But there is one thing that if I were playing the song that I would add. On the first part that you play four times, if you listen closely in the song, there is another f# (2nd fret sixth string) right before you play the c# (2nd fret 2nd string). But other than that, the tab is right on the money!!!

sportsman123 - 2006-05-30

nice job dude

smoky7321 - 2006-09-11

great tab but wat about the bridge?!!!! You no the part that goes like this:
ive been a liar and ill nvr amount to the kind of person you u deserve to worship you you say you will not dwell on wat i did but rather wat i do....

by chance does it go like this:
plz comment

gamecockfreak20 - 2006-12-06

how do you do that thing at the end of the verse when you are about to restart the verse. the thing where it is -------------
------------- I am having trouble doing that and would need some assistance if anyone could help me.

bulletboy - 2008-04-01

im having trouble doing tabs can someone help me?

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